Getting reacquainted

As festive as it has been to contemplate a new project from the new Kaffe book, I have been reuniting with an older project the last couple of days:

Ah, yes, the V&A museum sampler. How I’ve missed you. How I hope I can find all of your parts somewhere in this house. I’m thinking that most of the blocks are sewing room-adjacent at least. If I happened to have “stored” part of it in the basement, I’m in trouble. I’m sure it all seemed logical at the time. We live in hope.

In a different crazy mis-step, I seemed to have inadvertently fed one of these:

to each of two already-very-spirited girls who were fresh from school. I thought that’s what moms are supposed to do. The squealing and giggling has accelerated (and elevated).  Oops. No harm to anyone but me, I guess.

All righty, we are expecting glorious fall weather this weekend (for those who won’t be cooped up INSIDE). I hope yours is great!



  1. You and I seriously have to spend some time together. This quilt is on my list! It’s one of the reason I have been collecting Kaffe’s fervently. I first saw it at a quilt show in Henderson, Nevada and knew I was in trouble. Now I have to make it. I will be changing some of the color scheme to be a little more Earth tones rather than blue, just to match living in So. Utah. You are an inspiration. Keep me posted on your progress!

  2. MichelleB said

    Can I have a cookie? Please? Dang, they look good. Love the quilt, too.

  3. artisania said

    Oh wow look at all those triangles!

    And lucky you to have an autographed book! I wonder what that’ll be worth in 20 years…

  4. Jackie said

    The quilt is so fabulous, so Kaffe! I wish I had smellivision!

  5. Damn those cookies look good. Can you email them virtually. Yum.

  6. Stephanie said

    Oh my gosh what a GORGEOUS quilt you have there! Please find all the part so you can show your finished quilt. As for the PB cookies, I’ve been wanting to make my grandma’s recipe for the last 2 weeks. Now I shall because I want one right now.

  7. Karen said

    Love the quilt!

  8. Nanette said

    Holy cow that quilt is awesome and those cookies look like I want to make some now!

  9. belinda said

    what glorious colors in that quilt!!!! (( me clapping )) ..MORE…MORE…we want to see MORE!!!

  10. betsy said

    I just love those fabric choices and the quilt. Kaffe is one of my favorites.

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