You wouldn’t know it to look at me

An annual late summer ritual of mine is to purchase a big thick juicy copy of this:

And what is this wonderful pile of reading material?

Ah, yes. The September issue of Vogue–all 798 pages of it. And, truly, you wouldn’t know I had this fascination if you saw me. In fact, one would probably think I had never cracked the pages of a fashion magazine (or even looked in a mirror). Sure, I love shoes (comfy shoes…) and bags, but shopping for clothes is like torture. I make an annual rapprochement with some low-end jeans maker wherein I attempt to find jeans that:

a) don’t fall too low on the hip,
b) don’t fall too high on the waist,
c) aren’t crazy wide,
d) aren’t crazy narrow,
e) aren’t too stretchy (ewwww),
f) have a nice selection of pockets (five, perhaps–a girl must have her Burt’s Bees handy, after all), and
g) don’t require that I wear high heels.

And then I buy four pairs. Cuz next season, they may not make the “winning” combo. I have meager fashion wants.

Still, I do enjoy the annual page-turning of the ginormous fall Vogue. I can’t tell you how many different varieties of lipstick and mascara applicators I have learned about so far–and I’m not yet half-way through. Who knew? Why does this intrigue me? I’m not sure, but it always comes out just about the time school starts up again. Going back to my school days, I always loved paging through the fall Seventeen magazine. I was more interested in clothes then, but the images also made me think of new beginnings for the school year ahead.

Ahhhh, who am I kidding? I think I will write off my Vogue interest as just another venue in which to look at pretty fabrics used in interesting ways.

But, as we speak, my eight year old daughter is leafing through old copies of Seventeen dug out from under my childhood bed (yes, I have piles and stacks in two states). I understand the fascination. I am also happy that I am not there to field questions about feminine hygiene products. I’ll leave that to my mom whom she is visiting. Ah, fall.

With that said, I skipped fall and went right to winter for the project I’m working on.

Snowflakes. Bah! Just when you think you have done your civic duty and made the last two shop hop quilt samples, another “opportunity” arrives home with you in your tote bag.

Well, I’ve been wanting to make a braid. Maybe not this braid. But it hasn’t caused me any construction distress, so I’ll cut it some slack.

Snowflakes, indeed!



  1. I have been wanting to make a braided quilt as well. It is a way down on my list unfortunately. Yours is lovely.

  2. Stephanie said

    GORGEOUS quilt as usual!!! Too funny about the jeans thing…I have jeans issues too…why oh why does everything have to stretch?

  3. Lily Boot said

    oh!oh!oh! I want to make a braid too! And those snowflakes are super dooper pretty! As for that magazine – make sure you save them and very soon you’ll be able to build a HOUSE out of them! But I love savouring that stuff too – even though I am totally with you on the clothes front. I have the new Ikea catalogue by my side at the moment – it is affording me deep pleasure as I slowly turn the pages and intently scan the photos, circling things I fall instantly in love with but truly know I will never buy.

  4. pam said

    Wow. That quilt is stunning. I love those stars. You’re so creative, I hope the shop appreciates your great talent.

  5. Jackie said

    Well as far as the Vogue magazine goes, sometimes you just have to do what makes your heart sing! Right now your braid quilt is making my heart sing. I love the stars in the center, what a great idea. Although, I am not a blue person and might just have to attempt a table runner in brighter colors. Add it to my list!!

  6. Becky L said

    I love your braided quilt. I’ve always wanted to make one and just haven’t. Hmmm, you are making me change my mind.

  7. That’s why I love you, Mrs. Schmenkman! I do appreciate the human body as artist’s canvas, and love to read Vogue, but then I put on my 99% Goodwill-purchased wardrobe of jeans and shirts and get on with my not-so-glam life.

    And what chocolate goes best with the page-turning ritual, do you think? I’m thinking a nice 72% cacao with a hint of chili.

  8. Gasp! That stipple quilting that Roberto Cavalli used on his coat design (pg 450-451) looks suspiciously like what I thought was my quilting style (in a rut). Could it be that I have been ahead of the design curve all this time?! [*shoulders straighten just a bit.*]

  9. Kim said

    I love the braided quilt! And your blog! I just gave you the “I Love Your Blog” award. Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. […] sewing up the snowflake braid top, I hit the wall. I also came to the end of the applique flower-black flannel program and knew I […]

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