Another year at the fair

We made our annual visit to the Bluffton Free Street Fair, a place to visit friends and family, eat too much, ride a lot of rides, play some games, and, oh, did I mention eat too much? This year’s trip was abbreviated so we had one less day of eating too much. Did I mention they have a nice quilt shop?

Here is a travelogue.

Going in.

Coming out.

First time in this one. What’s so scary about that?

A list of the foods to be eaten. We were really good about following the list.


We did not adopt any fishies this year.

Clown jail?

They decided not to detain her.

We rode the Super Shot which lifts you sloooowwwwly up and then plummets you to the ground:

The fair at night from the Ferris wheel.

Hope to see you next year, fair!



  1. Jackie said

    Fairs are always fun and this looks like a good one! Although, they aren’t great for your hips, I mean food wise.

  2. Amy said

    Oh I missed the Bluffton Street Fair this year! I’m glad that someone got that AMAZING pineapple whip though! It’s the first year of my entire life that I haven’t been able to go, and let me tell you- I’m so sad to miss out on my yearly stomachache from too much fried food!

  3. No funnel cakes? What is a fair without a funnel cake? Breadsticks and funnel cakes could have make my whole list complete. Glad you had a good time.

  4. Lily Boot said

    That looks fun! The building behind – tall, stone, castle looking thing, looks beautiful – what is it? Was your quilting bone tickled by the bowls of coloured fish? I find myself even getting excited by the coloured bottles of shampoo at the hairdresser. And just so you can add this to your list of useless Australian trivia – we call cotton candy “fairy floss” – either way I LOVE how it dissolves on my tongue 🙂

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