You asked for it

Anita wants to see your Square Bags.

When she first showed her square bag, I recognized it as an awesome knitting bag because it sits up much like the knit shop plastic (?) bag I drag around with me. I will certainly continue to use such a bag on grungier surfaces, but when you can have something useful and pretty, hey, why not? So I giddily anticipated Anita’s generous tutorial.

Here is one of the two bags I made this weekend:


The bottom of it doesn’t look as crummy as the picture makes it appear. I’ve photographed the bags 100 times. The first time was at night. And today we have GREY and yuck once again. The second bag looks exactly like this one. I am smitten by this fabric combination.

I don’t generally get much sewing done on the weekends. I work weekends and usually don’t want to dig out my sewing room after I’ve been on my feet all day. All right, all right, I’m lazy about that.

So, I am thrilled that I made TWO square bags AND an apron:


Now, I was quickly looking at Anna Maria Horner’s Garden Party Flickr pool the other day and saw a quilt that Bari J. is working on–gorgeous, by the way. So, then I wandered over to Bari J.’s blog to read about her quilt and perhaps run into some of her uber-gorgeous handbags, virtually speaking. But then I saw her apron tutorial. OH MY, what pretty fabric combinations! OH MY! Then I wandered back to look at more of her Flickr photos. Oh MY.  In her apron tutorial, I read her advice on picking fabrics. After a while, some circuit in my brain seemed to be re-igniting. OH my! I could barely sleep and I couldn’t stop thinking about fabric combinations for any number of things. I have come away totally re-invigorated and re-inspired and somehow re-emboldened. It feels like my definition of what colors and prints look good together has found a new center or something. I don’t feel like I’ve been afraid of color and prints, but this feels kind of fresh and new to me… Let’s see where this takes us. Bari J.’s “keeping it real” sewing advice really made me think about what I was doing as I was making the apron. Somehow I still managed to mess up the waist band. That was a different keeping it real moment.

Thanks for two more great tutorials, Anita and Bari J.!!

It felt like a lively weekend even though it was comprised of much of the weekend routine–just with added gusto and sewing. I hope your weekend was brilliant!


  1. MichelleB said

    Adorable bag! I love it. And so is the apron. I can hardly wait to read about Bari J’s advice on picking out fabrics.

  2. Jackie said

    I really love both the bag and the apron! Two terrific blogs. Thanks so much for the links. I think I may have to make a couple of bags myself. How long did it take to make just one??

  3. Lily Boot said

    oh! oh! Amy your colours are divine! I adore how you put if together! And you are lazy – goodness, fancy not wanting to sit and sew for hours after you’ve just spent hours standing amongst fabric – I’m amazed! 😉

  4. belinda said

    ooooooo…..loving your projects AND the colors in the fabrics!!!

  5. pam said

    How cool. I’ve always loved your fabric combos. Since I choose more traditional type choices you always wow me with your bold ones.

    And working all weekend. Don’t miss those long days on me feet, but I do miss the fun customers.

  6. Sue Spargo said

    I love your bag! What a great knitting tote. Makes me want to sew ………

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