Enough with the snow already

OK, actually, we were spared the worst of the latest batch of snow. But, still, come on. What I don’t get is how the main drag in my fair city is all nice and clear, and you cross the imaginary line into the next suburb half a mile up the road (in the same county, mind you), and you would think they don’t own snow plows there or for the next three suburbs. I am grateful for my own good fortune, yet puzzled. Since I had to be somewhere this morning, I made as many necessary and unnecessary stops as possible.

Man, that driving around in the snow is exhausting.

Enough with the weather report.

Remember when I said how great it is to quilt your applique surface before appliqueing? I forgot to temper that with a “keeping in mind the size of your quilt” warning. I believe that 60″ x 60″ is a little too big for this technique. It is not quilting or applique at that point. It is more like wrestling. And with wrestling there might be a little bit of the swearing. It’s a grand way to get an upper body workout, however.

I was putting some flowers on my Pretty in Pink quilt:

And if you do your layout on top of your down comforter and you’re not careful, expect a pin or two to look like this when you’ve pinned your project to your comforter:


Not the good pins! I really didn’t check to see how the comforter fared.

But, all’s well that ends well and I just need to finish the binding:


This is Pretty in Pink from Heather Mulder Peterson’s Livin’ Large book.

Oh, and I am very happy with how the overall quilting turned out–I was trying to channel Victoria and Jacquie. You may know that I am a big fan of the “cover every available surface” approach to overall quilting. For me, this often results in a less-than-soft quilt. But this wiggly zig-zag quilting? Oh my! The finished product is the softest stuff I’ve ever felt.

Okey dokey, I need to hunker down and get a couple of quilts quilted in the next little while, so I’d better stop the chattering and get busy.



  1. Jackie said

    I am with you on the snow! We are having plenty here today. I am so done with it. Loving you Livin’ Large Pretty in Pink quilt. I totally get you about pinning with other things underneath. Everything looks great!

  2. MichelleB said

    I LOVE it! I’m just loving that specific overall stitch pattern. Will you please share which stitch you used (since we have the same machine)? Sorry about the snow. Sunny here. With mid-70’s coming up. Blah.

  3. That is one of the cutest quilts I’ve ever seen! I love it!

  4. Stephanie said

    The thing about being snowbound is all the sewing going on! LOVE you Pretty in Pink…loving the rick rack. :o) I must try the squiggle quilting…perhaps on my next small project! Stay warm.

  5. andi said

    Right now snow sounds pretty good to me. We’re expecting the temperature to reach 43C / 109F degrees here in Melbourne today AND tomorrow. Bring on the cold white stuff I say!!
    Your pink quilt is very lovely. Is the zig zag quilting using a specialist quilting machine or just a plain old normal machine (like I have)? If it’s the plain old type, any tips for doing this kind of work?
    Andi 🙂

  6. Mary said

    “okey dokey” this phrase put a smile to my face. We lived in Scotland 1986-89. My daughter would run through the house singing Okey dokey, Okey dokey, Okey dokey. She was probably 3yrs at the time. We even have it on VHS. I really like the appliqued flowers on the quilt. Are they machine or hand appliqued?

  7. Kristin said

    Stilll snowing…just looked out the window. I love your quilt! Black with the bright pinks and greens looks awesome. Thank you for showing a few of your steps. This is one of those things that falls into – hmmm, wonder if I ever would have thought of that on my own? Consider the seed planted.

  8. Katy said


    Stop it, I can’t take any more – just tell me how I can do that squiggly quilting thingy. I can’t live a day longer without it in my life.

  9. pam said

    I love it. And I love the quilting!

  10. Jana said

    That looks fabulous! I really need to get that book.

  11. Ravenhill said

    this is so beautiful! You do such lovely work!

  12. What a great idea! and the quilting looks really fab!

  13. How are you holding the applique on? Did you use satin stitch? I can’t tell.

  14. jmbmommy said

    pretty, pretty…I just love the ric-rac stems. TOo cute.

  15. summersadie said

    Such a beautiful quilt!

  16. Nanette said

    I love the style of this quilt. The colors and fabrics are lovely and I like the 3D quilting. That is what I call it anyway – when the qulit looks done and then you applique over the seams and things creating a pattern over a pattern. I have yet to try this but yours is breathtaking.

  17. Kelly said

    What a beautiful quilt – the flowers are gorgeous. You are very talented! 🙂

  18. Esther said

    That is really cute.

  19. susan said

    all i can say is gorgeous!!

  20. Lisa said

    All your quilts are just beautiful!

  21. samantha said

    that is simply stunning- love the quilting effect!

  22. Victoria said


  23. Laura said

    I love your quilt! I am taking a Pretty in Pink quilt class this Saturday. Can you provide directions on how to create that wonderful wiggly zig-zag quilting stitch.

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