A’binding we will go

When last I complained about this quilt, I had just started quilting it. Poof. Three days later, it is quilted. Three days? Let’s just say there was a lot of up and down from the sewing machine with this one. When you don’t like what’s coming out of the needle and onto the quilt, it is hard to stay put for lots more of the same.

While spending so much quality time with a project (and when I say “quality,” I’m referring to the time and not the quilt), it is easy to become contemplative. I contemplated stopping with it half quilted. I contemplated the hopefulness that surrounds the presidential campaigning. I contemplated how to move a piano into my tiny house. I contemplated what the dog could possibly have against the UPS truck sound.

By the time it was quilted, I had eaten all of the snacks in the house and stopped listening to NPR for the week. Sad, that.

But here we are, the snowflake quilt and I. From it, I learned to enjoy making a braid pattern; I re-confirmed that, oh, yes, I can put some Kaffe Fassett fabric into anything I darn well please; I remembered (!) that I should try to use a medium weight batting; I found out that Bottom Line thread does not play well with Hemingworth Poly Select (learned that today, got much better stitch quality on my very last bobbin–oops!), and I discovered that Paul Auster’s latest novel is a pretty good “listen.”  Important lessons from a much-maligned (by me) project.

Will someone remind me that next year I don’t have to say yes to making the shop hop quilt???


  1. Jackie said

    Don’t make next year’s shop hop quilt! Okay, with that out of the way, your quilting is beautiful. Seeing it as a top was gorgeous, now this is the icing on the cake. Binding is a breeze, done in no time!! And you are right, you can contemplate a lot when quilting and yes, you CAN use Kaffe fabrics in anything you like!!

  2. I agree that you should be able to put anything Kaffe into any quilt you feel like!

  3. diane said

    I REALLY like your curly Qs! I’d like to do that pattern, BUT I’m not got at all at retracing a line. Don’t you love doing binding?! I do, it feels so satisfying.

  4. MichelleB said

    I LOVE that quilting pattern. And you do it spectacularly! I tried to do it on a quilt, but it didn’t work. I think mostly because the thread I used didn’t show up on the quilt very well. But THAT is a post for another day.

  5. Anita said

    Well, that corner looks lovely! It must have been the section with that last bobbin. Oh, and BTW, don’t sign up to make the Shop Hop quilt next year. I’m sure there will be another worthy project deserving your attention!

  6. Nanette said

    Pam said it best about your quilting on her blog. You are good.

  7. twolimeleaves said

    Dang, you’re good at that!!

  8. pam said

    Such a nice job, seriously, batting issues and all. I really enjoy seeing your work. And about next years shop hop quilt.. I have two words. QUILT MARKET.

  9. Kathy said

    I know it’s not your favorite, but please please Mrs. S, can you show us the whole quilt when you’re done? You know, to bring closure.

  10. Lily Boot said

    Well Miss Amy, that quilting looks breathtaking to me – I just love your style … and your swoops and your curves … and huh! I second Kathy and say, show us more! Oh by the way, don’t go on the quilt shop hop (I don’t even know what this is!), but DO DO DO DO go to the Quilt Market so you can tell me all about it! and p.s. – we’re all avidly watching your election campaign here as well! Even my little A is hanging off every word!

  11. Melissa said

    I LOVE the quilting pattern you used. I’d love to see the rest of the quilt quilted.

    Enjoy binding!

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