Go vote!

Oh, and don’t forget to turn the ballot OVER in case there are maybe some important proposals or other vote-able items on the back. I can’t blame the miscellaneous glitches at my precinct, but I was very happy until I hit my front porch on the return home and realized I forgot to turn the ballot over. D’oh! I’m telling ya, it’s a regular brain trust around here.

In any event, go vote and don’t forget to stop by a Starbucks for a FREE coffee afterward. Well, I partially voted, I hope that counts.



  1. Jackie said

    Thanks… was out early and already cast my vote!! It was very crowded, but moved quickly.

  2. And don’t forget your free cone at Ben & Jerry’s! @#$%*!! No Ben & Jerry’s where I live. I wonder if I can talk them into a free pint of Mint Chocolate Cookie from Kroger . . .

    I VOTED!!!

  3. MichelleB said

    We’ll vote later today, after hubby gets home!

  4. Lily Boot said

    I wish I could vote too! This is almost more exciting than when we finally got rid of our 10 year incumbent last year! In fact, I think it IS more exciting!

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