While you wait

I am waiting for 11:30 pm to be enterained by the best casting EVER: Tina Fey as Sarah Palin on the season premiere of SNL. Oh, I am so excited!

While I wait, I’m finding ways to pass the time.

First, we made brownies:

Notice the speedy stirring:

Notice I’m not doing the heavy lifting in this process.

While the brownies baked, I made coffee (because I won’t be able to rely on the dogs to wake me up if I fall asleep before 11:30) and knit a few rows:

I also pondered dandelion pillow options:

I also am washing and drying three batches of wool yardage. I will count this as exercise because it requires one to go up and down the basement steps umpteen times to clean the linty bits from the washer, utility sink and dryer at various times.

I’m also passing the time by blogging to to entertain you nice people. Thoughtful of me, no? OK, three hours to go. Better find some more things to do! I think the coffee is kicking in. That means I can find things to do faster!

Oh, and here is a pic of the finished snowflake braid quilt:



  1. Jackie said

    Okay, you have found some great ways to pass the time! The brownies look scrumptious!! The fabric gorgeous! The quilt absolutely glorious! You simply amaze me! Have a great night and a few laughs with SNL.

  2. MichelleB said

    I LOVE that Starbucks mug! Is that a new one, or an old one? My youngest DD broke one of mine, so I think that means that I can get a new one. LOL

    Your quilt is lovely, and I love the dandelion fabric.

  3. I’m waiting for SNL, too! Might have to kick some Dungeons & Dragons geeks out of the family room so that I can use the big TV–I probably shouldn’t have baked them chocolate chip cookies because now they may never go home!

    And as I dig through *my* projects this evening, I am wondering why I have to many single socks started and why I can’t even finish up a relatively small knitting project like socks without getting bored and moving on to the next one.

    Ooooh! I forgot I had that Toastie Toes! [eats chocolate chip cookie while casting on].

  4. Lily Boot said

    what a cutie doing that speed stirring – isn’t it awesome when we can get our girlies to do the baking of yummy food whilst we sit and relax! Okay I’ve just done my American culture research – Saturday Night Live and actress who looks amazingly like Sarah Palin – ooooh! wish I was there to watch it! I love political satire. What pretty knitting – what does it hope to be when it grows up? And that braided snowflake quilt is BEAUTIFUL – is that an original pattern Amy? Are you writing it up? Hope you’ve taken your democratic responsibilities seriously and stayed awake – AMY! Wake up!

  5. Stephanie said

    I haven’t been able to stay up and watch SNL in years! I don’t drink coffee either so nothing to help keep me awake. Love your dandelion choices and the snowflake braid quilt is just gorgeous.

  6. Kathy said

    Hey Mrs. S! The snowflake quilt is indeed lovely. A big success, in my opinion, so now you are free to work on something that really floats your boat.

    If you got any brownie leftovers (ha!), send ’em this way and I’ll find a use for them.

  7. Karen said

    Love the fabric for the dandilion pillow. Lots of nice orange fabric out this year.

  8. The quilt is gorgeous.

  9. Nanette said

    What fun Saturday things to do. I loved the opening sketch with Tina Fey and Amy Poeler. We dvr’d it and I’ve watched that sketch 3 times. It was great.

  10. I found the SNL skit online finally. It was good but I think she should have hit Palin a lot harder. Tina Fey rocks.

  11. Nicole said

    The snowflake quilt is gorgeous!
    That is sure a cute little brownie maker you have!

  12. nuisance26 said

    That quilt is amazing! I’m loving your blog!

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