Amy gives away Amy

Today! It’s today! Thanks to Katy for organizing the Great International Stash Give Away!!

As I hinted yesterday, I’m sharing classic Amy Butler. Yes, it’s true. ::sniffle:: As I was hunting around (and you don’t have to look far) for a giveaway selection, I came across the Temple Flowers stash. I made a few other selections from the area, shut the box and said to myself, “now I know where the Temple Flowers is.”

And then I decided that, of course, it is the perfect giveaway. It is a little hard to part with…but I have a a little more. You know, for posterity.

So, here we have 10 fat quarters from Amy Butler’s Temple Flowers collection:


Here’s a fave:


And you’re even getting the good selvage (when there was good selvage to be had):





To enter, please leave a comment telling me what your plans for this fabric would be…please be specific. Would you put it in a quilt? Well, what pattern would you use? Another sewing project? Tell me about it.

I’ll leave the giveaway open until 11:59 EST on February 5, and I’ll announce the winner on Friday, February 6.

Oh, if you are a new commenter, comments are held for moderation, but I will be checking regularly, so don’t panic if your comment doesn’t appear instantly.

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  1. saganaga said

    Please enter me! Thanks!

  2. Sandra Downes said

    Greetings from Perth Western Australia. The fabrics are so lovely I would make several quilts from them, adding some plains to them to highlight the lovely designs. I have four daughters and these would make lovely lap quilts for them. Not sure of the design, but I would look for something that took advantage of the lovely flowers, birds etc. Thanks so much for being willing to do this; it is a great idea. Cheers Sam

  3. Vicki said

    Thanks for offering such nice fabrics. I’ve got one lap quilt that is just in the planning stages which is going to be a Christmas present for a friend and it’s theme is flower gardens. My friend is an avid gardener and I wanted to capture the beauty of gardens in a lap quilt. Your lovely fabrics would be well suited for this quilt. Please count me in for your draw.

  4. Lisa said

    I would like to try one of Heather Mulder Petersen’s new patterns from her new book using this fun fabric!!!

  5. 2fun4u said


    I would love this stash! I was thinking what I would do and there are 2 options.
    First a lovely little quilt, and I most certainly would make a Amy Butler designs. Not sure which one though. You see, I would have to touch and get to know that fabric a little better before I knew exactly which pattern.
    Or two, I would make some fabulous apron’s!!! Now wouldn’t that be yummy.

    Ok, Ok I can’t believe I just typed “yummy”. Sometimes a surprise even myself. When your done perusing all of you comments, jump on over to my blog and enter my giveaway.


  6. Eva said

    I like your fabric stash!

  7. Diane said

    Ohhh, I would love to do a patchwork bag out of these fabrics! I need a new bag so bad to carry all my stuff in every day and I think these fabrics would make a lovely one!
    Have a Blessed Day,

  8. Stacey said

    I would love to make a quilt for my grandmother, and have been having a hard time picking the perfect fabric, this looks so much like her, that is what I would do!! not sure of the pattern, as I have only just completed my first quilt. but i want it to be oh so pretty, so she knows she’s special. thanks

  9. Oooooh! I love Amy Butler. I would use it in the quilt I am planning (see my blog entry – oh and stop by to see what I am offering!) I have lots of small squares, but need larger pieces too. It would be perfect!

  10. Donnelly Webb said

    I think I would use this Amy Butler fabric to make one of her bags. Our quilt store displays those wonderful bags made with her fabrics. So, that would be my first choice. I also think a wonderful lap quilt would be awesome. That way, I could look at it all the time.
    Have a great day.

  11. Lil said

    first of all I want to enhance my Amy stash, lol
    and maybe one day, I make a huge triangle, tumbler or wedge quilt out of her fabrics

    thanks for letting me hope

  12. Twiggy said

    as I always seem to make stuff and giveaway, I’d be greedy and keep all this loveliness for me. I’d make a ptachwork bag for the Summer and a cushion to keep on my bed, so I could wake up and see my 3 year old sleeping on it as he’d have crawled into our bed during the night the minx. Great giveaway thank you.
    Twiggy x

  13. Sara said

    I am amazed at the generosity of these giveaways. How are you able to part with such great fabric?! I would love to use this fabric for a zig zag quilt for my guest room. So pretty!

  14. Rachael said

    It’d be tempting to hoard it all… but I’m currently in love with We Wilsons’ fat quarter sling bag, because it would use an entire FQ. I”d make more of those. Thanks for being so generous!

  15. Renee said

    I am going to try the doll quilt with Sew mama and this fabric would be beautiful for it!!!My little one would appreciate it.

  16. Nichole said

    I would definitely make a quilt with it. I have been meaning to make a quilt with the Bento Box pattern with solid whites. These would look great in that.

  17. Christine said

    I would definitely like to make a bag with these beautiful fabrics. Not sure yet which pattern I’d use …. may have to purchase one.
    Thanks for a great giveway.

