You need a Fat Sack

Yes, you do. You need to go over to Terry Atkinson’s blog and get the directions to make your very own Fat Sack. Special thanks to Miss Pamkittymorning for linking to Terry’s blog the other day. My life is not complete without my Fat Sack. And I just like saying Fat Sack. In my head, there is a Fat Sack song. The tune is the same as for Love Shack. I don’t have ALL the words figured out yet. Just the Fat Sack, baby, Fat Sack part.


I am in awe of well designed useful things and this sack is in that category because your stuff won’t fall over and doesn’t have to be packed all messy. I’m thinking people are getting these for Christmas.

I will admit that when I sewed the side seams and turned the bag right side out, I was dubious and kept checking the directions to see what I did wrong (always my first assumption…). I held out hope, cut a piece of leftover foam core for the bottom and, voila, a Fat Sack was born. By the way, you should see some of the GENIUS car marketing ideas on the leftover foam core around here. Genius, I tell you!

Oop, better skeedaddle and try to finish my second Fat Sack before the trip to the bus stop. My second one isn’t going to be quite this pretty. I ran out of fabric for the second handle. Little Miss Matched Handles Fat Sack.

Thanks, Terry!!


  1. krommama said

    beautiful fabric! i like your fat sack – hee.

  2. Jackie said

    Check out the tutorial she has on her blog today!! Another useful item, that is a gotta have.

  3. Anita said

    This looks like an awesome bag. I agree… potential gift material! Happy sewing.

  4. MichelleB said

    Yours came very cute. Love the fabric.

  5. fabricpile said

    I’ve seen your sack, Miss Chickpea, and it’s far from fat! 🙂 That is too cool!

  6. Chelley Smith said

    You find the coolest stuff! Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. I love your fat sack!! Now I”ve gotta go get more fabric – it would be a shame if all my bags were the same. Think how great it would look to have the groceries all sitting on the counter in different pretty bags. So what if the ice cream melts . . .

  8. pam said

    I love your fat sack. And of course Love Shack is one of my favorite songs, so I have no trouble getting into the whole fat sack song. Fat sack baby yeah.

    And aren’t you so popular with your Terry A. comment.

  9. Cheryl said

    Great Fat Sack!! I am heading over to Terry’s to copy the tutorial!

  10. Lily Boot said

    oooh that’s divine fabric – is it a 1974 fabric from Urban Chik? And I LIKE a bag that has some structural integrity – who wants a bag that collapses in on itself all the time! And I’m with you – I’m always amazed when it appears I have indeed followed the instructions accurately and it worked :0

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