Sonja Callaghan is the guest designer over at SewHooked. Sonja shares some great free patterns, so I made one:


Who doesn’t love gnomes and mushrooms?? A person could easily get addicted to making cute stuff like this. Thanks for sharing, Sonja! I will be making another one of these very soon–like, tomorrow.

My new best friend in the sewing room is Netflix’s Watch Instantly beta for Mac. I’m in love. Much better for keeping the spirits up than NPR these days. I’m working my way through season 1 of Weeds at the moment.

And I’m working my way through a stack of free patterns and tutorials. Next up, I think, is Anna Maria Horner’s wildflower pincushion (this is also in Quilts and More Spring 2008, but I was too lazy to look for mine). I have a funky piece of yellow wool for the center of the flower.

Oh, and I was speedy quick and ordered this lovely kit from Nanette‘s etsy shop:


Really, I just wanted to get my hands on some of her fabric. 🙂

Look what she sent along:


OH MY, no doubt this matrushka is adorable and has a Freda’s Hive One of a Kind tag, but do you know what else? It is stuffed with lavender and smells like SUMMER to me. Ahhhhhhh, yes, that time of year when it is warm (but not too hot…) without aid of furnace. I’m going to be sniffing this item all winter, I can just tell. Ahhhhh…



  1. Jackie said

    Love the gnome… so cute! I went and printed it off and will be making a few I think!! I also purchased the same bag from Nanette. The fabrics are a little different, but I can’t wait to make it. Really cute and useful!

  2. krommama said

    cute gnome! it is a great pattern.

  3. MichelleB said

    Well, how cute is that! I got her pattern off of Craftster – but obviously I wasn’t as speedy as you about making it. Calamity Kim also has a really cute version, too. I love your quilting on it!

  4. fabricpile said

    Oh, man! You did that cute gnome one better with the quilting on that! Cute as cute can be!

  5. I love the gnome and so simple. If I had grandchildren I could see an adorable quilt (Not asking for grandchildren yet oh powers that be).

  6. artisania said

    I LOVE HER!! Fabulous job Amy! I just love her wellies, it looks like she’s out there stomping in puddles in all that fancy rain. I can’t wait to see what you do with Mister Gnome 🙂

  7. Camille said

    As always, great projects, but really, your quilting knocks my socks off. It is just alway SO pretty! Do you mind me asking some advice on choosing a long arm? I’ve been wanting one for… well, forever, and would really love some advice from a pro.

  8. JudyC said

    Wow that is so cool! and I love the quilting!!

  9. pam said

    Wow you continue to simply kill me with all your stuff. Gnomes, mushrooms, Nanette’s stuff. I can’t wait to see your bag when its done. Its probably done now right and you’re just holding back to not show off even more.

  10. I loved the gnome and mushroom. I’m not much of a paper piecer, but for this project I will give it another try! I just love everything you do!

  11. Nanette said

    Ohh I’m so glad you like it. I never get tired of Lavender. Thank you for posting all that. I need to get more kits on my etsy shop. I have them cut out.

    Who doesn’t love gnomes and mushrooms? I love the blocks you have at the top of the page. So cute. And the quilting is fabulous.

  12. Katy said

    that gnome is AWESOME, I love how you’ve quilted it. You’re sooo good! I’ve been resisting buying one of nanette’s kits, but I don’t think I can hold out much longer…I just really want to get my hands on her fabric too!

  13. […] little beauty was crafted by Amy of Mrs. Schmenkman quilts. LOOK AT HER BOOTS!! *swoon* She has such a quirky little attitude, and I can just see her stomping […]

  14. Lily Boot said

    Oh! I’m green with envy – first you get a quilt from the fabulous Katy and then you make that divine gnome – now that my Christmas parcels are FINALLY gone, I might just sit myself down and have a go – and THEN you get that GORGEOUS fabric from Nanette – yep I’m shrieking! 🙂

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