But is the price right?

Are you watching Bernina’s game show launch for the new 830?

Where’d I put my dongle?

It has an alarm clock, people.

And built-in dual-feed.

I’m Swiss. What kind of discount does that get me?

The features are wildly impressive.

They are doing for machine embroidery what Bill Gates did for graphic design.

Oh, crap. There’s an 820 that doesn’t have the embroidery module. I was afraid of that.

I can save my money. The 820 isn’t coming out until early 2009.

The Bernina Boys? Really?

I think I may have to resign myself to appreciating the Swiss precision of my Sigg water bottle.

I hope you’ll pardon my play-by-play comments as I watched the webcast…

And now I am sad.

Back to finishing the quilting on Radioactive Renaissance, its solid black border covered in batting fluff.



  1. I’ve got my dongle right here in my hand and my Artista ready to trade in. But no more Bernina dealer in town, dad-blast it! Looks like I’ll have to wait until 2009 anyway. Maybe I can actually ramp up the quilting by then and feel like I actually deserve it!

  2. MichelleB said

    My Bernina credit card is still fresh with my last Bernina purchase. I’m pretty sure another new Bernina in my house would not be appreciated by certain other people (specific person) that I share my house with.

  3. amanda said

    i didn’t watch the webcast, but from what i read online about the 830, i really *really* want one!

  4. pam said

    OH dear. I’m probably not supposed to say I didn’t watch it. I’m askared to find out how much I might want one.

  5. Nanette said

    I’m afraid to look. I’ll want it too much. The new ones are so expensive.

  6. Amy how do you baste your quilts?

  7. Lil said

    hey hey girl, didn’t know that you’re a swiss girl, ;o)))))

  8. Jean C. said

    I clicked on the site and Whoooooo the music came on and blasted me out! It’s 5:20 in the a.m. and it scared the tar out of me! (I had my speakers on too loud, that didn’t help!… Just wasn’t expecting music!)
    Maybe when my heart starts beating again I’ll actually watch it!

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