Take me to your tiny buttons

I stopped at a dangerous nearby fabric store yesterday. I knew they would have the tiny buttons I wanted for the Playing Dress-up dresses.


Which they did.

I accidently looked at their cotton fabrics. Well, they put them right on top of a shelving unit and are at eye level even from afar. I couldn’t help but see them.



DARN IT! And they have the panthers in my favorite color only. Isn’t that some sort of a sign?!?

I only looked at the Liberty of London. And the ribbons and trims. See. I can behave occasionally.

You can see that I’m still hand quilting the dresses.


Not that I mind, but this is taking up precious daylight hours. While it is small and portable, the lighting in the places in which I seem to be waiting around these days is less than acceptable for my eyes. Do you think the YMCA would mind installing some nice bright natural light for those of us who need to hand quilt instead of walking briskly around the track??? I’m sure they’ll get right on that. I hold out no hope for the church basement in which piano lessons are administered.

BUT, speaking of getting right on things. Did you see the great storage boxes over at Joanna’s place? My boss uses these boxes for projects and I’d been thinking since I saw hers that I needed to get me some of those. Well, Joanna got some at Xpedx. Hey, I have an Xpedx store nearby. Nope, they don’t carry them in the store. So, I came home and ordered some from the Xpedx web site. Cheap, super cheap and reasonable shipping. OK, done.

Today, the dogs sounded the UPS truck alarm (why do dogs hate the UPS man???? or is it just the truck?). Look what showed up:


Indeed they were packed with care:


Did I mention that I ordered them yesterday? Afternoon? And they arrived today? Via Ground shipping? Gotta love that kind of service. The economy may be in the dumps, but we can certainly deliver office supplies to storage-deprived quilters! Yes, we can!

What else? Oh, working on a work-related medallion center:


These are some of my best Y seams ever. Notice I said some because that person up in the upper right can’t get with the program. I was quite happy having tried a new-to-me construction approach. I put the units together slightly differently than I usually do. Nothing fancy or new, really, it just worked better for me to have the 90 degree angles on top while sewing. Maybe that made me stop sewing at a better place. Whatever, it worked for me.

Finally, I’m still doing the knitting on the side thing. I started this project on Friday night and can’t seem to put this project down. It is a Stegosaurus Noro Cowl designed by Maryse Roudier.


If you have any knitting ability whatsoever, you can make this. Trust me! This is also not a portable project FOR ME because I have to have my little yarn balls laid out in a certain order so I don’t get them twisted, but once you figure out what works best for you, you’re golden. You can even watch junky TV while knitting it. Won’t this impress your loved ones at the holidays?? This is definitely one of those squeal-y what will happen next projects. It is a good thing I am easily amused.



  1. Trisha said

    Love this post! It has a little of everything. Everything meaning knitting and quilting. What a beautiful cowl. I think I am going to have to make that one! And I love the center of your medallion quilt. So fresh and fun!

  2. Joanna said

    So I was just reading your post and saw your cool storage boxes and thought, awesome, someone else discovered them too! Then I went back and have a second read, to see where you got them, and see I got a shout out! Woo Hoo! Aren’t the boxes fabulous?! Don’t you just love them?!! Aren’t the possibilities endless?!! I am ashamed to say that I have only used one of mine, as I can’t decided what to put in the others – I have too many ideas and don’t want to use them all up. Because I’m sure I couldn’t order some more and have them shipped cheaply. LOL!!!

  3. Jackie said

    Great post! Love the storage boxes and I love the links. But I have to say the fabric and the quilt block are my most favorite part of your post!! Excellent block, love the colors. I love the fabrics, but you really did show restraint, I probably would have gotten more.

  4. krommama said

    i love your dress quilt and that block with the y seams looks wonderful!

  5. Lily Boot said

    So many colours, so much prettiness – mmmm….. The dresses are looking gorgeous – you know I think it could easily be a Kit quilt – each time I look at it I think of Kit and these are her dresses hanging from nails in her attic bedroom. And the fabric! It’s wrong to not buy fabric we love – otherwise we would just spend our lives fretting over the fabric that got away! I adore your medallion centre – I’ve not tried those y seams but I think I’m moving towards them soon. And the little circles in the corner – your boss is one seriously lucky lady that she has YOU to sew for her. As for the knitting – are you for real! Multiple little balls of wools to be knitted in in order! Egads Amy! I would have a seizure – give me one colour and a nice square!

  6. Well it looks a lot better than my socks.

    Could you not paper piece the medallion? You would have some extra seams but the y thing would be no problem.

  7. MichelleB said

    Okay, I really want to see an up close look of the quilting. The picture doesn’t get big enough (LOL). I shouldn’t talk, I’m having issues with my pictures, too. That medallion center is fabulous! Beautiful seams! I really want those boxes, but I will have to sneak them in – my husband will have a coronary if I get any more boxes. Which is not to say that I won’t get them. (ha!) As for the knitting – there is a chart! and color changes! and worrying about little balls of yarn! which looks very scary to me. That being said, I did buy (another) book on how to knit socks today. Just one color. We’ll try it yet again.

  8. pam said

    Wow. On all of it. That medallion center kills me. You and your crazy cool piecing ways.

  9. Kim said

    That Vespa fabric is just too cute for words! All the fabric is beautiful. I’m suffering fabric withdrawal right now. All my fabric…amend that, ALL MY STUFF PERIOD is still in boxes. So I’m browsing the quilt blogs to see the fabric, and the projects, y’all are working on. *sigh* On the up side, when we do get settled I will have a dedicated sewing/craft room for the first time EVER! Just gotta hang in there a while longer.

    Meanwhile I’ll just enjoy vicariously through y’all. Thank you, thank you very much.

  10. JudyC said

    Excellent job with the y-seams! Love the block!

  11. Stephanie said

    Well I’m squealing over your knitted project AND your medallion and perfect y-seams! I, too, am easily amused!

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