  18. Megan said

    I love your stash, the colours are so lovely. I am a beginner quilter and although I have been wanting to do a bearpaw quilt, I don’t know if the patterns wouln’t get lost on this fabric, so I might do embellished squares. Please add my name to your draw.

  19. barbara said

    now this is a giveaway! and i love that you’re making us write something. i would use the fabric to try an amy butler dress pattern for my niece. she was born premature so she’s so little for everything else, or it fits her waist but not her length, this way she could have something that fits just her! and i would try a few other things (lady bugs) from the same book!

  20. Kelly said

    I looooooooooooooove Amy Butler fabrics and her patterns too. If I was the lucky winner of your very generous giveaway I would use the fabric to make a disappearing nine patch quilt with large blocks so the gorgeous Amy fabric is displayed in all its glory! Thanks for sharing. πŸ™‚

  21. CassH said

    Very generous of you to give away something you love so much. If it makes you feel better I am sure whoever wins this giveaway will definitely put it to good use πŸ™‚

    I’m not very sure what I would make if I win but it’s definitely something patchwork-ish so I can use all of it together! Maybe a skirt or a top or a bag! Oooh, I’m liking the idea of the skirt!

  22. Beth said

    Beautiful choices…they make me think of spring on this snowy day. I am addicted to making scrappy purses so that is what I would do!

    Come on over and enter my giveaway, too!

  23. Ayama said

    Ohhh, I have never had Amy in my stash before Amy. I don’t think I have seen her in Singapore and wasn’t hooked before I moved here. Please put me in the running for your giveaway. How generous.

    Hmm what would I do with a small Amy stash other than stroke the fabrics?? I see features on aprons (why do I have them on the brain at the moment??) and in little people clothing. I have a feeling that they would tone in well with the quilt my mother made the museling. I have been wanting to spruce up the cushions that are still in the room. A runner for the top of her chest of drawers also seems like a good idea too…. So many ideas, so little time….

  24. tryingtraditional said

    I am wanting to make some dresses for my girls. They would be perfect pieces for an attached aprong, some have a vintage dishtowel look to them. Scraps are always good for confetti quilts πŸ™‚

  25. kerry said

    Oh my gosh! What georgeous fabric and such a generous giveaway! I already have a couple of Amy’s patterns so I’m all set and they would be so lovely for my daughter – she would be thrilled. I think one is called Belle, another Bliss. I’ll have to win first though. Thanks so much for the chance.

  26. Maranda said

    Count me in, it beautiful. As far as what I would do with it, I’m think a quilt, patchwork, I don’t really use patterns, but I’ll work something up.

  27. Wow – yummy fabric. I think it would have to be showcased in a bag or two…the prints are just so decorative!

  28. Trish said

    Beautiful fabric!! I’d make a couple of aprons and a throw pillow or two with these fabrics. My daughters are loving aprons right now and I am a closet throw pillow addict πŸ™‚

  29. Michelle said

    Living in north central Indiana can be challenging at this time of year – lots of sunless days and a ton of snow thanks to Lake Michigan. I have been wanting to make a mini version of a Hawaiian applique quilt and think your fabric stash will get me started. Working with these pretty, sunny fabrics will give me hope that warmer weather may be coming our way, albeit not for a few more months anyway. Thank you for being so very generous.

  30. Ariane said

    I love your fabrics. I would use them in a quilt or many quilts. I love to make scrap quilts using old patterns. I especially like using a diamond motif. Either the actual pieces are diamonds or all the pieces put together create diamonds. I just have a thing for diamonds. What girl doesn’t? Thanks for sharing.

  31. Eliane said

    Those are lovely fabrics! I love them.
    I’d use them to do a cosmetic bag, I don’t know yet…
    Please count me in.

    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  32. Donna said

    I would love to use these in a quilt for my niece who is graduating this May. I can’t believe it!! I think I would use a very simple strippy pattern – I’m a beginner so I can’t get too complicated yet. Amy Karol has a stripy lap quilt in her book “bend the rules sewing” that would be nice to adapt to a bigger size.

    Thanks for the giveaway. I have a crush on that Amy Butler. What a designer!

    – Donna

    One half of the team at kindred crafters:

  33. Jackie said

    These would look great in a new quilt top. Enter me!

  34. tara said

    I love that bird pattern. So cute. I’m thinking a French Country pattern for a quilt. I made one last year and really liked how it turned out. Thank you for the giveaway

  35. Andrea said

    The colours are so fresh and crisp! I love them! I’d make them into a “snapshots” quilt from the Happy Hour book…that way I could showcase the larger prints!

    thanks for sharing, please do stop by my blog as well!

  36. Lisa said

    Ooh, I think I would make a strippy bars quilt out of these! And I would even let you keep the selvedges! (*embarrassed face*- I don’t use mine, just toss them, but it does pain me a bit.)

  37. Lydia said

    Oh, WOW! I have never owned Amy Butler fabrics! Boy, would I be thrilled to win!!!

