Calling it a day

I’m not really done for the day. Maybe the day is done with me. It’s that point in the year when there’s an increased number of regularly sporadic days off of school–like today. We decided that going to see Inkheart could be a little too scary, so we did some sewing this morning. Channelling my patient self, we made a drawstring bag. That was enough of that.

Life in pajamas immediately became too boring (how many things are there to do in this house?), so we invited a friend to come over and I made brownies and attempted to channel Victoria and Jacquie:


I’m not as thrilled with my attempt as I am with theirs. 🙂 Maybe because I had fits and starts with my thread (has anyone tried those little silicone washers that go in your bobbin?), and I think this would look better with a bit thicker batting. We live in hope that the overall effect is more than the sum of its current parts. I just love the way Victoria’s and Jacquie’s turned out. Reminds me of a quilted bed jacket–in a good way.

I gave myself something to look forward to:


More thrilling Royal Mail! I’m not going to open it until I have done some additional productive work.

Here’s something for you to go look at. Amy a la Mode has been posting family quilts. I wonder how we can join the family? A while back she showed a stellar Dresden plate/wagon wheel quilt. Go take a look and be sure to check out the other fabulous quilts in her family!

Finally, I have a movie recommendation: I just finished watching Rare Birds, a great funny movie with William Hurt.

All righty then, seems like I was going to tell you something else…. For now there’s a living room that needs to be cleaned up. It’s been turned into a restaurant this afternoon. It is very difficult to get a reservation at La Mopey’s, but you can try.



  1. Jackie said

    Your quilting looks fantastic. I say it is a pretty good match to both Jacquie’s and Victoria’s. I say you are too hard on yourself. I love it! Don’t keep us in suspense, I would love to know what you got from across the pond… don’t you??? Thanks for all the links. I had never visited those blogs and they are great!

  2. Stephanie said

    I love the wiggle quilting line. It looks perfect to me. How can you NOT open the package??? I too love the wagon wheel/dresden plate quilt. What wonderful quilts.

  3. MichelleB said

    I love the quilting. I loved it on jacquie’s and victoria’s and I love it on yours. Royal Post, hmmm. I’m dying to know what’s in it.

  4. Amy’s quilts are lovely. I received a gift of a vintage quilt and a vintage top last week. I am so lucky. Will be putting them up on blog soon.

    I don’t see what you are unhappy with in the quilting. It looks pretty wonderful to me.

  5. belinda said

    wow…love the wavy/sqwiggle lines…i think you did great…i may want to try this on my next quilt…only…hand quilt it……….and that ‘wagon wheel’ quilt…my favorite…To Die For!!!…………..glad you liked my teapot…hurry…go make one too!

  6. Katy said

    ha – royal mail, in a grey envelope. I recognise that package. Open it, woman, how can you hold off?!

  7. Nanette said

    I was impressed with Jacquie’s quilting as I am with yours. I was glad to see I don’t have to do ocean waves with this – like echo quilting. I’m not so good with that. So I like that yours ebs and flows with each line not necessarily being like the next. I like the freeform look too. Nice. I’m definately going to download that movie when it becomes available to “rent” on my ipod. That has become my new little indulgence. No one likes the movies I do in my house anyway and I rather like watching them on my little screen when I have a moment to be alone. They are rare so I savor those moments. I had to laugh at your last paragraph – sounds like me, sorta.

  8. I think the quilting is just perfect the way it is. It softens the piece so nicely.

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