I apologize in advance

I’ve been waiting for Kim McLean’s Flower Pots pattern to become available. Weren’t you?



  1. I love the Flower Pots Pattern, especially in Kaffe fabrics! I just posted about Kaffe on my blog, and am currently making another quilt with his fabrics. Thanks for sharing! –Nedra @cactus needle

  2. MichelleB said

    Holy smokes, girl! That thing is intimidating just to look at. How do you do your applique? Machine or by hand? I want to everything by hand, maybe that’s why it looks to intimidating. However, it is freakin’ beautiful!

  3. Marianne said

    oh, I really wished u hadn’t shown me that…I want the pattern! I just may buy it and make it a lifelong project….why not?

  4. JudyC said

    OMG!!! And you should apologize profusely!! I barely escaped without doing the other 2 patterns, although I bought the Lollipop one and maybe will do a small 4 patch version one day…but MAN O MAN…this is fantastic!

    Well there’s another pattern to order!

  5. That is beautiful, ,especially with the Fassett fabrics.

  6. twolimeleaves said

    That is such a stunning quilt! I love both this one and Lollipop Trees.

  7. Lily Boot said

    ooooooooh …. are you going to make this? I thought the lollypop trees were magnificent – then I was tricked by the feathers but these flower pots are heavenly! The layout is magnificent!

  8. Stephanie said

    If I loved to applique I would make this. I also really LOVE the Lollypop trees pattern.

  9. Jackie said

    Love the pattern…but it is really intense…lots of work! When I got back yesterday, I was hoping to see me win your giveaway…drats, but congrats to Nancy!! I do love your flannel quilt and am glad to hear it is not 900 degrees, that would be a bummer.

  10. Kim said

    OMG…I admired her other two designs, but didn’t feel the urge to actually make them…but this one DEFINITELY! I think I’ll scale it down so it’s a nice size to take up a wall!!! Thanks for the link!

  11. Kathy said

    Oh, I dunno, Mrs. S… Why don’t you fall in love with a DIFFICULT pattern for a change?

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