    I am new to sewing. If I won these beauties, I honestly hoard them for awhile! ha! Eventually, though, I would start with a patchwork pincushion (tutorial from Creative Kismet) and if enough is left over, I would love to make a patchwork cover for my machine!



  38. Rachel said

    I LOVE Amy Butler, but have never had the opportunity to have any, since it is quite expensive for a 16 year old! πŸ˜€ I agree, the pink with the flowers is gorgeous!!!! I would use some of it for a wallet, and probably some of it to make a wall hanging out of star blocks.

  39. Helen said

    *sigh* What a lovely generous giveaway! Beautiful fabrics, almost a crime to cut them up! LOL But if I did win, I’d be using then to make a cot quilt for a girlfriend due later this year. I have always had Chinese Coins on my list, this would be perfect!

  40. DianeH said

    Fantastic fabrics! I would use these to make the Grab Bags from the All People Quilt’s 2008 Challenge. I’ve made a couple for gifts already and just love them.Nice to “meet”you, I look forward to further checking out your blog. Thanks for putting my name in your draw.

  41. Sherri said

    Wow…I can’t believe you can bear to give those away!!! I would definitely make a fun wall-hanging–because they are truly works of art!

  42. Sarah said

    Mmmm, Amy butler!! I’m planning on making a zig zag quilt (like the one from Purl) for my parent’s cabin- this would be perfectly summery.

  43. Anita said

    Wow, how can you part with such beautiful fabric! I would definitely make a quilt with this beautiful fabric, probably something like the candy bar road quilt. Thanks!!

  44. Sardana said

    Greetings from Salzburg, Austria. I live in a town with only two fabric stores, and no one ever heard of Amy Butler, Alexander Henry etc., so you can imagine it’s pretty hard to stay fabric addicted. As for projects, I would love to create something sustainable, something what keeps me in minds of my grand and grandgrandchildren, like creative and crazy about crafts grandma.

  45. Katy said

    Right. Firstly. I need that fabric, because the one with birds on is calling to me, quite loudly in fact. Can you hear it? ‘katy katy’ that’s what it’s saying.

    Anyway. If I were to win I would make myself some padded slipper boot things if I could work out how to invent a pattern (seriously I would, I need them at the minute), and the rest would go into a quilt. Pattern as yet unknown, but it would join the few bits of Amy Butler I keep squirelling away.

    So pick me. Or else.

  46. krommama said

    this fabric would go into a quilt of course. what kind of quilt? i don’t know what! : )

  47. shean said

    I love the fabric I would be making from it an Amy Butler Charm Quilt and if any is left over a Dream Board based on Anna Maria Horner pattern in her book Seams to Me. I love your giveaway. Thank you


  48. Lisa S said

    I’m a new crafter and commenter..I am making fabric purses….I can’t be specific because right now I’m just getting my supplies in order..
    Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1

  49. Casey said

    beautiful fabrics! I would make some type of quilt, I need to make my girls some blankets. or maybe some pillows! I like making pillows

  50. Nancy said

    I wish I could put a little sticky goo on my coment to ensure that it would be picked! I’ve never even seen this fabric from Amy Butler! And the selvages are gorgeous. I can tell you what I would use those for- the baby blanket I’m making out of selvages. As for the rest of the fabrics I think a summer quilt or table cloth would be nice, maybe in the turning 20 pattern. Thanks for the incredible giveaway.

  51. Shelly said

    I would take those fabrics and cuddle them and be soooo happy. Then
    I would fold them nicely and just admire them. Then I would play with them by stacking them in different arrangements.

    Oh wait, what would I make with them? I would make a wall quilt so I could look at the beautiful flowers every day. I am not sure what pattern but it would have enough white in it to set off the beautiful colors. I just love Amy Butler’s sense of color.

    I love your blog, this is my first comment though.

  52. Carol said

    I would love to use the beautiful fabric in my altered art projects or to cover my art journals. I would love to play with the colors and embellish!

  53. Anya said

    Oh, what a wonderful giveaway. I would use them for a quilt for me, probably using a pattern similar to one of those I’ve seen on the Crazy Mom Quilts blog. And the selvages would be a bonus — for a tote bag that I have in mind…Thanks so much for the chance.

  54. sarah said

    very nice fabrics! they are just gorgeous. I’m going to make a mini tablecloth for my coffee tables and end tables. it will be my first time so i think i can do it! please enter me. thanks!

  55. esther said

    These fabrics would be great for the Joelle Haverson’s Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts. I have been looking for the perfect fabric to do the hand embroidered quilt which follows the patterns in the fabric and highlights them by hand stitching.

    Gorgeous gorgeous fabrics.

  56. Paloma said

    I think I would be making a quilt, very femenine one. bento box block maybe??
    this is my firts time visiting and I find your blog very inspiring. Lovely! Don’t forget to count me in, please.

