And then there was more Annabella

While I’m not done with the first Annabella quilt, I’ve already started the second. Initially, I was more attracted to the green/grey/red colorway but was too lazy to pick fabrics to go with it. It seemed a more daunting task than finding things to go with the pink/yellow/brown. I overcame my laziness and picked some fabrics for the green/grey/red Annabellas:

I couldn’t wait to cut into these. I’m going with a variation of the Renaissance quilt pattern that is going to involve–ta da–wedgie circles:

I think I’m in lurv.

I also wanted to mention an AWESOME book we got today:

We have a perfectly lovely hardback copy of Pippi already, but I saw this one illustrated by Lauren Child and had to add it to the book collection. I think I love this more than dear daughter does.

What’s not to love? It’s got all kinds of fabric-y goodness:

Hey, I think I have a piece of that brown dotted fabric!

Happy 4th of July! I have to keep reminding myself that we also celebrate one of the dog’s birthdays on July 4th. And let’s just say she will not be allowed a mud pie as her treat.



  1. lil said


    you will drive me nuts when continuing showing fabric choices like these
    your color combos are always way too cool, you know, you’re amazing

    go on like that girl, and I’ll love you forever, ;o)))))))

    and the Pippi book, ohhhhhhhhhhh, i want it too

  2. Anita said

    I have some of the dotted brown fabric as well. Love it! I loved Pippi Longstocking as a kid. That illustrated edition is awesome. Now I want to read Pippi books all over again.

  3. Jackie said

    I’m with Lil, I too am going nuts with all your lovely showings of fabric!! Argh….gotta have some more!! I love your choices. Isnt’ it funny that Pippi likes the same fabric as we do too? I have some of that brown fabric with dots…small quilting world. Can’t wait to see the quilt!

  4. Jackie said

    Oh, by the way, you know I just love the wedge ruler and ALL your wedge circles that come from it!!

  5. Stephanie said

    Sorry, I’m drooling over your fabric choices. Yum! Darling book…I love Pippi. One halloween my daughter wanted to be Pippi (she had very long red hair and freckles, naturally.) I threaded a light weight coat hanger through her braids to give that turned up braid look that Pippi always sports. Ah…memories!

  6. Stephanie said

    P.S. I LOVE the wedge block. Could you tell us what tool you use or if I missed it in a previous post, how you do that?

  7. Amazing fabrics. Utterly amazing.

    n, np

  8. I bought myself a wedgie ruler. Now I’m gonna have to get busy making wedgies! Wedgie, wedgie, wedgie! What a great word…WEDGIE!

  9. Judi S said

    I think I’m in lurv too! Must get a wedgie ruler. A girl’s got to have the right tools.

  10. Nanette said

    That fabric is spectacular. Love what you are doing with it, too.

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