Basket case

Late last week, I felt a clarity of mind that I hadn’t experienced in, oh, maybe eight years. I didn’t realize the cause because it just felt so darn good. It felt like I could get organized and accomplish anything. I was making mental lists of all of the things I knew I could get done.

Yesterday, dear daughter returned from two weeks at “granny camp.”

This morning, while attempting to make breakfast and pack a lunch for drama day camp, it was all over and the brain was fogged in again. Oh, that was it. We were child-free. It took almost two weeks to clear out the cobwebs…not nearly as long to return the brain to its “normal” state.

I feel like I used my time wisely and got a lot of things done. I’m hoping there is a forward momentum left over and I can continue to get things done this week until the sewing machine goes in for its spa treatment and we go on vacation.

With that said, I, uh, took a side trip to make some baskets. Absolutely NOT on the to do list, but every time I see an adorable free pieced basket quilt, I SWEAR I’m going to make one. I saw another cute one at a quilt show the other day and this time I had a witness to my swearing. The deal we made is that we will make a liberated basket quilt entirely from stash.

So, I thought I would get a couple done while I tested a method and while it was fresh in my mind.

Completely fun and hopefully easy to make while also fulfilling obligations.

There, my brain just gave out. Wheee!


  1. I like those. It looks like the handles are machine appliqued. Is that right?

  2. colleen said

    Your blocks are lovely.I enjoyed reading the blog too.

  3. pam said

    I love those cool freeform baskets. And I love doing those kinds of handles. Its a winner and I’d totally start one but I’ve got work to sew. Could be worse.

  4. Jackie said

    I love those small moments of clarity. Although, they do seems to be very few and far between. Fortunately, we hold out hope that they will happen again real soon. I do love what you were able to accomplish though. As usual, very beautiful, I can’t wait to see the setting that you use them in.

  5. MichelleB said

    Adorable baskets! And the clarity – I would go back to 8 year olds any day. Any. day.

  6. JudyC said

    Oh how fabulous these are!! Just wonderful and here’s hoping you get another shot at some clarity soon!

  7. JudyC said

    Oh how fabulous these are!! Just wonderful and here’s hoping you get another shot at some mind clearing time again soon!

  8. JudyC said

    So sorry fore the duplicate posts, but need to explain. I wrote the first and it said I had already written the same thing, so I thought….okay I used “clarity” and so did a few others, so I changed the wording…now they both showed up! Oops!

  9. kathie said

    Love these liberated baskets .
    I started a quilt that Gwen Marston did in fons and porter magazine …oh probably 2 years ago, I need to pull that out and finish it.
    Love your 2 baskets and can’t wait to see more.
    Do you have a picture from the one in the show you saw?

  10. Lil said

    another great project my dear, stunning as always

    hope that your mind will have some more clarity moments after vacation, yes, by the way, happy vacation and come back soon

  11. Stephanie said

    Love the liberated baskets. I have a Gwen Marston/Freddie Moran book that I love…lots of liberated things happening in that book. I think the mind stays in a permanent state of fog raising children. Mine are now in their 20s and when they come back home the fog returns. Let me just say I love having my kids home too!

  12. Lily Boot said

    Ahhhh! You see I didn’t get the free / liberated basket thing when reading your post – ’cause I have no clarity at all – mind is filled with quilts and patterns and appliques that are mushed together like peanut butter – and I was thinking you found a free pattern! Good thing I read the comments – the peanut butter warmed up a little and loosened it’s grip and it all became clear! I think … 🙂 Such pretty baskets – what are you going to do with them?

  13. Juliann said

    Those baskets are great! And I totally understand the brain fog/kid connection – I have been feeling that way lately even though our two daughters that came home for a short stay are post-college age. You tend to go right back to that mom-focus when they come back to the nest.

  14. Darlene said

    I love these baskets – delightful. I visit everyday, as you know and love all you do.

  15. Nanette said

    I adore baskets. This is so darling.

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