  57. Kelly said

    these fabrics are so great – i would love to have a go at making something for my little girl to wear & have a skirt pattern i’d love to try out, so crossing my fingers x

  58. Sylvie said

    I think it would be perfect to make a bag for the springtime… The pattern??? I don’t know… I love the bowling form of bags and I think your very feminine fabrics would look just perfect with a bowling shape bag!
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  59. Heidi said

    GORGEOUS fabrics! I LOVE Amy, but sadly it is not sold around here.
    I would use this fabric to make a craft apron. I have a fabulous McCalls pattern that I would alter, and use the Amy for the upper bodice, pockets, and ruffle trim. It would make me smile to wear it.
    Even the smallest scraps would be saved to be used in doll clothing or small crazy quilt pieces.

  60. donna said

    I would add these beauties into a quilt I am working on, they would fit perfectly! Please enter me! Thanks for the chance to win!

  61. AlwaysInspired said

    I’d love to use these fabrics in a Celtic inspired lap quilt for my sister! She’d be over the moon with it! I’m just starting Celtic quilting and it is sooo fun!

  62. nanann said

    pretty pretty!

    As a quilter, I’d definitely have to say quilt. I think I would do a box in a box quilt using solid pink and thus highlighting the fabric. Ahhh, a girl can dream!

    thanks for doing such a great giveaway!

  63. Sam E. said

    Beautiful and special fabrics! I’m primarily a quilter, so I would definitely make a quilt — I’ve been wanting to do a pinwheel quilt for a while and I think I’d use them for that.

  64. Ginger said

    This is gorgeous fabric! I’d make an amy butler bag- the birdie sling comes to mind πŸ™‚

  65. Beth said

    Oh, I love amy butler, but as a mom with two kidoos I find it hard to pay for her stuff! I am always justifing not getting the lovelies. I would love to use these fabrics for a new diaper bag, I found a great tute online called’ hip mama diaper bag’ and these would look great iwth it! I am also just starting to leanr to quilt so I would love to try out making some doll quilts using a wonky log cabin. It would be great to give to my friends daughter as a gift before her new little sister comes. Thanks for the chance at your lovely stash!

  66. Lori Kay said

    I would definitely make a quilt. The fabric has so much interest I would let the fabric do the work for me. I’m thinking big blocks with white sashing.

  67. Connie H said

    I love these fabrics…they remind me of table linens my mother used to have. I lost my mom four years ago and I have been trying to collect things that remind me of her to put into a memorial quilt. These fabrics would be perfect! Please enter me.

  68. Vicki Genz said

    Fabulous fabrics! I absolutely love the birds. I would use them to make grocery bags from my own pattern. Any left overs would have to go into a quilt to mix w/my other Amy Butler fabrics. Not sure what pattern yet. I would have to let the fabrics all mingle and get to know each other before deciding on a pattern.

  69. Darci said

    I have been wanting to do a Wonky log cabin quilt and I think those fabrics would be gorgeous in it. I love all the pinks, I am a pink girl.

  70. Erin said

    These are all gorgeous! Thanks for the chance! These would definitely be for a new quilt!

  71. Tacha said

    Wow – great giveaway.

    I would definitely use it in a quilt. I am dying to have a go at doing a pinwheel quilt or spiders web quilt and I think these would look great. Maybe with a bit of ric rac thrown in too for good measure.

  72. Karin said

    Oooh. Pretty. I just found your blog through PamKittyMorning. It is lovely and what a treat to find a giveaway!
    I think that fabric would be perfect for patchworked summer cushions on the back porch. They just scream summer!
    Thanks for the chance to make something cute. πŸ™‚

  73. Victoria said

    I am drooling over this giveaway! I think I would use these in a patchwork skirt I have been wanting to make for my little girl! These would be so pretty together on her!

  74. Jenna Z said

    I would love to use this fabric in a quilt! I have been looking for a collection of fabrics with a big splashy print to use for the Summer Mystery Quilt from Helen of I think might do the trick!!

  75. Jackie said

    Amy, You really picked some winners! I love them, but then again I never have any problems with your fabric choices. They are always a thumbs up with me. I think that I might make a great bag or tote with them. That is what they are saying to me right at this moment. But then of course, when I have them in my hot little hands and begin the fondling they may say something different, like quilt. Did you notice I said “when I have them” LOL…..wishful thinking, I guess. Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. Karissa said

    I would LOVE these! I am primarily a quilter, so I would probably use them in a quilt top. My go-to pattern is Atkinson’s Yellow Brick Road, but these are such nice, large-scale patterns that maybe they’d be best as a square-in-a-square, surrounded by solids? I’d love to play around with them!

  77. Jana said

    After rolling around in it for awhile (which is what I do with all fabric), I would use it for a quilt. I think. I’ve wanted to do a Bento Box quilt, and I think these would be great mixed with some others I have.

  78. Gretchen said

    Yummy, yummy, yummy. I have amy’s birdie sling bag pattern waiting for some amy fabric, and i’m itching to do a crazy nine-patch quilt and these would be perfect to go with some other fabrics i have for it.

  79. Tiffany said

    Wow. How super generous of you!! I love selvage. πŸ™‚ Amy Butler is lovely but never gotten to have any of her fabric before, so it’d be an honor to win 10 pieces of her designs!

