Look on the bright side

Today is the last full day in Philadelphia. It has been long and it has been short. I’ve realized that this is a probably never to be repeated scenario (hopefully parts of it will never be repeated…), but has anyone else fantasized about being holed up in a hotel room with very few regular responsibilities? I mean, really. When does this happen (don’t hate me because I had free time)?

Some of you wanted to see some recent acquisitions. If I stay much longer, I may just own a small piece of everything on the fabric wall at Spool. It all looks so pretty together on their shelves.

I have a quilt in mind similar to one Spool had on its wall, some 45-degree diamonds. But I so love the color runs here that I may try to factor that in and come up with a different plan.

The Gee’s Bend quilts were amazing! I’m so glad I could see them. I’ve owned Gee’s Bend: The Architecture of the Quilt for a while, now I’ll be giving that a more careful read. Of course, after seeing the quilts, I wanted to sew immediately. So, I did:

The dresses are from Renee Plains’ Playing Dress Up pattern I mentioned recently. I have two more pink dresses that just need little wool pockets and cuffs. These make me giddy.

I also finished a pair of socks:

Well, time to clean up some stuff in this hotel room before heading out. I can manage to make piles everywhere I go.



  1. I’m so glad you have had a wonderful vacation. Are we going to be able to see any of the quilts from Gee’s Bend? I fell in love with the book the first minute I saw it!

  2. Juliann said

    I saw the Gees Bend quilts in Cleveland a number of years ago and then a smaller exhibit in Tacoma recently and they never get old. There is something so simple and true about them.

  3. MichelleB said

    The fabric is absolutely lovely! And those socks are wonderful, too. I HAVE to learn to knit socks. (yeah, yeah, michelle, shut up already, you say that ALL the time to EVERYONE) Your dresses are very cute, too.

    When I travel with my DH (which isn’t as often as I’d like), I get time to be in the hotel rooms with nothing to do. It is so nice. They beds are always so scrumtiously delicious. I want to (and sometimes do) just hang out in them for hours.

  4. Anita said

    I am drooling over your fabric piles. Love ’em! And those socks… I don’t think I’ve ever met a hand knit sock I didn’t like.

    I agree with you.. being holed up in a hotel with very few responsibilities is a wonderful luxury that everyone should have the opportunity to enjoy once in their lifetime. I once went on a business trip with my husband between Christmas and New Years. The poor guy had to work while I shopped after Christmas sales and became a tourist at the museums. It was awesome.

  5. I am hoping that everything went well with your husband.

    I am green over your fabric purchases and your socks. I am still working on the cuff of my practice one.

  6. If you wore dresses, I think you would definitely wear those–with the most wonderful shoes Zappos has to offer!

  7. Stephanie said

    The doll dresses are darling. Your fabric pile of goodness is delicious…I see candy corn, caramel, butterscotch, yum.

  8. kathy doughty said

    Spool and the rest of the good bits of your trip looked fantastic…. Your stacks of fabric look just like ours! In my class last night two girls had downloaded images from your post, coincidentally and were both talking about how much they love your blog…all the way down under! Looks like you made the most of your trip. enjoy the road back. kathy

  9. mary burns said

    Your fabrics are beautiful! And I just adore those socks! Hugs, Mary

  10. Nanette said

    Ahhhh South Street. The best shopping. My dad would go there for his suits when he was young. When my daughter went to Bryn Mawr she would love to walk along South Street and shop – some kooky stuff goes on there too! So shopping on South Street has been a fun family event. I love how they package their fat quarters. Mixing lines and blending colors. Love that! I wish more stores would blend fat quarters like that. I hate using fabric from just one line to make a project.

  11. Jackie said

    I am glad to hear that your stay in Philly is almost up. However, it looks like you have been productive and also obtained some wonderful fabric to play with. I hope you have treated yourself and hubby to some wonderful Philly food too! Have a safe trip home on the monotonous PA Tpke.

  12. Carol said

    Oh the fabric is yummy, but looking at the socks caused me to have an out of body experience — I swear this is the absolute truth!! I am currently wearing a pair of sock out of that exact Opal yanr – Rendez-vous 2065!!! I just finished knitting them last night– OH you have excellent taste in socks and fabric!! Thanks for giving me thrill – see your/my socks was a hoot!!


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