The secret life of a square


There once was a quilt that was square.
But I just couldn’t let it end there.
Back to the sewing room I did go.
Thirty-two more squares did I sew.

And now my quilt’s a rectangle.



  1. MichelleB said

    You are so clever! And the quilt is adorable.

  2. Stephanie said

    Love this zig zag pattern. On my list for this year…and you used the delicious Amy fabrics!

  3. Jackie said

    Love it! It reminds me of the one that Anina made for Christmas. Yours is beautiful!

  4. krommama said

    i’m lovin’ your zig zag!

  5. lil said

    Amy, yes, lovely and you’re even a poet, ;o))))

  6. Katy said

    Poetry and quilting. Lady, you’re a genius!
    And I am LOVING that zig zag quilt more than is really acceptable to love a quilt!

  7. belinda said

    I like this zig-zag…..I’ve never done one before……oh hey…BTW…when was the last time you dusted..??? I can see you know!

  8. Lily Boot said

    Ooooh it’s beautiful! How very clever you are to make all those gorgeously precise points! And I like your poem too – it’s the best bit 🙂

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