Resistance is futile

How do we resist all of the fabric wonderfulness out there these days??

It is very hard.

I am trying to resist Lecien’s Atelier Akiko fabrics at present.

You can get them over at the wonderful Fat Quarter Shop.

And don’t miss The Late Bloomer’s Weekend in Paris Quilt over at Jolly Jabber.

I wonder if it is more a matter of not being able to decide which colorway I like best.

When doing a little search, I found a link to Atelier Akiko. You really need to go take a look at the Colorful, Colorful Days of Life quilt. Be careful, you may die from its cuteness.

Oh, if you would, please don’t buy ALL of the Akiko Atelier fabric…I might not be able to resist.



  1. Nedra- Cactus Needle said

    Wow. The Colorful Days quilt is amazing. Looking at the site made me wish I could read Japanese so I’d know more of what was going on. Just the visuals made me very happy!

  2. Nichole said

    I have been checking out the Atelier and Akiko fabric as well. I love the pink and brown color way. I am also trying to resist the urge to buy some. My husband advised me that I should finish one of the quilts I am working on before I buy more fabric. I’m trying to honor that request. We’ll see how it goes. 🙂

  3. Jackie said

    I know what you mean about resisting. It truly can be difficult. I just love that Colorful, Colorful Days of Life Quilt. It is just spectacular.

  4. amanda said

    Oh noes! Now I REALLY want that fabric. I should sew from stash, but … but … I really want that fabric! 🙂

  5. lil said

    Amy, those colorful days are too cute, what stunning work

    don’t forget to show me a pic of yours, ;o))))

  6. Tricia said

    The glory of my fabric buying days has (mostly!) come to an end-at least for awhile. The bad economy is finally catching-up with our family and I am doing my best to not spend money on “extras.” One thing I have noticed about reading all of these great craft/quilting/sewing blogs is that they make me VERY “wanty” and also hyper-aware of all the new fabric lines out there…I find if I cut myself off from computer time, I do a LOT better about not just adding things to my etsy cart left and right! But I DO love to read about everyone’s sewing adventures and get inspired…it’s a Catch-22 for sure! That said, I had my husband purchase a fabric tower(Windham’s Williamsburg Delft collection) for Valentine’s Day and I am already looking ahead to my birthday in March…!!!
    Thanks for all the great pics lately!

  7. Kristin said

    I totally understand the temptation! I saw the same line yesterday while I was surfing the web during lunch. My only saving grace was it was the end of my lunch time and I had to get back to work. Oh, how I thought about all of the colorways for the rest of the day! So far I have resisted. However, I have to confess that my local quilt shop is having a superbowl sale right now. If you buy enough, you get 40% off! Now how is a girl supposed to pass that up?

  8. Stephanie said

    Stop it! I do not need any more temptation. Do you know I was at Fabric Shack today and did not buy one single thing! How’s that for resisting temptation?

  9. Manuela said

    when i saw the fabric last week, i can´t resist. i hope, the mailman bring me the fabric by the end of next week- just in time – to my birthday ;o))

  10. Nanette said

    We are totally on the same page here.

  11. jmbmommy said

    wow, that colorful days quilt is so amazing….wow…wow

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