I’m your biggest fan

As I was waxing lyrical in my head about how luminous the green is in this Kaffe spot:


(I swear it is the only thing close to sustained sunshine we will be getting around here for a while.)

the mail man knocked on the door. He didn’t need to knock because the Amalgamated House Bear Society Auxiliary 253 had already announced his arrival (having previously announced the arrival of the wind blowing, a car driving by, a random member of the public walking by, and so on). I went to the door. Oh, he was bearing gifts today! I think I love you, Mr. Mail Man. Ahem.

Yippee, the beautiful Kaffe totes from Glorious Color:


Gorgeous, no???  Very reasonably priced, IMHO.

And, wait for it:


Look! Dividers for your breakables. I had to go next door to borrow a bottle of wine for demonstration purposes. What did you say? Did you say that I had to go next door to borrow an UNOPENED bottle of wine???

Well, between the Fat Sacks and the Kaffe tote, I think the case can be made for carrying the groceries home in a pretty way!

But that’s not all that was in the package:


ACK. This is the Heart Attack Fat Quarter Pack. It is most certainly blog-worthy. This would be the ultra-luscious Kirman print from Kaffe’s most recent fabrics. Wouldn’t these be pretty as bandboxes?? Just when I think I know which color I like best, I look at another one and then I can’t decide. I don’t know, I just feel lucky we have such beautiful fabrics to play with. Once upon a time, I could remember all the names of Kaffe’s prints, but now there are so many, I’m losing track.  That’s how lucky we are. Or that’s how bad my memory is getting…

So, what I was working on when the mail came:


Liza’s Economy Blue Patch Quilt from Country Garden Quilts.

However, mine will be pink:


Two of these will surround the larger blocks. I’ll have to decide which red to use:


Yep, this is certainly brightening things up around here!

And I finished the hand quilting on the doll dress quilt and am stitching down the binding. Then to add the buttons and a label and put that quilt in the mail. I haven’t done that much hand quilting in years, as you may know. While it felt like it was taking forever and a day to get that small piece done, I believe there may be more hand quilting in my future.

To that end, I tracked down some pretty tools that were hiding out around here:


A girl will certainly be motivated to hand quilt if she knows she can use her “Sting” scissors and her thimble with stars. Sounds like a soup.

May you find a bright spot in a November day.



  1. fabricpile said

    Oooooh! Prettiest of the pretties! Love the reusable tote! And the swoon-over-able Kaffes! Can I fit a few more exclamation marks in my comment?! Yes! Yes, I can! (And I’d go with the medium red. Just so’s ya know.)

  2. MichelleB said

    Lovely fabric. And that bandbox pattern is adorable! I’m loving the pink. I can hardly wait to see it finished.

  3. Stephanie said

    I agree, when I think I’ve figured out my favorite Kaffe color or print, I change my mind. I have a very clean mind from changing it so often. Can’t wait to see your finished quilt.

  4. My friend and I just ordered some more Kaffe off of E-Bay. I just keep collecting and collecting. Have you seen how he fussy cuts his Jungle stripe for projects in his new book? Your quilt is looking lovely.

  5. maria said

    Those colours certainly brightened a November day! I love Kaffe’s fabrics (well most of them).

  6. maria said

    By the way, forgot to say that I love the quilt, I’m sure it’s going to be stunning.

  7. Lily Boot said

    Oh Amy Amy Amy! I am frantic with thrill over your beautiful mail! We have a similar warning system in place here – and it is MOST saddening when I dash out the front to find that a bird dared to land in the tree on the footpath! I mean – what a nerve intruding on our territory like that! Everything is soooooo luscious – I expect gorgeous patchwork from you soon – and I know I won’t be disappointed 🙂 Your pink squares are delicious! Oh Amy you brighten my day and make me laugh 🙂

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