    I don’t quilt, so with all of that fabric, I’d probably make lots of different things… art journals, fabric jewelry (necklaces and bracelets), perhaps a patchwork skirt… πŸ™‚

    i hope i win this! thanks so much for the giveaway!


  80. Michelle said

    Wow, I’ve never seen any of these prints before! I’m thinking patchwork hobo bag, it would be really pretty with those colors!

  81. Amy said

    I LOVE these fabrics. I didn’t even know that these existed. I would use them as the basis for the Patchwork Throw from Amy Butler’s In Stitches. I’ve had my eye on that for a long time now and these would look so lovely!

  82. Dolores Sedore said

    I would love to do Amy’s Lotus Brick Path Quilt if I won the fabric. I have lusted after this quilt for a while but have not had time to go out and get Amy Butler fabric since here in Toronto it is not found in many stores. I think this pattern shows off her fabrics much nicer than some of the other patterns. Beautiful.
    Thank you, Dolores

  83. cathi said

    Those fabrics are so springlike!! I have plans for an apple blossom quilt — which will be made of fabrics that say spring to me using the apple core shape. These would fit the bill perfectly!!

  84. Ashley said

    How very, very generous! I’ve actually never seen that fabric in person, but I’ve always hoped to find some. It would certainly make my day to win! Here’s hoping! I’d look at it for a very long time, refold it, look at it some more, and then maybe I’d bring myself to cut it up to use in a quilt!

  85. Dawn said

    Such beautiful fabrics! Thanks for the chance to win…mmmm…I’ve been wanting to make a large block quilt…

  86. Mamaspark said

    Please enter my in your drawing. I think I would make a quilt. Something modern and improvisational. I love the stuff that Jacquie at Tallgrass Prairie studio makes so probably something along those lines. Ohhhh, it would be such fun to use for that!!!

  87. Stephanie said

    Oh for the love of Amy! How can you part with it? I would savor the selvedges and I’m thinking using them in a purse (ALL FOR ME, of course). The fabric would definitely go into a quilt, again for me, pattern…Ciopinno by Quilt Soup. I”ve been waiting for the perfect fabrics to make this pattern.

  88. margaret said

    Wow, so many comments! I rarely win anything but I’ll tell you what I’d make anyways. I just LOVE that free spirit birdie fabric. It’s so youthful and fun. Since I make over 25 quilts each year for Project Linus (donation quilts for children in a hospital), that is most likely where it would be used. I love gorgeous fabrics and would be ecstatic to have a new quilt in my home. But with all honesty, I don’t need a new quilt, and it makes the children feel happier to receive. So yes, I would love to win the fabric, but it would be unselfishly used for others in need.

  89. Purvika said

    Wow! Is all I can say that’s so generous! I have had the pattern for the amy butler giant daisy pillow for quite a while now and I think these would be just perfect! Any left over bits and I would use them for the zinnia pillow I have already made! Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway you must be a really special person!

  90. i’m in! love the fabrics

  91. summersadie said

    Oh my goodness I want to win this in the most terrible way! I’ve always drooled over amy butler fabrics, but haven’t ever gotten any yet. I have several quilts in the planning for this year, but I think they would be perfect to add some flair to the color wheel quilt I’m going to do.

  92. Carmen said

    Gorgeous! A couple projects spring to my mind when looking at the Fabric. I could easily see using it to create some doll quilts for my daughter and her friends, or, I have a great bag pattern from Craft Apple I think these could work splendid with! If I win the fabric, I will be sure to let you know when I have created something with it so you can take a peek πŸ™‚

  93. Doris said

    I’m planning a quilt to honor my grandma who passed away just before Thanksgiving. She was a grand gardener. I want to make a floral garden quilt to honor her and remember her garden…these will be just perfect!!!!

  94. Annette said

    Such awesome fabric. How can you ever let it go? I am in the planning/thinking stage to make quilts for my two grown daughters. I know they would love these fabrics and so it would perfect to use in each of their quilts as an inspiration starting point. Then I could add onto it from there.

  95. Sally said

    Thank you for participating, the fabrics are lovely. I am new to quilting so would not attempt anything too ambitious – I think these fabrics would lend themselves well to pinwheels, don’t you? That’s what I would plan to do with them.

  96. Bunny said

    Oh, wow. That fabric is gorgeous! My plans for it would either include making a cute purse or a couple of doll quilts. πŸ™‚

  97. Jennifer said

    I would use these in a quilt for my friend Holly’s baby Emmelia, arriving in April. I loved making a version of Fiesta (American Patchwork And Quilting 10/2008 – see link) using celestial-themed prints for my mom, so I might make another one using the Amy Butler prints for the big squares, and raid my stash for the little squares in coordinating solids.

