Losing it

We all know I’m losing “it.” But why did I have to lose my 18 degree wedge ruler too? How could this happen? OK, I know how this happens around here in the Kingdom of Anti-organization (it’s not that I’m opposed to organization…). Gee, though, that ruler was in heavy rotation and I always knew where it was. I had so cleverly placed the wedge and its circle in a plastic zip-loc bag–TOGETHER. I could put my hands on it in seconds. And now it’s missing.

Yes, just when I need it. I’m trying not to get wrapped up in the endless loop of looking again and again in the same places until it shows up. I’m trying to be productive and carry on without it (until I need the wedge part, that is)…but you know how these things bug the brain. I’m sure that it got wedged (ha!) in a pile somewhere and I can’t hear its tiny voice crying out to me (see, definitely losing it).

OK, I’m going to go focus on some roasting vegetables and try to get on with my life…for now.

May your weekend be filled with finding things and not losing them–or it!

EDITED TO ADD: Cyndi cast a magic spell and I FOUND IT, well, I found the wedge ruler in my 20 pound tote bag. Thanks, Cyndi!



  1. marisa said

    Seriously, I misplace things ALL the time. I blame it on lack of sleep or disorganization trolls. Either are likely candidates for most issues in life. Hope you have a great weekend too, I’m trying to sneak some quilting in!

  2. Cyndi said

    Whenever I lose something like that – most recently my new ATM card – the minute I mention that I’ve lost it I suddenly find it or remember where the heck I put it! May your “I’ve lost it” announcement bring a speedy return to your wedge ruler.

  3. pam said

    Thank goodness because I get crazy about things that are missing and might have had to fly out to hunt.

  4. MichelleB said

    I’m so glad that you found it! I hate losing things, too.

  5. Martha said

    I know what happened to your rulers and everyone else’s stuff, too. It is the Littles. (There is a children’s book about tiny little people, the Littles, who take things from the humans they live with.) LOL.

  6. Sarah said

    Phew Amy, you don’t want to go and lose that thing. It’s a long way to get a new one from Australia 🙂 x

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