Cutting it close

OK, I caught up to the first July medallion round. I used Jennifer’s superb directions.

Due to some unforeseen (?) carelessness, I had to do a bit of a re-doing. Of course. I blame Renee Zellweger and her Miss Potter and those cute little rabbits she was painting. My motto? Always have an alibi. I had hoped to get the next rounds of bricks added today. Still might get it done. Let’s see.

In my travels around the house this morning trying to solve the sock knitting mystery, I found some likely candidates for future rounds. See, I collect fabric for posterity and good uses. I just know it will all come in handy for the perfect project some day.

Hmm, for some reason, my medallion quilt-along category keeps disappearing…dandy.



  1. Lily Boot said

    oooh amy it’s beautiful – it is going to be the most lusciously detailed quilt – the kind you can pore over for long, long minutes!

  2. Stephanie said

    It’s beauteous!!! And I must comment on the knitting…I have a friend attempting to teach me to knit. I’ve had one lesson and I’ve worn out portions of a ball of yarn undoing and reknitting. Hmmm…apparently I’m knitting too tight. I need 50 first lessons it appears.

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