Simmer down now

I would imagine that Katy could hear me squealing across the pond. I went to the post office bright and early to mail my doll quilt swap quilt. And then I dropped an unread due-today book in the library drop box (!). And then I went to school for a stimulating hour and a half of checking math homework. I remembered to bring some hot coffee along. And then I came home to see a package sent via Royal Mail. It just sounds more grand, doesn’t it? And then I squealed really loudly. I only bothered the dogs (that’s a little taste of payback, dogs!).

Hmm, should I tear into it right away? Or delay the gratification–this might be the only exceptional thing to happen today…. Well, shoot. I had to report in that I had mailed my quilt, so I should be efficient and send along the report that I had received a quilt in the same note. Makes sense to me!

Here is the treasure that Katy sent:


Isn’t it great?!?!!!! Kaffe-y goodness surrounded by yummy solids. I’m in love with the continuous swirl quilting also! Not an easy feat! That tiny flange of cobalt is the perfect frame and that’s what is on the back too. I wonder if she knew I was on a cobalt Kaffe hunt last week? I love it!!

But that’s not all, folks! Katy has single-handedly oc-tupled my Liberty “collection”:


I am concerned that she might have risked her own personal safety to acquire some of this after reading her recent love of my life post! I dare say I get it–these are gorgeous, silky and wonderful! I’m getting ideas already!

Thank you so very much, Katy!!! What an utter bright spot in this dreary week!!!! I hope I remember to sign up for the next doll quilt swap round, whenever that happens. It was SUCH fun to give and to receive!!

The day continued on a bright path. While I was dropping off dear daughter’s unread due-today library book (I point this out because she is starting some sort of trend that I don’t quite get), one of the librarian’s called out that she had saved a box of quilting books for me. I love librarians, generally speaking:


A little perusal for later, just me and my box.

A tiny bit of wedgie-circle sewing today. This matches the pink economy patch blocks. I haven’t decided if they will go together somehow or not…to be continued:


With that, I’d better feed the dogs. They appear to have passed out from starvation or excitement…a likely story…



  1. MichelleB said

    That is some great mailbox love that you got! I love the wedge circle. It’s so deliciously pink.

  2. Stephanie said

    Yes, I love the sound of Royal mail and receiving it is even more wonderful. I have 3 pieces of Liberty fabrics. I’ve use one and 2 are still waiting. I’ve had them 5 years!

  3. Sherri said

    What a gorgeous quilt, and lovely fabrics! I’d say today was a great day for you!

  4. Anita said

    Oh wow… I am loving your Liberty-ness and your Wedge-ness. Isn’t it great to get surprise Royal Mail?!

  5. Jackie said

    Very nice Kaffe – y quilt!! Love the liberty fabric, fabulous. And you just know that I love ALL the wedges you make.

  6. love the doll quilt!
    and yes, as you suspected our Royal Mail is extremely grand and posh… er, not!

  7. I love the fabrics of the wedge circle. Especially when they are laying upon the blue fabric. Great choices!

  8. krommama said

    that katy is a great girl, isn’t she?! i love your wedge circle! i’ve been intrigued by these lately. have any links, books or tips you want to share with me? : )

  9. Karen said

    Wonderful wedgie!

  10. Sarah said

    Wedgie goodness Amy, yummo x

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