  98. I would probably make a modern baby quilt ala denyse schmidt, or some improvisational style. Thanks for entering me.

  99. danielle said

    Oh! How cute is that bird print! These would definitly go into my great niece GaΓ―a’s quilt. Thanks for sharing. Danielle

  100. Leah said

    WOW – what gorgeous fabrics. If I’m not too late pleas eenter me in your giveaway.

    I’m fairly new to patchwork and quilting so am not yet very familiar with many patterns, but I think I’d use them in quite big blocks so that the patterns can be seen, and mix with some white so that they stand out, and make a quilt for my mum’s bed as she’s just moved into a new house.

    Leah x

  101. Karen O said

    Beautiful fabrics – so generous! I am planning a quilt using the MixTape pattern – my colour scheme is pink, green and yellow so the Amy Butler would be a perfect compliment to the mix of new and vintage fabrics I already have.

  102. sew funky said

    Ohhhh, I’ve never had amy before… πŸ™‚ I’d be sure to put it in a quilt or some pencil wraps or… I don’t really know – something really really special!! Possibly the quilt for my daughter’s 13th birthday, a really special one because she’s leaving childhood and becoming a teen!

    Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for 7 fat quarters:

  103. sarah said

    these are soooo so pretty. I can’t wait to win them!! πŸ™‚

  104. Jaimie said

    what beautiful fabrics! I’m new to quilting, but I think these would be perfect to make a simple quilt for my mom – she loves florals and bright colors. Thank you for your generosity!

  105. mariajhmom said

    I love it. I’d probably pull out “Livin Large”, my new Anka’s Treasures book and make one of Heather’s patterns.

  106. Jane said

    Oh my look at all your wonderful comments! Who would not want this beautiful fabric. i have been into making table toppers, and this with some white would be so pretty for the spring. thank you for the chance.

  107. Cheri said

    The fabrics are just lovely! I’m thinking that the would be gorgeous made up as Sudoko quilts…I have several granddaughters who would just love them!!


  108. Debbie said

    I would love to win Amy’s fabrics. I would possibly make a bag from one of her patterns then with the left over fabric maybe a lap quilt. So many possibilities.

  109. domoshar said

    It will be a quilt! They are so lovely… and maybe a patchwork strip to cheer a summer tote…I do not use patterns usually I have used 4-5 times when I started quilting and changed something on each of them… So I will leave the fabric and my mood dictate it all :).

  110. I love the patterns. I would probably use a take 20 pattern and use them in large pieces so thathte patterns were still visible.

  111. lo said

    these are such gorgeous patterns – i would use the material with the roses with the light blue background to make a summer skirt. The bird material would be perfect for a little clutch.

  112. Lesley said

    I’ve just found you via Katy’s blog. I would love to be included in your giveaway please – your fabrics are beautiful!

    I’m really enjoying meeting lots of new (to me) bloggers πŸ™‚


  113. MichelleB said

    Lovely fabric collection. I would, of course, put it in a quilt. And I would use the Cioppino quilt pattern. I’ve been dying to make that pattern, but have not figured out what fabric to use for it. I think this would look great in the pattern. And I might (maybe) have some other Amy fabrics I could use with it.

  114. Prue said

    Wow, Amy Butler. I don’t have any of her stuff either. I would use it to make a baby blanket for a friend who just had a baby girl. Log cabin maybe?? I would have to figure it out when I saw just how beautiful each is

  115. Aimee said

    What an amazing giveaway! So many ideas come to mind. A quilt, but i’m not sure what pattern I’d use. Or some reversable bags, or maybe even skirts for my 3 girls. Thank you!

  116. andi said

    Oh my!!! How generous.
    Pick me, please!!!
    Andi πŸ™‚

  117. I love to sew little girls clothing and there is a charity called Do1Thing on Feb 14th.. I would make an amazing little outfit and donate it πŸ™‚ These are such beautiful fabrics and you are very sweet for participating in this giveaway πŸ™‚

  118. andi said

    OOps, didn’t read the instructions properly.
    I would make a quilt, of course. Probably a kaleidoscope design because it’s one of my faves.
    I think a clean white for the background and all these delicious fabrics in the fore.
    Really hope I win.
    Andi πŸ™‚

  119. Lorre said

    It needs a Kaffe quilt out of one of my books, or maybe a couple of fun totes for myself and my quilting buddies.

  120. Karen B said

    Awesome fabrics. I would totally liven up my bill-paying area with new cushions and pillows, wallhanging and maybe cover folders and storage boxes….can you tell I have been thinking of organizing ? I’ve never had any Amy Butler but always wanted some! Thanks for the chance.

  121. jenny said

    I don’t have any amy butler fabrics.. These are so nice and I can see myself making a quilt for one of my 3 girls with some of these. I dabble in sewing– makin dollies ad monsters and curtains, even clothing, but I have yet to make a quilt, and I’m ITCHING to make one. I’m still gathering ideas for patterns, but I like the scrappy log cabins and the brick path ones.

    I hope I get lucky with some of these giveaways– Thanks for your generousity! :o)

  122. Sarah said

    Wow! You are really generous, and so much less selfish than I think I would be, but some lucky person will be thanking you. I would make a quilt…maybe the happy hour pattern I’ve been thinking about…or else tote bags for me and my sisters. Thanks for your blog and your giveaway.

