As in, the fall weather we have been having is delectable. Makes me wonder if summer got the memo earlier in the week to move along. It’s been sunny and in the mid- to upper 70s all week. The evenings aren’t even all that cool, just pleasant. It’s been so nice that I am now watering my front lawn because it is very dry and a little crispy in spots.

Speaking of delectable, check out this torte I did not make:

Say it with me, mmmmmmmmm! A little bit of fall flavor despite the summer-y weather–pumpkin crunch torte. Mmmmmmm. Oh, and I just have to say, I’m glad I’M not turning 40…

Check out these cute acorns though (yes, cake decorating always mystifies me):

Only when I was taking the picture did I realize that the acorns are made from chocolate kisses with icing on top! Can’t get over the culinary cleverness. Easily amused over here.

I’ve been amusing myself with some fusible applique today:

It is a little tricky taking a picture of a 24″ block, I must say.

The pattern is called Long Stem Roses by Julie Popa of Sunflower Hill Designs.

I’ll be using it with some of the new Daisy Chain fabrics by Amy Butler. The flower is made with Kaufman Carolina Chambrays. I’ve used these a lot over the last several months and I really like their feel and their gorgeous colors. The warp and weft are two different colors, similar to Kaffe’s shot cottons.

So, there you have it. The day in an acorn shell.

Speaking of which, anyone want a neighborhood full of adorable chipmunks before I post them on Craigslist??? They’re cute, but, gosh, are they loud when they get their network chattering. And I don’t want to know about all the adorable little tunnels they’ve dug in the yard…



  1. Jackie said

    So I was going to welcome you into the world of the 40’s , but I guess not. So who’s birthday is it anyway? The cake looks fabulous, I am drooling over it! I love what you are currently working on, really sweet. You alway amaze me, something new very often. I love it, because you are always inspiring. Keep it up!!

  2. MichelleB said

    Not yet 40? I knew I didn’t like you. Yeah. Riiiiight.

    The new quilt is lovely. You always find such great projects. An inspiration, is right. What do you do with all of your quilts?

  3. belinda said

    oooooo…I LOVE birthday cake……..since you like to applique….come on over and have a look see at the quilt I posted from our county fair….FABULOUS!! If you do come over…be sure to click on the picture to get a good close up.

  4. Stephanie said

    I’ll bet cake decorators think quilters are clever too! Beautiful. You’re the first I’ve seen with Amy’s new fabric. It’s going to be a beautiful project.

  5. But remember Spring was very late in coming this year so I am adoring the lengthy end of it. It is supposed to change over the weekend.

    How are you going to attach the applique, which is beautiful by the way, are you going to satin stitch or raw edge or ?

    I wish I was celebrating my 40th again.

  6. belinda said

    well missy…..what a good detective you are…….thanks so much for all your time and hard work finding the author of this design……i sure was wondering about it…..I’m like that too… me crazy until i figure it out or find what i am looking for….thank you soooo much….i’m going to go have a look see at this design….i would really like to know how long it took this lady to complete this quilt…maybe i will finally get to talk to her….i’m going to keep calling her.


  7. artisania said

    Oooh that long stemmed flower is a beauty!

  8. Amy if you missed SNL last night I have a link up on my blog. Tina Fey did Sarah Palin again. Hilarious.

  9. Lily Boot said

    I LOVE that applique – as I was scrolling down, down, down, to find the bottom, all I could think was a really beautiful Jack and the Beanstalk! And the colours are lovely. Hope you enjoyed the kisses – and Abby says she’d love the chipmunks – just box them up and post them on over, we’ll put them in the back garden with Simon and Lucy, the guinea heifers and the possums – I’m sure they’ll have a gay old time! And our ground is so hard from drought, therer will be no tunnelling possible.

  10. Karen said

    What a lovely pattern. I like the colours of your fabric.

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