Circular logic

I saw a pretty little Ring Toss quilt in the Connecting Threads catalog. I wasn’t in the mood to wait for the mail. So I summoned all of my circle tools–your Creative Grids rotary circles template set, your Olfa circle cutter, your Brandy’s mylar circles, heck, I even tried a 1″ circle punch.

For some reason, it practically took rocket science to figure this out. And then there was some trial and error with the fusible web. Once I got it figured out, I WROTE IT DOWN so I could keep doing the same thing. Sheesh. Next time I’ll wait for the mail to bring me a pattern. Actually, I’d still be pulling out all the various circle tools to make the cutting go faster.

You do own one of these Olfa circle cutters, don’t you?????


If not and you have any predilection for circles, by all means, it’s worth the money. Ask for one at the next major or minor gift giving opportunity.

Anyhoo, here is what hurt my wee brain:


More blocks to make. Some re-arranging to do.  Those are supposed to be light-ish green backgrounds.

Oh, but what did come in the mail? A lovely Japanese patchwork book:


Nanette gave away a copy of this book in her uber-generous blog anniversary giveaway–no, I wasn’t the lucky winner (that clever girl Belinda won it–smart girl, I knew I liked her!)–but Nanette kindly shared the ISBN and I was off to YesAsia to place my order. I’ve never ordered from Amazon Japan, but I have always had great success ordering from YesAsia.

This is a patchwork lesson book with such pretty blocks and projects!



Pretty, huh?

Aside from the circles, I have been doing my best to pretend that it’s not 9 degrees F outside. That’s a little hard to do. Speaking of which, I’ll be driving to the bus stop very shortly…. Happy stitching!



  1. Jackie said

    I love your plentiful circles! They are great! I can’t wait to see it complete. The book looks like fun. It sounds like your day is like mine cold and running to pick up the kids. At least some sewing was involved in both our days.

  2. Jenifer said

    i LOVE your circles… what a fun quilt!

  3. MichelleB said

    Those circles are wonderful! I love them. I don’t have one of those circle cutting devices, but I will certainly keep an eye out for one.

  4. Nanette said

    I have a new book that I showed on my blog the other day. It is my new favorite Japanese book. I can’t get enough of them. Even if I don’t make something directly from them they inspire me to do something of my own that is inspired from the books.

  5. Nedra- Cactus Needle said

    I think yours turned out every bit as good as the one in Connecting Threads so you must have done something right. Are the circles ironed down with a fusible? Or do you machine applique them?

  6. Great photos. I also love my circular cutter. 🙂

  7. Jana said

    I think I am afraid of circles. I had a quilty question for you — I love your machine quilting and the pattern that you use. Do you have a book you can recommend that shows how to do that? Or any other fabulous free-motion designs, other than stipplling? Thanks!

  8. fabricpile said

    Bullseye, Mrs. S!!! Circles, circles, circles! I’m loving the circles right now, too. BUT I don’t have one of those cutters. Dang. Gonna have to fix that little problem!

  9. pam said

    Ohh I was tempted bu that book. I have the same one Nanette just got, I like it as well. Love your inspiring work. As usual. Sorry for your crappy weather.

  10. I just trace around circular things I have in my house. I have been known to use a compass and make templates. Your quilt is lovely.

  11. I love your circle quilt !! Is it applique or inverse-applique ?
    I think I will soon have a look to this japanese book that looks great …
    Congratulations for your blog I discover today .. I will come back.

  12. marisa said

    Wow, I love that book. I’m going to grab a copy too! Awesome! Suzuko Koseki is one of my favorites.

  13. Kelly said

    GORGEOUS quilt! I love the vine borders they really set this quilt off. I’ve been eyeing off the Olfa circle cutter for ages, I’m definitely going to get me one of those! Oh, and I love the little birdy pattern too. I’m going to follow your blog coz you have such lovely ideas you will be great inspiration to me! Hugs, Kelly 🙂

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