Another round

I just discovered that I’m slightly ahead of the game in the Medallion Quilt-along. Yea! Although I’m not sure I like the colors I used:

Yes, and I’m going to have to find another design foot stool upon which to photograph it after the next round. In my head, I was thinking I would do bricks of similar color–like a variety of yellows and creams.  I changed my mind at some point and now I wonder if I should go back to the original plan. It seems like it would give the previous round a little more emphasis and would give the eye a little break. What do you think?  Frankly, I’m only considering this because the round is made up of glorious rectangles! If triangles had been involved, it would be staying. hee hee

In the don’t count your tomatoes before they’re hatched department, I bring you this sad sight:

Blight me! And this on the hardy Roma plant. I thought Early Girl would be the first to go. I wonder if she will be catching this whatever it is also.

Instead of ending on that note, I’ll leave you with a hydrangea photo:


  1. JudyC said

    MY very favorite flowers of all time! I’ll have to think on the color round a bit…

  2. rebecca said

    the colors on your quilt ARE a little different, but i like ’em. it makes the quilt much more interesting/stimulating to the eye.

  3. fabricpile said

    My potted tomatoes suck right now, too. Please don’t tell my brother . . . . . he was so sweet and brought me four huge bucketed heirloom varieties! I knew I should have put them in the ground. Only one appears to be doing well and I have no idea why. Oh — and B to the W — TAG!!

  4. Nanette said

    I love hydrangeas. I kill inside plants so I enjoy flowers in my garden. I love the quilt. It is so perfect. Your technique is so great.

  5. MichelleB said

    I absolutely LOVE hydrangeas! Sadly, I don’t have one. I do, however, have a monster of a cherry tomato plant in my backyard. Buckets and buckets of cherry tomatoes.

  6. Jackie said

    Amy, I really like your medallion quilt! I think the colors seem to be different than what you may normally use, but that’s okay, we all need to step outside the box sometime. Personally, sometimes it is difficult for me to do it, but the mantra “I think I can, I think I can” comes to mind. Your hydrangea is beautiful! I haven’t even had the chance to see if mine are blooming yet. I don’t think so though.

  7. Jean C. said

    Like the others I agree about your Hydrangea… very pretty color.
    I’m thinking that it’s hard to see the quilt at point of this last round, mostly it seems to be hidden because it’s folded over the foot stool. The colors are good, but like you said, if you don’t like it change it… your the one who really needs to be satified with it right?
    What’s that old saying If mama ain’t happy, nobodies happy! Seams to fit with quilts too. Don’t you think?

  8. I really like the colors – I think you have a good eye for colors!

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