What’d ya do to it?

Not satisfied with that Twinkle quilt layout from yesterday. Not satisfied at all. The original quilt had lots of different colors. Trying to over-think it, I wanted to add an organizing color scheme that ended up as large rectangles of vast boredom. I loved the fabrics. Separately. Together, well, yawn.

So, here is yesterday’s again:


And today:


Smaller areas, four different sizes of fabric pieces in each block. Oh, the fretting. I thought and thought and messed around and came very close to trying to figure a way to insert friendship stars between the blocks. Without adding sashing. For a worrisome amount of time, that actually seemed do-able.

Ultimately, I cut the blocks down from 14 1/2″ to 12 1/2″. I put the ruler in a corner so that the old block center was off-set from the center after the cut. Half the blocks have a full size blue-green rectangle in one corner and half the blocks have a full-size pink-orange rectangle in one corner. So now the stars are slightly off-set horizontally and vertically.

There, that’s better. Moving on.

Can you resist?




No, you can’t.


Not a chance.


Really. Superbuzzy 5″ charm packs! Get. Out! And I’m seeing some lovely fat quarter packs over there. And some interesting looking new books.

While at Superbuzzy’s site just now, checking to make sure they still have charm packs before I posted here (you’re welcome), I noticed that I missed one charm pack. Rectified. And that they have a Japanese book of projects using KAFFE fabric.

I learned of the Superbuzzy charm packs from a tweet from TrueUp. Twitter is very handy for such great breaking news. And then there’s me tweeting on about the tedium of daily life. Ahem. Are you on Twitter? I’ve been toying with starting a quilt group there. But, um, I’m not quite sure how that would work. I should probably figure that out first.

Finally, in the Copycat Dept., I had to get a couple of fat quarters:


After seeing these at LucyEllen’s blog, I had to get them. So very pretttttty! From Scarlet Fig.

OK, have a good weekend, everyone!



  1. Karen S said

    A most excellent refit on the Twinkle quilt. I am amazed that just downsizing the block and offsetting the center makes such a significant difference. I shall add that tidbit to my memory banks.

  2. Lisa said

    Small change, big results. Like it so much better.

  3. Jackie said

    I don’t know how I missed yesterday’s post, so I went back and read that one before reading this one. I have to say I do like the change that you made in the quilt. It does look and feel better, hands down! And yes, what were you thinking of, you should have purchased more of that Michael Miller fabric. Remember, more is more!

  4. I’m visiting your blog for the first time. The Twinkle quilt certainly looks better down-sized and off-set. Another tip to store away for future reference… your choice of fabrics is great.
    Love the little charm packs. Will have to pop over and check them out.

  5. diane said

    The Twinkle quilt is much improved. Who would have thunk that cutting the blocks down would have such an impact? Very brave of you!

  6. Katy said

    nooooooo, charm packs from superbuzzy?! Damn you – now I’ll have to go shopping.

    I am in awe of your bravery and cleverness. The twinkle quilt does indeedy look brilliant now, and before it was really very lovely, but now it’s perfect.

  7. belinda said

    oh amy…..everytime i come over here all i do is just….ouuuu…..and aaauuhhh……..i am thrilled at this quilt….these colors inspire me and i feel all warm and fuzzy just looking at it………and that ‘superbuzzy’ fabric…well, WHAT can you say…………….thanks too for ALL the great links and i’m thrilled when you come for a visit………….MERRY MERRY!!!!

  8. Nanette said

    Well, I did not resist. I saw it first. Trust me. I look there everyday. The price is right and I am about to wrap them up and put them under the tree FOR ME.

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