The next order of business

All 5,329 square inches are quilted:

There is satisfaction in the completion, but I am SO glad this is done. I ran out of thread early yesterday and hope no one will notice the difference between the dark icy grey and the light icy grey thread substitute. oops The binding is ready to be stitched down, but I’ve run out of movies for the moment. May need to make a quick run to the library before it closes for the weekend.

So, the next thing that needs to be taken care of is using this circle:

to cover this hole:

I’ve machine stitched it twice but will now hand applique it on in hopes that it will not pucker up AGAIN.  Then it’s on to borders, quilting and making up some sort of directions to add in to the pattern. Oh, that will be fun.

So, um, do you think there’s something wrong with me? Yesterday, I was driving down the road noticing all of these slow-driving types surrounding me. I thought to myself, ‘why are all of these people driving below the seam allowance?’ Yeah, I thought so. I’ve been spending far too much time at the sewing machine…



  1. Around here they are usually driving above the seam allowance.

  2. Lily Boot said

    hee!hee!hee! I have been heard saying similar things which lead my family to wonder why I am allowed behind the wheel of a car! Your quilting is amazing Amy – really beautiful and the fact that you do it on a normal size sewing machine adds to the awe!

  3. Stephanie said

    Beautiful quilt job. I was reading a comment before mine…you machine quilt on a REGULAR size sewing machine????????? I’d be saying bad words and then probably just throw the quilt out the window!

  4. twolimeleaves said

    That’s so funny!!!
    Sad thing is, it could have been me who said it. I have serious Mush Brain.

    You’re doin’ some seriously nice quiltin’ thar Mrs S.!

  5. MichelleB said

    It’s lovely! Just lovely! A regular sized machine – and the stitches are so fabulous.

    I live in L.A. – everybody drives above the seam allowance here!

  6. JudyC said

    Oh too funny! Love that quilting stitch, never tried it before and just might give it a go!

  7. diane said

    Beautiful quilting! One of my daily struggles with MS involves word retrieval. I’m always using the wrong word or resorting to terms like “thingy” and “whosiwhatsis” — my family has learned to translate. The funniest part about your “driving the seam allowance” story is that I had to read it several times before I realized WHY it was funny! Believe me, we can all relate.

  8. Jeanne said

    Your quilting is absolutely wonderful!

  9. Nanette said

    That machine quilting is so so lovely. You do great and fabulous work. No one will notice the different thread even if you do.

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