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I’m sure you’ve all been at the edge of your seats wondering who won the fat quarter giveaway?!?!?!!! You haven’t? You have lives and other things to do? Wha…? Well, finally I bring you, without further ado, the drawing results. Oh, we did indeed visit Greenfield Village (I also accepted Henry Ford Museum since they are part of the same complex).

I hope you trust me because there is no human help to be had in this house–everyone else is out of town. The dogs’ opposable thumbs have been on order for some time. And the winner:

Congratulations, Nancy! Please send me your address and those happy fat quarters will wing their way to somewhere near Philadelphia! Thanks to everyone for entering! I appreciate all of your comments and your visits!!

In other news, there were a few sightings of The Other Mrs. Schmenkman over the weekend. She was a frequent visitor at the quilt store. Maybe she’s back home by now. I don’t know how she made it home with all that new fabric in the van…oh, I’m going to be in so much trouble.

This week, dear daughter has been at yet another camp. That did not keep me from getting the bad news from the orthodontist. Well, I guess the view of it as bad news depends upon which end of the checkbook you’re on (and perhaps whose mouth is involved). I live in hope that the garage in dire need of repair and the sluggish fridge aren’t totally defeated by a few wires and bands in the mouth. Yeah, who am I kidding?

And I have managed to avoid any sewing from the to do list. But, you know, these items were also on a to do list, but maybe they were on the “to do for fun” list as opposed to the “must be done for work” list.

But I think I’m having a problem with color saturation, as in I must need more and more color saturation in my fabric choices:

This is Cioppino from Quilt Soup.  What a great pattern! The wider left border will get some scallops after the quilting is done. I just love what Barbara does with her borders!

Next I got out Kathy’s wonderful Mail Sack pattern. One for dear daughter:

And a bigger one for me:

It’s a great pattern and the bag hangs SO nicely. I can even see making the small one for small friends’ birthdays.

For a looooooong time, I’ve wanted to make a quilt out of circles. The Garnet Hill catalog reminded me of it:


Finally, I have a question: did anyone else get entirely depressed (albeit briefly) by the Kit movie? While it ended happily, I couldn’t help feeling awful at some of the similarities to current economic times. Oh well, the Olympics is helping cheer me up.


  1. Oh, I am indeed the most fortunate of human beings! Those FQs are scrumptions and are in for considerable fondling when they arrive Near Philadelphia! Thank you so much.

    And the bags, oh my. Just delicious.

    n, np

  2. MichelleB said

    Love the cioppino quilt – totally scrumptious, and I love the scalloped edge. The bags are adorable. Is that Amy Butler August Fields fabric? Did you wash it?

  3. MichelleB said

    Okay, sorry, that last post has the wrong URL. This one has the right one. *blushing*

  4. kathy said

    I’m in love with that Cioppino quilt, your fabrics really pop. That’s the first sack I’ve seen using the new Amy Butler fabrics. I was thinking about using that exact same combination as your second bag! I LOVE it.

  5. Stephanie said

    Congrats to the very LUCKY winner!!! I just received my Mail Sack pattern in the mail. It’s on the every growing project “to do” list. And I just LOVE the Cioppino quilt. I’m going to be broke wanting this great stuff bloggers are sharing! Sorry about the ortho thing…my kids wore braces…one of them twice. It’s why porsches and mercedes are in their parking lots!

  6. janet said

    I just love your wonderful mail bags! What a great pattern. I took my 2 daughters to see the Kit movie. They just loved it and are now busy reading all the American Girl Books (which makes me smile because we live in Canada 🙂 )

  7. samantha said

    I am so very in love with the cioppino quilt. Must buy pattern now. And yup, Kit did make us sad- and also sparked lots of interesting conversations with my daughter…

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