  123. Terry said

    I would make my newly married daughter a quilt for her guest bedroom – then I could enjoy it, too!!!! And I love any of the patterns from Blue Underground Quilts!!!

  124. Fabricpile said

    Oooooooo! Trick question! Trick question!!

    Who could actually use up classic Amy Butler? It must be wrapped carefully in archival tissue paper, locked in a vault and brought out periodically to be admired, fondled, dreamed about and then hoarded and kept forever! πŸ˜‰

  125. Debra Abel said

    I want to make a Donna Downey fabric Journal and she has used Amy Butler fabric!! Please draw my name! Pretty please!

  126. I would love to make a darling Portobellopixie dress for my daughter, or a fun purse for me!

  127. I won’t lie to you: I will most likely sit and admire it for a long time, then eventually get the nerve up to cut into it after much procrastinating and dithering. Then it would most likely become part of a bag, or part of a top for my daughter. Part of a quilt was actually my first thought, but I still haven’t conquered my fears of quilting…

  128. Kerry said

    OH – I know exactly what I would do with this gorgeous fabric! I would make a quilt for my dd to take away with her to school in the fall. I have been wanting to make a quilt, likely just a nine patch or something simple so the fabrics can shine, and make chenille strips to sew between the blocks. Wouldn’t that be cute?

    So please put my name in the hat! Thank you!

  129. Heather W. said

    Please enter me! I would use it for a quilt or a dress for one or both of my tiny girls.

  130. chiara said

    That would be amazing to be chosen!! Yours is a true gift. These fabrics are incredibly beautiful!

    Chiara from Italy

  131. amanda said

    count me in for the giveaway!

  132. Emma said

    Oh my goodness, what treasures! I would love to be entered please. I plan to start quilting and sewing much more this year – i’d particularly like to start to make clothes for my little girls. Many thanks, Emma

  133. belinda said

    My Oh My…what wonderful fabrics Amy!! Well..I’ve kinda had my eye on a quilt called ‘Stars in Motion’ in the Scrap Quilts Fast and Fun from Leisure Arts…maybe fussy cut the center squares….but, then again..maybe I would just want to keep it whole and just ‘look at it’.!!!….or….I could make the quilt and with the scraps and leftovers I could make some of those cute ‘penny pockets’….yeah….that’s what I’ll do.

  134. Carrie said

    Hi, what a great stash! I would probably make some bags, like tote bags, with this fabric. And I like making little things, too, so none of it would go to waste. I’d make little coasters and change purses and stuffies…anything and everything. I like to try a little of everything. I don’t really quilt, although I have made a couple, but I like being more chaotic and unplanned.

  135. This is a beautiful, generous giveaway. I have Amy Butler’s Weekender bag pattern squirreled away, and I think these fabrics might just push me over into finally making it!

  136. Leah said

    Ohhh, lovely material. I’d make a new handbag – probably Amy’s Frenchy bag… and surely there’s be enough left for a dolls quilt πŸ™‚

  137. Danit said

    Lovely fabrics, they all looks great, please count me in.

  138. bubblan222 said

    I just love Amy Butler’s fabrics! How great of you to share these with us πŸ™‚ I’m into making bags of all different types at the moment, many of them Amy Butler’s patterns actually ;-), so the fabrics would absolutly go into that. Let’s just say that my friends would be very envious of me… πŸ˜€

  139. sfer said

    Oh god…
    I’ve been craving for Amy Butler fabrics since FOREVER since I started sewing (not so long ago), but it’s so expensive with shipping and everything from the US and I can’t find them over here…

    Oh please, please… I want to win this one!!
    Honestly… I wouldn’t know what to do with them just now… I would ADORE them! Later, maybe I would make a whole bunch of pillows and put them all together and NOT DARE sit on them. They are so beautiful!!

    Thanks again!!

  140. frances said

    ohh.. they are great. I would make bloomers for my goddaugter who is one month old and some dresses!

  141. Brittani said

    Such gorgeous fabric! I am a very beginner sewer so I’d either use it for a very simple quilt pattern or a fun bag (with help of course!). Thanks!

  142. Brooke said

    I have several Amy Butler bag patterns that would love to be made this fabric! Thanks!

  143. Esther said

    I can see why you would find it hard to get rid of. Please enter me in your draw. I’m not sure what I’d use it for but perhaps a bag or quilt for one of my female relatives.

  144. Deborah said

    I would use this fabric in a lovely skirt or apron…I could even see making pillowcases out them!

    Deborah @ Comfort Joy Designs

  145. Nancy said

    I think I would use some of this lovely fabric to make dinner napkins. We are trying to be more and more “green” around our house. Thanks for the very generous giveaway of these beautiful fabrics!

