I feel so empty

See that empty sewing table?  It’s just plain disconcerting. I took the 440 in for its cleaning. And I miss it.  We were scheduled to be out of town on vacation this next week, so I planned to take the machine in before we left. We just cancelled our out of town plans and I wavered on taking the machine in. I’m glad I went ahead and did it because the repair person is going on vacation after early next week! Aha! Very happy now. He should be able to finish my machine and get it back to me on Tuesday. All righty then.

While I was at the dealer, I picked up a little light reading:

I will only be reading about this, mind you. I asked the price. Let’s say, it is just slightly less than buying one of these.  For the price of the 820, you could get one of these.

I did warn myself. If a company describes their product as a “luxury, high-performance” whatever, I don’t expect it to be inexpensive. These are manufacturer’s suggested retail prices, so I’m sure there will eventually be discounts. I am being tongue in cheek here. I wouldn’t argue that the huge number of new features doesn’t deserve a price tag.

For the time being, I will continue the care and maintenance of my beloved 440 and hope for its speedy return to me.



  1. Lily Boot said

    That hole does look a bit disconcerting but what a great sewing table – I have table envy! I saw that Bernina at the shop the other day – it was an incredible machine – but for $10,000 where’s the airbags and seatbelts and drink holders! It would be a pretty squishy ride and the luggage compartment has been sorely compromised! Mind you, it would be fuel economic. Sorry your holiday isn’t going ahead – hope you have lots of lovely times at home instead! :=_

  2. JudyC said

    Oh my, I have the same hole in my sewing table…well before I filled it with the baby today. I packed up the machine…an Activa 145 and got it ready to drop off tomorrow. I’m having tension issue though so I have to take it. It sure looks sad though to see that hole!

  3. Anita said

    I’m sorry about the empty spot in your house. I can commiserate with you. Funny that you should mention the smart car. I saw several while I was out and about today. I love seeing them parked next to a huge SUV. It totally cracks me up. I guess I just have a strange sense of humor.

  4. MichelleB said

    I saw one of those smart cars today, too! I saw the new Bernina at the Long Beach Quilting show – let me tell you, you’re going to need a MUCH bigger hole than the one that you have. Especially with the quilting module on it – it’s HUGE.

  5. Jean C. said

    To be honest, the smart car may be “smart”… but I wouldn’t want to drive anywhere that there was loads of traffic! Sorry, I’ve seen what a semi can do to a small car. Hate to be a downer but I want to survive the accidents of life!
    Bet your counting the hours hmmm? Try to find something to cut out while you wait… breath in, breath out! You can do it! It will be back tomorrow! Bet your in the shop before they call you!

  6. Stephanie said

    I feel your pain. I hate dropping my machine off to be cleaned! A week without it. I usually try to have bindings done so I can at least hand sew while Pfaff is gone! I have an aging machine but still working well. One day I’ll have to replace it and I’m cringing at the prices!

  7. Jennifer said

    It seriously stinks when your baby has to leave home – separation anxiety and all that. My machine is over 15 years old and really needs a major overhaul. I have been putting it off for about a year now and it is somehow not getting any better. 🙂 I have made a few noises about a new machine, too, but DH turns a little pale when he sees the prices!

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