Pillow talk

The dandelion pillows are finished. They make me wish I lived in a household that was cordial to pillows. Decorative pillows would reside on the dogs’ play structure (aka the living room furniture). The pillows that came with the furniture were summarily chewed. They were test cases. We haven’t had decorative pillows since.

Here are the pillows before they are removed to a secure location:

Such a satisfying little project. I fused the appliques and DID NOT finish the edges. Instead I quilted tightly over the pillow surface. Here’s a good place to practice free-motion quilting without having to wrangle a quilt.

One of the couch residents was surprised to find a pillow photo shoot taking place:

Seconds later, her interest waned:

Before I forget, why is it that pillow forms are so expensive? I don’t think I’ll ever be less than shocked when I see the price. Of course, I did not retreat to my basement of stuffing and make my own lumpy renditions of pillow forms. It’s just always puzzling to me…I also don’t get why rugs and lamps are so expensive. Notice I’m not complaining about the price of groceries or good shoes.

For some reason, the photo of the colorful fish bowls in yesterday’s post really tickled me. So I decided to take a pic of another colorful opportunity:

Origami bookmarks. These are really fun to make–even if you’re making a whole classroom’s worth.



  1. MichelleB said

    Your pillows are wonderful. I hope that they don’t become chew toys! I made some of those bookmarks, too. I love them!

  2. Jackie said

    The pillows came out lovely! I am glad your dogs aren’t using them for their own pleasure. I have that problem in my home, but I don’t have a dog, just a teenage son. Although, your dog looks less than interested. I just love your origami, but then again anytime I see anything with lots of bright bold color I love it! But these are especially nice.

  3. pam said

    Now where did I see that bookmark, it was in a magazine wasn’t it? Or was it a blog? My brain is hot. Love the pillows. Love the dog photography too. That isn’t the only dog is it? Because for some reason I’m thinking Boston Terrier? I could be and probably am wrong.

    Love your work as always.

  4. Lily Boot said

    love the cushions! they are beautiful – I need to do something like that – small that I can practice free motion quilting on but also something that I want to keep – because when it’s something I don’t want to keep, I have no motivation to do it 🙂

  5. Stephanie said

    Ooo love the pillows. Great colors. Smaller projects are a wonderful way to practice free motion machine quilting!

  6. pratima said

    Those pillow are just darling!
    what a cute doggy 🙂

  7. Cute, cuter, cutest! Love the pillows, love the bookmarks, love that Hoosier P-Dogg! She’s the best! I’ve come to know and love the bamboo pillow forms at JoAnn’s. Never on sale, so I use my coupon each time to get one. Yes, I have *a few* in the closet and it’s time to make some danged pillows!!!

  8. Jean C. said

    If your talking about Poly or even solid foam pillow forms…. it’s cause their just one more thing made out of a by product of oil! When I worked at the fabric store… a.k.a. Hancock Fabric’s… they stopped selling foam pillow forms for a long time (years ago…) because of the cost! Then they brought them back and the cost is still bad.
    Yep, best to only buy on sale!
    Your pillow and your 4 legged friend are cute! Patient… and cute!

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