Reporting from allergy central

Sheesh, when did I become allergic to pollen? And when did I begin to care what the pollen forecast is? I guess the answer would be “in the last few years.” I’m hoping you’ll pardon my brain fog. Did you notice that I’m blaming the pollen and not the dust or dog hair??? Oh well. Better to point the finger at the things you can’t control, I say.

So, I finished up round four for the Medallion Quilt-along today. I do love Anita’s zig-zag border! During August, I thought I might take off the last brick border and switch my fabrics. Well, time’s a’wastin’, so I left it as it was and added the zig-zags. Fine and dandy!

This is a very satisfying project. I appreciate Anita leading us through this Thanks, Anita! I am gaining a new appreciation for seams pressed open, among other things.

In other news, all of my block of the month packaging is complete. Seems to me I should address the minor detail of starting to add the vine so people have a visual idea of what they’ll be doing. Hmm. The day’s not over.

Amidst the dread, some nervous knitting happened:

How did that happen??

All righty, school starts tomorrow. I’m off to re-fill my cup with fizzy medicinal diet Pepsi, keep an eye on Gustav and think about that vine.


  1. TLC said

    Your quilt is gorgeous! And your feather and fan scarf is beautiful! My allergies have gotten worse as I have gotten older. It’s no fun!

  2. I’m loving the medallion quilt- especially the zig zag borders. Good luck with the allergies. I can’t take meds unless I want to sleep for 3 days. I found a product at a health food store called “ALJ” that worked wonders for me. It’s sold from a company called “Natures Sunshine”. It took a few days to get into my system because it’s herbal, and I didn’t get sleepy or drugged up with symptoms.

  3. pam said

    I love that medallion quilt. And its small, isn’t it? Love the knitting too. You’re such a freaking show off.

    Bummer about the allergies. I usually am bad in the fall from the dust on the falling leaves. Feel free to use that one as well.

  4. Stephanie said

    Gorgeous quilt, Amy!!! So sorry about the allergy thing…I’ve had it since moving to Ohio. I hope you’re not in Gustav’s path. Mother Nature can get ugly. Don’t know what you’re knitting but I love the colors.

  5. MichelleB said

    Your quilt is wonderful! I’m so sorry about the allergies. Our school starts on Wednesday. One more day of reprieve (that should really read one more day of sleeping in, not worrying about when the kids get up, not looking for the stuff that they “NEED” for school, not making sure they have a somewhat healthy lunch (or a lunch at all) not stopping them from fighting before school, and not having to get ready before 7:30 to take one to school.) One more day.

  6. Anita said

    I’m appreciating those open seams too! And yay for you in knitting a scarf. I love the Chevron Scarf!

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