Some accessorizing

Big news on the kid front:

Braces have gotten so cute, haven’t they? By the level of excitement over these, you would think they were fashion accessories (out-pricing anything at Limited Too by a fair margin, but nonetheless…).

I ordered some necessities the other day (do you get panicky when you’re running low on favorite supplies?? I do, I ordered two packages, I was down to shreds and cutouts):

While doing so, I ordered one of these new things:

Speaking of cute! A nice new selection of John James sharps in a cute package. Maybe I should have gotten another pebble with a different kind of needle so I could have pebbles instead of pebble.

And I am currently accessorizing a Christmas table runner:

I have been agonizing over this for two days (better this than the economy…). I wanted to make one using the bright and festive Michael Miller Christmas fabrics. Did you see Kathy Mack‘s GORGEOUS table runner in the Quilting Arts Holiday Gifts mag? Hers is on the COVER!! I wanted to do something similar but taking advantage of the tree and flower shapes in one of the fabrics I was using. I learned the lesson that Kathy already conveyed–putting a few fabrics together in a small project can be quite the challenge. I’m not sure I’ve been successful, but I needed to move on. I’ll show you the finished product when I’m further along.

While I’m talking about Kathy, today is her birthday, go say happy birthday and enter her giveaway!

Finally, here is a tree that appears to be going to jail:



  1. Jackie said

    Love the braces! The bands will continue to change color each time she goes back…fun! Yes, I did see her table runner and it is fabulous. However, I love how yours is turning out. I can’t wait to see it complete. I love the fabric!

  2. I get panicky when I start cutting into fabric. Who knows they might stop making more. I had been collecting brights and black and whites for years and now that I have several quilts with them I keep looking at my dwindling supply and thinking I have to get to the store.

  3. JudyC said

    Every year about this time my nephew would show up with orange and black rubber bands for Halloween!

  4. Stephanie said

    Amy I’d love to know more about the press on, no melt templates. Looks interesting. I just LOVE that fabric. My quilt is at the quilter but your table runner looks so much fun. Can’t wait to see the reveal.

  5. Lil said

    Amy, stop tempting me, ;o))))))))

    think you doing a wonderful job with the table runner

    and the little girl, isn’t that a cute colorful smile

  6. samantha said

    what a pretty jail for your tree 🙂 LOVE the runner so far.

  7. MichelleB said

    Your runner is adorable! Don’t you love braces. My youngest has them again, and then we’ll be all done with braces! Hooray!

  8. Karen said

    Love the needle package.

  9. belinda said

    oooooo…..amy……..this looks soooo cute……can’t wait to see the rest of it…….i really want to thank you for thinking real hard and your research for the maggie walker pattern for the quilt i featured on my blog……i am going to post the pattern and have a link to your blog…..thanks again!

  10. Lily Boot said

    I think pebbles are a marvellous idea – imagine, you could have a bowl full of pebbles – that would certainly make guests look! And I love your perle thread quilting! Are you ironing on some kind of thing (fabric/paper?) and then stitching around it rather than drawing on the shape (which we all know is such a pain in the bum!) That is so NEAT!

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