We are not to discuss my hair

So, about my hair. I’m in the midst of a hair issue. On the day of the inauguration, I had a hair appointment (which was kind of bad planning on my part). It was time for the bi-monthly hair highlights appointment. Now, I have very short hair. I have very short hair because dealing with hair drives me crazy and I don’t want it touching my neck (get it OFF me). Otherwise, my hair and I just go our separate ways–you do your thing, I’ll do mine. But, in recent years, I have taken to having it highlighted. This is a bit of a challenge to the hair whisperer. It is usually just too short to get wrapped in its little foil sleeve (mind you, this would be at my hair’s longest point–after precisely four weeks’ growth).

So, the highlighting success has varied greatly in the last year (because I keep getting my hair cut shorter and shorter). I have been ending up with some nice stripes. ::sigh:: We decided that perhaps some all-over color would do the trick. OK, let’s do that. Except that I HATE the new color. Too dark, too red, too obvious, too icky, too…, well, I feel like I’m beginning to channel a slightly middle-aged newscaster whose dye job is just a few shades too dark and a little too perfect to be real (like the local weather man, for instance).

Trying to just deal live with it because it will be cut off soon enough and I will welcome the return of the stripes.  ::sigh:: Like I said, we’re not to discuss my hair.

But, this leads to pretttty colors. I’m still swooning over the color of Michelle Obama’s inauguration outfit. That yellow! Those green shoes and gloves. That outfit! I couldn’t take my eyes off her. What a day, huh? I’ve gone back to read the speech a couple of times. While some say there wasn’t an overarching theme or a catch-phrase, it gave me perspective, among other things. Regardless of politics, we are people who can do this and fix this and change this.

While I was glued to the hoopla on the tube, I appliqued some more yo-yos. I thought it would never end–the applique-ing, that is. Today it ended and we have a tote bag:


This is from the Short Trip Tote pattern by Lori Allison.


Always love her stuff! I did make a tactical error in the materials department. I used a scrap of poly batting–I would advise cotton next time because there are times when one’s iron may come in contact with one’s batting. I might have melted a little batting. Which just makes my super-effective dying iron that much better. As the kids say, ‘woot!’

Finally, I received the best present a parent waiting for a bus can get in the mail:


Oh, one more thing–I’m super-dy duper excited about Pink Penguin’s teapot pattern and tutorial!

And when you run into me on the street…don’t mention the hair…please. Gotta go baste a quilt!


  1. I love that tote. I am having hair issues also. I used a new product after forty years and boy was I sorry. Mine turned out strawberry blonde which has never happened in my life. So I am going back to streaks with my old product which always turns white blonde. I have been wearing a hat a lot since I don’t put the other product on immediately. You would think I would know.

    I even set my alarm to watch my first inauguration. I sleep in the day. Yes, I cried. It feels like the country has been let out of prison.

  2. MichelleB said

    Okay, I won’t mention your hair. I’ll take about mine! I just got it done and I am no longer gray! Thank goodness. I’m a new woman. For six weeks anyway.

    And yes, I got that fabric p*orn in the mail, too. Oooo la la. Love me some fresh, new fabric pics.

  3. Stephanie said

    Too funny, sorry! LOVE the tote. You find the best stuff. I just ordered a fat quarter of every solid in the Bella for Moda line (31) from Fabric Shack. Do you think I overdid it?

  4. Katy said

    oh the tote. I simply wouldn’t mention the hair, because the tote has totally distracted me. Totally and utterly. How come I say it every time I visit? I’ll say it again – you’re SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good!

  5. Jackie said

    Dismissing the first few paragraphs and onto color and yo-yo’s! Now I have to say you just showed me what I can do with my leftover Kaffe yo-yo’s from a bunny rabbit that I had made. What a terrific idea. Oh and thanks for the teapot link. I have already gone there grabbed it, downloaded and printed… Woo Hoo!! Thanks, you are a peach. Oh your pillowcases have made their debut on my blog.

  6. jmbmommy said

    I loved the dress too…everything, the texture, the colors. What a beautiful day. Your %%^& will get better, I swear, just don’t look in the mirror a lot and sew, sew, sew!

  7. maria said

    Hi, I never think that me and my hair get on very well, I usually wear it short too but have always been rather envious of people who can grow theie hair longer. I can’t stand really long hair though.
    I love the bag, you’ve used great colours.
    I too loved Michelle’s outfit.

  8. pam said

    You totally crack me up.

  9. OMG! Don’t get me started on hair! My grey comes in these chunks around my ears. If I let it get out of hand I end up looking like Pauly Walnuts on the Sopranos or Grandpa on the Munsters (depending on how old you are). I have found the key to a natural color is not using just one. I mix 50/50 a medium warm brown and a copper red. I do it myself – Loreal – no one but the woman who cuts my hair has ever known!

    Your tote bag is great!! And I had such a great time daydreaming while I flipped through the Hancock’s catalogue.

    Great post, you really made me laugh!

  10. betsy said

    The tote bag is just too cute!

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