I blame Lil

The ever-creative Lil posted a beautiful quilt recently. In her post she referenced an applique technique from Yoko Saito. I admired this book in past issues of Quiltmania. After seeing Lil’s quilt and being intrigued by the technique, I ordered the book:

While searching for that book, I saw another Yoko Saito book that is also BEAUTIFUL. This book actually includes directions for the technique of applique that Lil mentions:

OH MY! This book combines Japanese AND Scandinavian????????? What’s not to love? It is beautiful! I purchased both of these via eBay but the seller, Pomadour24, also has them for sale on Etsy.  Lil, I believe I have tempted you in the past. Maybe we’re now even. 🙂

On a recent rainy day, someone special came out to play:

Why, hello, Helly Kitty! Olive needed a quilt:

A certain young lady in the household did a lovely and patient job with piecing the squares and adding borders. She also learned a few things about Mr. Seam Ripper. Now we need to sew down the binding, but that hasn’t stopped Olive from enjoying her new quilt.

Finally, I am totally GEEKed today.

Hello, iPhone! Mind you, I do not even LIKE phones and my old cell phone was R.A.R.E.L.Y. turned on. But we’ve been waiting patiently for the new phones to come out. We were fairly blasé in our approach to getting them. The AT&T stores opened at 8 am. We left the house about then. The line at the small AT&T store we chose was short and the “line guy” told us he would probably be out of phones by the time we got in to the store. We decided to just wait and order the phones. AND THEN THEY STILL HAD A FEW PHONES by the time we got to the door! Woot! Thank you, impatient people who left the line! I do believe the call clarity is better than our land line. I may not have liked my old phone, but I like THIS phone!

I celebrated with a free Slurpee since it’s free Slurpee day!

Hope you have a great weekend! Next week begins a first-ever two-week session of Camp Granny. I have so many quilts to finish in the next week weeks…I’ll try not to let the new gadget distract me.



  1. Lily Boot said

    huh! HUH! Well I don’t know who’s more envious in this house Amy! My girlie, that your girlie has a Hello Kitty sewing machine AND an Olive (my girlie has a dreadful mother who has had the pattern for a year and still not made it!) or my husband that you have an IPHONE! AAAAAARGH!!!!! btw, Olive’s quilt is beautiful – and those books look mysteriously tempting. Have a great week of finishing quilts and I hope Camp Granny is a huge hit!

  2. pam said

    Hey, that’s my fav ebay/etsy seller as well. And HELLO KITTY! LOVE IT, NICE WORK.

    Just watched a news story about the mega-geeks lined up for hours at the att store.. lots ofpeople turned away here without phones its a huge story. I’m keeping my Sidekick for now, but man faster internet would be great.
    Happy New Phone!

  3. MichelleB said

    Cute little quilt! I’ll be interested to see how you like your phone. I just got a Palm Centro and am pretty happy with it.

  4. Lil said

    Amy, lol, you blame me !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very nice to hear that my dear friend, lol

    yeah, seems that we are even now, gosh I have to get that last Saito book too, girl you’re ahead again

  5. marisa said

    Wow, I don’t have that Yoko Saito book yet. How in the world could I have missed that?! Thanks for the tip, I’m off to Etsy!! so excited.. will add a link to your post on my blog today.

  6. I miss Free Slurpee Day! No 7-Elevens (code word 8-Twelve, which my Bigs never figured out when they were Littles) out here on the prairie. Love those books!

  7. I tried to order those books and could not find them in print. Where did you find yours?

  8. Oh I am an idiot. I see. Thanks.

  9. Judy said

    Those are grat books..by Yoko I have three of hers including the Scandinaivian..I just posted a picture of the purse I made to my blog..Love the little quilt and doll..

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