Do you mind? I’m swooning here!

While putting off mowing my miserable front yard (please note that the back yard is a lost cause and has died and doesn’t need to be mowed), I wandered over to Glorious Color to see what’s new.

Indeed. Kits are shown for the quilts in Kaffe’s new book, Country Garden Quilts. The book itself isn’t yet available in the U.S., but you can get a preview of the quilts. In order to get the book, one needs to know people in Australia.

Big deep sigh.

Did I mention that Jane Brocket has a quilt in there?

Well, it’s hot enough now to start mowing. I’d better get to it before it cools down a degree or two.



  1. I love Kaffe fabrics! My last quilt was out of his lines. Thanks for telling us about his latest book. I’ll be watching for it.

  2. pam said

    I feel your pain, its hot here as well.

  3. Jackie said

    I say it just isn’t fair!! Kaffe’s book is not available and you have to mow the lawn. What a bummer! At least your lawn will look nice.

  4. belinda said

    (((( me patting you softly on the shoulder )))) I know….there there…I completely understand!!!!

  5. samantha said

    i’ve been pining for that book…

  6. That book is on my wish list at Amazon. Coming in Oct. You know Kaffe wrote a forward to their book so no wonder he gave them an early copy.

  7. Sarah said

    Amy, it’s always good to know people in Australia 🙂 x

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