My biases

Today I am going to confess a prejudice I have. It is my prejudice against rectangles that are turned into any kind of triangles. When I see a pattern that uses these, I normally run in the other direction. I don’t know what it is, but they are impossible for me to perfect.


Come on, a half square triangle is full of fudge factor. A finished block can be over cut and then cut down to perfection. Not so with the half rectangle triangle block (see, it’s even hard to say). It can’t be over cut and then trimmed because of those ephemeral points…one bad cut to one side and you’ve lost a point that you don’t yet know about. The voice of experience.


I figure there must be someone somewhere who knows the secret to this.Ā  But I can’t figure it out.

In attempt to fight my prejudice, I went ahead and started the Modern Day Diamonds pattern from Heather Mulder Peterson’s Livin’ Large book.


Just because it is so striking. I have a small pile of reject blocks (too small one way or another) and a slightly larger pile of acceptable blocks.


Slow and steady. I’m hoping the connecting up corner triangles (made out of SQUARES, thank you very much!) will hide some mis-steps. As usual, we live in hope, this time of appropriate amounts of seam allowance in just the right places to make the pointed areas pointy and to have everything match up. Or I will have wreck-tangles and unhappy diamonds.

To achieve moments of calm, I have been hand quilting the doll dresses. Certainly not perfection, but I love the texture.




  1. belinda said

    oooo girl…i like this post…VERY colorful…..thanks for showing your hand quilting up close…i like it when people do……..what thread do you use?

  2. Jeanine said

    I feel the same way when it comes to making triangles. I felt a touch of relief when I recently used my June Tailor Shape Cutter. I’d had it sitting in the bag in the corner of the room for months! I hope you do a followup post of what worked for you. LOVE the dresses.

  3. I don’t see why you can’t do those with squares. they look like squares to me.??????

  4. Kimbo said

    Hi, newish to your blog and enjoy reading it. In regards to triangles etc, I was told an easy cheat way was to cut two squares / rectangles and place right sides together, on one of the fabrics pencil a line diagonally through point to point, then sew quarter inch either side of the line, using ruler & cutter, cut down the line and turn out….. works for me, only down-side is, if it really is, that you have 2 of the same blocks!

  5. MichelleB said

    I love those blocks. I am definitely going to have to get that book. Love your dresses, too. The handstitching is great.

  6. Lily Boot said

    Oh I love the doll dress quilt and your hand quilting looks perfection to me – gee you do lovely work Amy! šŸ™‚ As for half rectangle triangles – I have NEVER tried one – and I cannot imagine EVER having the courage for it. Ugh! I’m shuddering at the thought, but admiring your bravery! šŸ™‚

  7. maria said

    I like what you have done so far from the Livin’ Large book. I love Heather’s work and am thinking about getting one of her books. Would you recommend this one?
    Maria x

  8. diane said

    Ha I love it WRECK tangles ! that’s great. Also…”a point lost that you don’t yet know about”, so so true! it’s challenging. I too, purchased Heather’s book and keep looking at the cover wondering how did she do those triangles?? Your handing quilting on the dress, LOVELY!

  9. Karen said

    I like how you hand quilted around the doll dresses. Very nice.

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