And I laughed


Turkish cast-on, magic loop, toe-up Nautilus sock pattern by Anna Bell.

I started this sock in April 2006. I’ve spent the morning trying to figure out what pattern this is and how in the world I ever knew how to start this. Oh, the ambition of youth (insert air quotes here). I did find the mountain of documentation that was required to get me to this point. Now, where the other “bolt” of Koigu is? That’s another hunt and decidedly getting way ahead of myself.

I’ve been having a nagging sensation of wanting some pick-up/put-down knitting and we have a train trip coming up. Something tells me this is not vacation knitting. Ya think?

I’m going to scuttle back to the sewing room and enjoy the July rounds of the medallion quilt before July runs out.

Oh well, mystery solved.



  1. I find scarves are all I can handle these days. I have been working on one for about eight years. I pick it up about once a year. Used to make sweaters etc. Quilting is more fun.

  2. MichelleB said

    *sigh* I so want to learn how to knit better – be able to do more complicated things.

  3. samantha said

    that is NOT vacation pick up put down knitting, but it is fabulous!

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