They’re coming to take me away

You know the iron from the other day? Well, yesterday I LOST a container of sliced green pepper. You know, in that fridge cleaning moment that occurs when you arrive home from the grocery with a load of things that need to go into the refrigerator and there is no room? And many of the items you need to put into the fridge are replacements for iffy things that needed to be removed anyway (but weren’t even though the garbage was picked up in the morning and you have arrived home from the grocery AFTER the morning)? You know, that moment? I lost the peppers. I thought maybe they’d gotten thrown away. Couldn’t find them in the garbage. They weren’t sitting on top of the fridge. I figure I might find them later this week in the sewing room or something stinking up the joint.

Today, I left the hard boiled eggs on to cook FOR MORE THAN AN HOUR. Somewhere papers are being drawn up…

On a somewhat less forgetful note, I finished the blocks for the Tina Givens’ Renaissance quilt. I would have started piecing the top, but a playdate drop-off parent STAYED all afternoon. That’s not how this works. Kidding!

Here is the current block arrangement:

The mail carrier brought a FABRIC SHACK delivery of Park Slope. I LOVE Fabric Shack and I LOVE this fabric:

I’m not sure on whose blog I first read about this book:

But it is the most wonderful book! There are SANDwiches being made left and right. A pine needle upside down cake has been baking since yesterday, and a creation of dust (we have plenty of that) tea is on to brew. Oh, I believe there is also a pot of back yard stew. Since we don’t have eggs, I’m afraid it’s all I can offer, won’t you join us?



  1. amanda said

    haven’t ordered my park slope yet, but i really really want to!

  2. Zowie! That Renaissance layout is gorgeous!

    Sooooooooo . . . . did you find the peppers?

  3. Jackie said

    Okay, the pepper thing is throwing me…I am sure you will find them. I love the Tina Givens quilt soooo much!! Wow! I love the Park Slope fabric…now off to buy some for myself…Love it!!!

  4. Anita said

    Will you STOP tempting me with the fabric, already! Kidding. I almost ordered that Park Slope fabric over the Internet yesterday, but quickly sat on my hands and vowed to finish something before dreaming of more things to start. Plus… my mom and I are going to the Sisters, OR quilt show and I need to save my pennies… just in case.

  5. MichelleB said

    Oh. my. gosh. These blogs that show such wonderful fabric are doing me in. Seriously. You must not do this to me. *sigh* I’m off to Fabric Shack.

  6. Beautiful fabrics, I’ve never heard of Fabric Shack but now I must visit them. Love your fabric arrangement. In terms of forgetting things, I don’t think you have a big problem until you forget where you’ve put your children.

  7. Stephanie said

    Oh Fabric Shack is the most awesome place ever! I live about 1.5 hours away and it’s an awesome outing! I just ordered fat eights of Park Slope from Starlit Nest on Etsy. Can’t wait to get it. Oh that book sounds darling. As for dust…I do believe even dust bunnies procreate!

  8. samantha said

    I just splurged on a pile o’ park slope. Hey, it matches my family room perfectly. I had to.

    And I LOVE that quilt!

    Good luck with the, umm, the, oh, yeah, forgetting.

  9. lil said

    gosh Amy, this color combo is striking, never would have thought of that, love it, love it

    and the peppers, did they reappear again, lol

  10. Myra said

    Love the Renaissance quilt layout! How colorful! Very striking!

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