I don’t even wear dresses

Well, I don’t wear them unless absolutely necessary. But I am all set to applique some dresses:

Had to get Liberty Star’s Playing Dress Up pattern after seeing the dozen CUTE ones via Holly Holderman’s blog. This, in turn, prompted the acquisition of a Lakehouse Dolly Dresses Jolly Pack (rats, look, Fat Quarter Shop has fat quarters of it-NOooo). Of course, I had to have Nanette’s All Dressed Up pattern, having watched the progression of those lovely dresses for a while now (don’t forget her Tree Tops quilt too!). Sweetness abounds and overfloweth.

Again, I don’t know which thing to work on first and with what fabric. I’m thinking a person could make some elegant cocktail gowns with some Kaffe florals. But it was all I could do not to hit the “buy” button on Nanette’s Etsy listings last night when she had a set of vintage charms. Oh, it was painful. But, I think a version of Playing Dress Up might be just right for my partner in the doll quilt swap too.

Gosh, I feel like a squeal-y teenager trying to pick just the right dress and accessories for homecoming (ah, yes, those days are coming…).

Speaking of sweet things, have you gotten a copy of Glenna’s book yet? Not only are the quilts charming and fun, but also there are lots of great tips and methods used in Glenna’s patterns. Really great effective-use-of-time approaches. I really like how Glenna thinks.

Hope she doesn’t mind my posting a pic of my favorite pattern in the book:

It’s called Stripping in the Garden and uses a method that had me saying “aha!” out loud.

OK, after all that sunshine happiness, I’ll leave you with a spider web that is waiting for a spider:

Actually, I think a spider might be embarrassed by the asymmetry…ahem.


  1. MichelleB said

    I can hardly wait to see your dresses! I might also have to look in to getting that book. I LOVE your spider web. So cute!

  2. Well the spider should take what is on offer.

  3. Ooooooh! You’re going to need a new pair of Mary Janes to go with those dresses! I’m thinkin’ pomegranate colored!

  4. Lily Boot said

    Oh! Oh! Oh! The richness of it all! Thanks for the link to the Holly Holderman site – just my cup of tea – and those dresses are gorgeous! Nanette’s are divine – I am buying both the dresses and the birdies this morning – they are so sweet. And that book! Yum! It looks so very pretty and pretty is so very good. As for your spiderweb Amy – it is nothing less than marvellously spidery and looks just like the one that a spider is currently weaving above Abigail’s bed – we’re leaving it there as a mosquito catcher. Can’t wait to see you start sewing. 🙂

  5. Nanette said

    You are just so sweet to put my pattern up and talk about it. Thank you! What a doll. I don’t really like dresses myself but its that whole nostalgia thing. I couldn’t wear pants to school until 8th grade and finally in 9th grade they allowed jeans at the end of the year. Shows my age. There is something so cute about a little girl in a dress though. I’ve totally lost my figure for that kind of thing.

    Thanks again! What nice things to say about both patterns and my kid. I’m very flattered!!!

  6. Jackie said

    So funny, I bought Nanette’s pattern as well and earlier today had to also hold myself back from purchasing her charm squares! Yes!! I have Glenna’s book too and love all the patterns in them. I do love the one you are posting. Much like you I am not sure where to start first. I have to complete a challenge for my yearly quilting retreat coming up in November, so that takes 1st priority. I love your spider web quilting, absolutely flawless any spider would be envious. A wonderful spider button would just finish it nicely!!

  7. pam said

    Wow, love the spiderweb. Of course really love the doll dress action. Did you see Brenda’s cute pattern? (Acorn Quilts) so many cute things. I love hollys fabric. Just finished binding a wonderful butterfly quilt for Elizabeth, can’t wait to get the pattern. There is so much stuff out there I can hardly stand myself!!!

  8. belinda said

    if you stitched that spider web…then i’m impressed…….i haven’t done any machine quilting yet….i’m scared you know…..i like the look of hand quilting….i guess i had too many yrs. cross-stitching.

    i hope you know i do appreciate your comments!

  9. Stephanie said

    I’ve had Renee’s dress pattern since before the dolly dresses started showing up. Now I’m really wanting to get started!!! They are just too cute. Your machine quilting is just amazing.

  10. Thanks so much for showing my book! What a wonderful treat to see! Don’t tell anyone, but your favorite pattern (Strippin’ in the Garden) is mine, too! I just LOVE quilts that look harder to make than they are!

    Your blog is WONDERFUL!! Could we share links???

    Thanks again so much. You made my day—

  11. artisania said

    Aww cute dress pattern! I really like the sugar sack quilt book. Looks completely charming!

  12. Kim said

    Oooh I love that quilt and will now have to go out and get Glenna’s book just to make that one! Love it!

  13. betsy said

    Thank you for posting the picture from the book. It is lovely

  14. margaret said

    I just love the dresses…so much so that I actually drew my own template from her pattern and am in the process of making my daughter a bed quilt from these blocks, using semi-vintage looking fabrics. Two blocks down, 16 to go!
    I’ll visit back soon to see your progress 🙂

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