Imagine my surprise

Much excitement. This arrived today:

I do think this is my favorite book so far. I’ve been trying to figure out a logical approach to making all of the quilts in the book (um, except maybe the one with the giant bow…sorry, Brandon). Anyhoo, after taking the above picture, in my clumsy way, I fumbled to the contents page via the title page:

Shut. Up!

I have a couple of others with signatures, but this really tickled me for some reason. Maybe because I didn’t expect it and maybe because my other signed books are in tragic shape from over-zealous use (can you say “museum sampler?”). Does this mean I have to buy another copy that I can USE???

OK, so get yourselves over here. We’ll have apple cider and freshly baked pumpkin bread and go through the book page by page deciding what to make first.



  1. Stephanie said

    Yippity skips! Good for you and an autograph too!!! I have not see this book in person yet but I recently saw he has another coming out March or May of next year!!!

  2. Nancy said

    Coincidentally, my copy arrived yesterday afternoon. It’s just glorious! Sat paging through it again and again. Nice distraction from The Debate!

  3. Jackie said

    OOO, I can’t wait to see this book. I have all Kaffe’s others. Nice to have an autographed copy too!! I wish I could come over, cider, pumpkin bread, and Kaffe, can’t get much better than that.

  4. I should be getting my copy next week. I could come over and browse yours.

  5. jellybeansoupco said

    Oooo… another book to add to my ever-growing list of “things to buy when I have money”!

  6. Lily Boot said

    oh! oh! oh! oh! I’m coming! I’m coming! I just have to drop the child at school and husband at work and the only contribution I can make to snacks is the Year 11 boarders’ leftover afternoon tea – but its chocolate and cooked by Andrew the chef and pretty good. I’ve got my stash, got my ruler, got my cutter – but I’m not making the bow either – it’s definitely “uninspiring”. However, everything else is *sigh* ….

  7. MichelleB said

    Wonderful! Count me in! I’ll be there. And I’ll be very careful with the book – don’t want to mess up the signed copy.

  8. diane said

    Fun! I’ll bring chips and dip, BUT where do you live??? I’m curious to thumb through it to see which one with the bow that you aren’t excited about! πŸ™‚

  9. belinda said

    ooooo… book eye candy………….hey i loved you morning routine answer….thanks for participating……i have next tuesdays question already picked out!!

  10. I jolly well won’t shut up! Brilliant.

    I met him in Australia last year. Such a lovely man.

    I just bought his new book with 50 fairisle knitting designs to add to any cardigan (or whatever) pattern. A lot of quilt patterns turned into knitting!! yummy!

  11. If we lived near each other I would be on your doorstep! I love those Kaffe’s. Seems like I keep collecting and collecting. I have been so tempted to buy his new book, but a little birdie told me I might be getting one for Christmas, so I guess I’ll just wait it out. I have a few signed copies of other books too.

  12. Sandy Bruns said

    I got my book today. I LOVE his quilts. But this is my question for you: why does he use all those templates??? I hate templates and in most cases, they are not necessary. Who uses templates anymore except for applique? Can you tell me the answer?

  13. twolimeleaves said

    I. Am. There.

    In my own head… bit too far… but I can dream…

  14. Liza said

    Who knew you were a customer???!!! I am a fan of your blog and when I read today’s entry, I knew you bought the book from us. Kaffe signed the first box of books when he was here last week. Thank you!


  15. Liza said

    PS, to reader Sandy

    We have to use templates because our books are published in so many “metric” countries. It is the law that we have to give metric numbers as well as imperial if we publish in the EU. The templates makes it more accurate because the imperial numbers often convert to very odd metric numbers.
    It is easy to use a ruler and figure out the rotary cutting figures, which is what I do.

  16. Chelley said

    I got mine earlier this week. LOVE IT! πŸ™‚ I am terribly envious of the autographed copy, though. Guess I should have ordered mine from Glorious Color, too. Oh, well … now I know!


  17. Christiane said

    If there are some cookies left I am coming……………..
    to drool together over the wonderfully photographed quilts.
    I did not yet decide which one should be worked on first but the S quilts tickle my fingers, for their unusual block and certainly the S idea, in which I would insert a C from time to time ;).

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