Things are pretty sweet around here

Despite the fact that I have run out of red AND green sugar, life is sweet.


I’ve been avoiding holiday finishes:


See, still not a thumb in sight. And I’m missing one of the teacher’s hands entirely.

Instead of finishing these, I decided to make Nanette’s Cascading Baby Blocks and Stripes quilt from the Winter 2008 Fons & Porter’s Baby Quilts:


Yes, nice and wavy because it’s laying on a floofy down comforter… It is for the sake of playing with fabric. I also wanted to be able to perhaps take it along on holiday travels to do some hand quilting. Priorities! I’m afraid planning for car trips and down time trumps the to do list every time. I enjoyed Nanette’s pattern and think it could be really fun to play with lots of different color schemes or themes. Fun, fun!

Also making things sweet around here:


I won these embroidered Santas from Michelle! She included some cute Christmas fabric and I think I know what I’m going to do with these. Aren’t they cute?

This guy might be my favorite:


Crack me up! Thanks so much, Michelle!

And, as if she hadn’t indulged me enough, Katy sent some more yummy Liberty!


Pretty! I think these may have to join their mates in some small wedgie circles. Thanks, SO much, Katy! I’m gonna have to do something nice for that girl!

In the Department of Self-Indulgence (a bustling facility, no doubt…), there were a few could not resists that made the tedious online hunt for various holiday gifts bearable. I know, I know, better than the mall. I don’t think the desktop computer has enough RAM for holiday shopping. Anyhoo,


Some pretty Valdani flosses. Don’t they just look nice in their little box?

Wouldn’t the flosses look nice somehow incorporated with Amy Butler quilting solids?? I really like these colors.



Yes, I had to get it. The bad news? It appears there is another volume. This is a great book filled with crisp photos. The projects are home accessories, quilts, aprons, slippers, etc. Lovely stuff!

OK, those chocolate covered pretzels aren’t going to peel themselves off the waxed paper. I hope none of them jumps into my mouth. I think I’ve had enough sugar for today.



  1. Katy said

    I don’t know where to start, there’s just too much going on in this post!
    I’m glad the liberty prints arrived at their new home safe and sound, I can’t wait to see how they end up! Those embroidered santas are wonderful – I love their spindly legs. Too funny.
    I hope you didn’t indulge in any more sugar – you may go crazy and end up with more than one thumb on each of those mittens, and unless the teachers have some kind of freaky extra thumb thing going on they’d look pretty silly…

  2. Jackie said

    Okay, where to start, first off, I would have never guessed that was Nanette’s pattern it looks so different with the wonderful fabrics you chose. I love her version and yours. I love the little Santa stitcheries that you received. I can’t wait to see how you put them together. I am loving ALL the fabric you have the solids and the Liberty… YUM! And those Valdani flosses what a treat!! It is definitely Christmas for Amy.

  3. maria said

    I love the valadani threads and yes I think they would look great with the Amy Butler solids. Love the rest of the stuff too.

  4. Stephanie said

    Would you stop tempting me!!! I have been wanting the entire Amy Butler solid collection and I’m going to get it, soon I hope. And I’ve been thinking about flosses and wanting to try them. Oh I can’t wait to see what you do with the darling little elves from Michelle! Remember eat even numbers of sweets to keep your hips even…otherwise known as Holiday Hips.

  5. Anita said

    Those santas are so stinkin’ cute! You must show us what you do with them… immediately!

  6. Karen said

    The Santa’s are so cute.

  7. Lily Boot said

    I am mighty intrigued by those solids – they almost look like cross stitch cloth – is it a very coarse weave or just a magnificently close up photo? The balls of thread are beautiful. Too beautiful to use, pack them up and put them away – besides you’ll get salty chocolate on them. Just lovely!

  8. Kelly said

    I remember those cookies from my childhood, and I’ve been wanting to make them (they’re logs, rolled in colored sugar, right?), but I have no idea what they’re called, and therefore no recipe. Could you tell me what they’re called? This month’s Penzey’s Spices catalog came with a recipe for similar ones that were poppy seed, but I just wanted normal, plain, red or green sugar on the outside ones. I seem to remember they were pretty easy to make, too, since they’re log-and-slice cookies. Thanks!

    Oh, and everything else is just lovely. The embroidery, the fabric, the knitting, the quilt….

  9. MichelleB said

    I’m wanting to do some fingerless mits too, but then I see the instructions for the thumb and try not to run, because it scares me! LOL The cascading blocks are lovely! And I have to say, that little Santa was my fave too – he cracked me up. The Valdani flosses are great – what are you going to do with them? And those AB solids are wonderful! But I too, am wondering (like Lily) about their weave.

  10. belinda said

    well……i agree with everything you showed and said……

  11. marisa said

    Oh, how I wish I would get Liberty fabrics in the mail…those are so awesome! Cannot wait to see what you do with them.

  12. lil said

    Hi Amy, first of all a very happy new year my love

    and about the japanese Fasset books, there are 3 up to now as far as I know, got them all, ;o))))))) and they are fabulous

    you’ve got really lovely santas, lucky girl

  13. Sew each little Santa into a mini-quilt and swag them together. (Add ribbon before you attach the binding). They are sooo cute!

    What are the things at the top with green around them? Is it meat or biscuits?

  14. jo ann said

    I have stumbled on to your blog and found this photo of beautiful solids.
    Can you tell me more about them? Are they from Amy Butler? Can you tell me where you bought them. I am absolutely desperate for them now that I see them. Help!!!!

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