This post brought to you by Katy

I hear that Katy is a bit of a Liberty aficianado. Getting my hands on more of her collection was not my ulterior motive when I joined her Fat Quarter Swap. She’s already been more than generous. Frankly, I don’t know how she can part with it. Anyhoo, you saw the Royal Mail here the other day. I was good and didn’t open it until I had sent to my partners, Anne and Katy. So after bus stop, before coffee, I trotted myself off to the PO. Nothing as glamorous as Royal Mail, I’m sure. In fact, the sidewalks hadn’t been cleared for some time, the floors were streaked with salt stains, there were no forms to be had and I was scolded for not getting the envelopes marked paid when I bought them (?). And then I bought some more and was handed four envelopes that weren’t marked as paid (!).

In 5-100 days, packages should arrive in the UK.

So, I came home and tore open the package from overachiever Katy.

Give me Liberty!


Perhaps I should always envision Liberty dappled by the sun… And get a load of that pretty bias binding wrapped around that adorable clothespin. Do we have these cute clothespins over here?????? A perfect head shape for a peg doll.

Back to the fabric:


oooooh, aaahhhhhh! Don’t you love the knitting fabric? I must formulate a royal plan for this pretty fabric…. Thank you, Katy!!!!

On to more about Katy. She is hosting the Great International Stash Busting Giveaway on February 4.


I’m going to be giving away some fabric, so be sure to come over on February 4 and see what’s up for grabs and visit the other participants. No, dear, a truck is not coming to take it all away….

Unrelatedly, I got some of these silicone bobbin thingies:


I’ve been having intermittent bobbin thread issues, so I thought I would try these. I’m getting better stitch quality with some of my regular threads, but it did not resolve problems I’m having with another thread. To be continued…I’ll be sure to give a full report after I’ve used them for more than two hours.

The April 2009 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting arrived:


It is a great issue! There’s a nice long article and great photos from Robyn Pandolph.

I also MUST make these adorable birds:


I have some background picked out and cut out a couple of feathery birds who may need to be tossed for something more bold. Poor feathery birds…

Hope all is well out there!



  1. Katy said

    Thank the Lord – she finally opened the package! Much hand wringing and nervous anticipation was to be had over here…will she like what I sent? Phew. Panic over.

    As you are well aware, when that little stash is depleted you just need to holler…more will come as swift as can be 😉

  2. MichelleB said

    Lovely Liberty fabric. I can hardly wait to see what you do with it! I haven’t received my BHG quilting magazine yet, but I’m dying for it! I really want to see those birds. I’m sorry that you’re having bobbin trouble. I’ll look forward to hearing the full report.

  3. Jackie said

    The fabric is gorgeous! I particularly love the yarn and needle fabric as I knit!

    What control to hold off on getting/opening a package! I can never do that!

  4. Jackie said

    Hi Amy, That fabric is great! When I received Royal Mail in my home, there was such excitement. Go figure, it was like the Queen arrived. But seriously, what a terrific package. I will be back on the 4th for that truck load of fabric giveaway. I was just eating breakfast and perusing my issue of APQ. Loving quite a few of the projects.

  5. amanda said

    Definitely agree that that is an especially good issue of American Patchwork and Quilting. I love the Vintage Voyage mini quilt and have made it my mission to track down the fabrics used in it! Google told me that the designer of the quilt has a web site so I’m going to try emailing her to get more details. Love the little bird quilt, too!

  6. Anita said

    I don’t even know what to say… I’m wordless. That Katy, she sure does have the most awesome Liberty, to say the least! And I’m amazed that she is willing to share. I’d be tempted to horde it all.

    The rest of your post… I’m just soaking it up. Thanks for sharing all your goodies. It’s a nice treat for another, yes another, grey day.

  7. Nanette said

    Mine came in the mail too – the magazine I mean. The fabrics – I WISH! I’m running over to katy. I hope it isn’t over.

  8. Karen said

    Love the little birds! I just downloaded the pattern ‘free’ from the internet.

  9. susan said

    isnt katy just the sweetest?? i too have been a recipient of her liberty fabric yumminess. i just got that issue last nite and i love it!!

  10. belinda said

    What a lovely ‘goody’ you got…yeah……I love that bird quilt…wow!!

  11. Mary said

    I love the bird quilt too. I am in the process of making one for the bushfire donations. It just looked so hopeful. And as a fire survivor, hope is something they need.

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