Two stupid dogs

I was going to title this post: “Those are for the DOLLS, not the DOG.” But then the second dog got into the act, and I just couldn’t help myself.

This is a burst of doll-culinary creativity–a Crabapple-Mulberry Sandy cookie:

This is what is left of a Crabapple-Mulberry Sandy cookie:

At different times, both dogs showed up at the back door with sand-covered snouts. One day long ago, this was sterile sand. I wonder if it still is…or if that matters in a dog’s digestive tract. Maybe one of these cookies would cure dear daughter’s day-long hiccups. Hmmm…

Someone needs to do a better job of cleaning up the outdoor cooking. That would probably end up being me.

You DO NOT want to sit next to either of these canines later today!

The only quilt-related item is that the Renaissance blocks are together. They pretty much look like they did yesterday (and I only had to rip one row). Now to decide borders and go sweep up some cookies.



  1. Jackie said

    Would love to see what the dogs looked like before and after!

  2. P-Dogg 1: I weel leek off dee sands, you kerounsch dee crabsapples.

    P-Dogg 2: That’s good. YeahYeah. That’s good. YeahYeah.

    P-Dogg 1: Dat way, I weel gets dee yucky poo’s, and you can stink zem with dee yucky gasses!

    P-Dogg 2: That’s good. YeahYeah. That’s good. YeahYeah.

  3. Lily Boot said

    Oh this is just the story I needed this morning as I stare down another day of packing and cleaning – and I laughed myself silly over the other Mrs. Schmenkman’s little doggy converstaion! đŸ™‚ I’ve told my dogs all about it and they are just giving me that look that says “Well yes! Why not! All sounds reasonable to us!”

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