Pigs are flying somewhere

I don’t “do” flannel. Granted, it’s soft and cozy and warm and gentle. It’s also too fluffy for my stash and is a magnet for the various hues of dog hair surrounding this joint.

What, then, is this?

Yes. Black. Flannel. Setting squares and triangles. Did I mention that it is black? And flannel? In a weak moment last year, I seem to recall thinking how neat it would be to do this block of the month with black flannel setting squares. I had not been drinking.

So, here we are. The program is winding down and I’ve been putting off the laying out of this thing. Notice that I have been putting it off so much that I haven’t even finished two of the flowers in the upper left.  Those will have to get added on later because there was maths to be done before cutting and packaging can commence.

I am happy to report that it is not 900 degrees here, so dealing with the flannel was not a problem weather-wise. And, I might add, I am not covered with black flannel fluff. On the other paw, the back of this thing has ample dog hair attached. Too bad it can’t be considered a decorative folk art addition.

Ah, well, I am pleased to have gotten this project to this state. The wide borders will someday feature lots of vines and leaves and flowers. My next trick will be to figure out the easiest way to provide lots of bias strips for the vines. I’ll get back to that later. Meantime, I think I’ll take a break and re-apply a ripply border to another project. Tsk, tsk, that’s what happens when I don’t measure and I just slap a piece of fabric on the edge! I know better than that…sigh.

Oh, while I was checking and re-checking my setting triangle math today, I used this handy dandy page for reference.  Should you be interested, the above quilt is based on Maggie Bonanomi’s Folk Flowers quilt from the Need’l Love book Folk Heart Threads.



  1. Holy cow, it is gorgeous. Flannel or not. I love it.

    n, np

  2. Ranette said

    I’m glad to know that I’m not the only quilter that doesn’t do flannel. Although sometimes, like you, I do…lol !! It is a pretty quilt.

  3. Jean C. said

    I think it’s wonderful… and as far as I’m concerned flannel is very nice. Nice and cozy/soft.

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