Feigned domestic bliss and flapjackery

I tried to channel my inner Jane Brocket today.

Something tells me Jane never made a batch of flapjacks that looked like this:

I even kind of doubt that this batch would be Jane-worthy:

People. There are FOUR ingredients and one short paragraph of steps. How could I screw this up?? Twice.

I had the secret ingredient:

I found it after only two trips to the grocery. I was under the mistaken impression (purely in my own mind) that this would be in the baking aisle. Hint: don’t forget the syrup section. Who knew that syrup would have its own section…I mean, I understand the maple syrup being near the pancake mixes, but really?

So, for the first batch I used old-fashioned oats. Wrong! And I think my oven runs a little hot. For the second batch, I think my wet ingredients to dry ingredient ratio was off. I did have some quick-cooking oats on hand and that seems to be the right oat for the job, but I definitely should have used less (fewer?) oats. Plus, being an early adopter, I only have the original version of Jane’s book, and the U.S. version has ingredient amounts in words that Americans can understand so we don’t have to look up conversions on the internets. That’s it, I’ll blame the internet… [And I guess I should say I’m a cups and tablespoons kind of girl.]

Both versions are tasty (what? did you think I would pitch them?). The first one is crunchy and the second is way crumbly. I really think that crumbles of the first batch would be excellent on ice cream.

Perfection will have to wait for another day. I’m out of 8″ x 8″ pans.

Let’s see, what else is going on around here? OH, I purchased this lovely pattern from Wee Wonderfuls:

Dear daughter has been waiting for this one! Now maybe someday, Olive from the make-along can have a friend.

It’s pretty sad when you’ve purchased a pattern that amounts to a measly 1.7 MB (my undying admiration for such great file compression!) and YOU DON’T HAVE ENOUGH SPACE ON YOUR HARD DRIVE TO DOWNLOAD IT. I’ve been dumping files left and right from my old work days. Had to keep them on hand should I ever want that kind of job again and thus have the need to prove that I am familiar with what will by then be totally outdated software…because I’m sure it already is totally outdated software. I can rock the Pagemaker!

It finally occurred to me to see if the external hard drive was full. It’s such a foreign land over there. I don’t know if files ever come back from there. Kinda spooky. So, now I’m busy filling up the external drive. 🙂

Finally, I believe I have identified a near-future project using the lovely Urban Garden pattern from Tammy Gilley–lovely patterns that really let the fabrics shine:

I’ll be using Sandi Henderson’s Farmers Market fabrics…er, and a wild and exotic friend:

Every quilt needs a bit of the exotic, no? All righty, I think I have one more post in me before a brief weekend road trip. And I can’t wait to see which Happy Meal toy Pamkittymorning comes home with!



  1. Jackie said

    You certainly have been very domestic! The “flapjacks” look interesting. I guess I always thought that flapjacks were pancakes…sort of. The patterns are really cute! But I am in love with the fabric. Simply fantastic! I can’t wait to see the quilt all made up. Happy Meal Toy, as in Mickey D????

  2. Jackie said

    Okay….just so you know you got great kudos on Material Obsession’s blog. You must go check it out and see all the wedgie, circles, and ric-rac things they made. Drool worthy!

  3. Anita said

    Hmm… on becoming Jane. I’ve been patiently waiting for the American version, but maybe I want the UK version instead. How are the words different?

    I’ve been dying for an external drive, but my hubby seems to have more important things at the moment. Maybe I should go buy one myself?

    And… you always have the most lovely fabrics. Can I come shop with you? I’m in dire need of some shopping therapy at the moment!

  4. MichelleB said

    Another pattern. You’re killing me with these patterns. I love all the ones that you pick and then decide I HAVE to have them too.

    As for the flapjacks – are they like granola bars?

  5. As a Brit and i should be able to make flapjacks (brought up on them) but mine are exactly like yours, both versons! If you have homemade flapjacks here they are often like the first. If you buy shopbought they are often like the second batch. Perfection as you so rightly guessed is in between…

    don’t you just love the picture of a dead lion with flies swarming round him on our tins of syrup?!

  6. I thought flapjacks was another name for pancakes. Am I wrong?

  7. Lil said

    another incredible choice of fabrics Amy, but anyway, you always “kill” me with your creativity

  8. Lily Boot said

    Yeah I thought flapjacks were pancakes too! And I don’t know Jane Brocket – awesome! something new everyday! Oh you’re a good mother – I haven’t bought the doll pattern yet – but I know it won’t be long before Abby’s constant reminding will wear me down! Can’t wait to see what you make with the apples – I have some of them too! Haven’t decided what to do with them yet!

  9. belinda said

    ooooooo…..would love to run my fingers through THAT pile of fabric!! (( me smacking my lips ))

  10. samantha said

    oooooooooh, I am SO drooling over that fabric combo and pattern!

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