  146. Wow — what a great giveaway! I think I’d make a patchwork bag — simple big blocks to showcase the pretty fabrics.

  147. Robyn Kirk. New Zealand said

    Dear Mrs Schmenkman ( note how polite I am). NOT THE AMY fabrics. I can hear your sobbing from here in New Zealand. Soooo brave. I have a GG due in April yeh! and I would cut the fat quarters into circles, edge with your rick- rack idea, attach to squares and make a large crib quilt. These fabrics deserve to be seen in larger shapes. I would try to retain enough of the stripes to bind the quilt. How gorgeous would that look.?
    New Zealand

  148. Susan said

    I love Amy Butler fabrics! These would make a beautiful quilt for my granddaughters new toddler bed! Maybe a disappearing nine patch pattern?

  149. Meg said

    I’m not a quilter, so these fabrics would go into a patchwork dress for my friend’s little girl!

  150. Anni Winings said

    If I were the one to get these fabrics, I’d probably use most of it to make a cute quilt for my little girl I have on the way – it was tradition in my family for my mother to make a new quilt before the baby was born, and I want to do the same thing. I’m not sure what kind of pattern I would use, but I found a really cute one online with the ‘Sunbonnet Sue’ character that I would like to try, with similar color scheme, but different materials. Thanks!

  151. Lisa M said

    I would love this fabric to make aprons for my nieces…from a pattern for little retro aprons I won awhile back.

  152. Lisa said

    Those are beautiful fabrics! I can think of more then just a couple of things I could do with them! Thanks for the chance.

  153. Bloom said

    Oooh, now this stash is very special! I understand that you’re finding them hard to give away! Beautiful fabrics. I would be tempted to use them in a quilt designed to make the most of the large prints. Like this one:

  154. Marilyn said

    I’m in love with these–the colors are so pretty! I recently bought an Amy Butler bag pattern that would be perfect for these. Please add my name for a chance in your drawing…thanks very much!

  155. jmbmommy said

    Faint…faint…those are such pretty fabrics. They should probably come and visit my house. You have great taste…have I said that before? Yes you do!

  156. Janet said

    That fabric is gorgeous! I would either make a quilt or put in picture frames for decoration.

  157. Janine Hamnett said

    Amys designs are so pure and fresh, I feel they would look great cut into large triangles to show off the boldness of her designs and I would incorporate her stripe fabric into a boarder of triangles mixed with a plain solid Looking at such beautiful colours makes our hot summer more bearable.

  158. Selina said

    I don’t know!! I think I would sit and look at them for awhile, then move them around, rearrange them. Touch them. LOL. Then I’d like to make a quilt for me out of them. Probably just big squares, free motion quilted so I don’t lose the prints. They are gorgeous!

  159. Tamara said

    How I love Amy Butler….I have become a bit of a stalker since meeting her in Melbourne Last Year….You are sooooo generous, I feel a bit tight now on my giveaway:( I so want to make a hexagon quilt and if I win this stash I will definitely give it a shot…fear recently got the better of me and I started crocheting hexagons instead…I love the girliness of these fabrics, as a mum of 4 boys – a quilt just for me would be in order! Tam xo

  160. Jeanine said

    Ooohhh! I would love this material to replenish my Amy Butler stash. I used most of my stash to make a quilt for my sister 2 1/2 years ago to celebrate the end of cancer treatments. I would love to make one for myself. I used a pattern I believe was made for this line, or the Ginger Bliss, off the Free Spirit website. And the good news is my sister is still around to enjoy hers!!!

  161. diane said

    OH WOW! Mrs. S! lovely! and you’re killing me with those selvedges because my daughter is collecting them and I’ve been trying to send them to her as fast as I can! And temple flowers???? I’m embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of that line!!??? and believe me I ‘follow’ Amy… I will make a Heather M. Peterson quilt with those. The pattern is in her new book, Livin’ Large…Thanks!!!

  162. Trisha said

    Those fabrics are gorgeous! I would definately make Nanette’s purse pattern from Frieda’s Hive.

  163. Adele said

    Hello, what a fabulous giveaway! I would use this fabric using the ‘Memories of Japan’ quilt pattern from Ballarat Patchwork, ( I will use the fabric I win combined with white cotton. It will be very fresh and summery and gorgeous! I will be giving this quilt to my beautiful sister, who after 10 years of trying, had a baby boy recently. wish me luck. πŸ™‚

  164. Tina said

    I could see making some cute little drawstring bags for my daughters for easter, with some of these fabrics ( i have 3 daughters ages 11,9 & 5) I would LOVE to make some sort of quilt or something of that sort from this selection, but I’ve never made one before…

  165. sugarbug said

    When I saw these fabrics, it nearly took my breath away! I would definitely be making some new spring bags with matching wallets, and maybe some new pillows for the living room. Thanks for your generosity!

  166. Nichole said

    How generous to give away Amy Butler! I love it and I would probably make a bag to tote my kids stuff around in (to church. etc…) It is cold here in Alaska and we could use some bright colors!

  167. Kim R. said

    Please enter me in your great giveaway – I would love to make a beautiful bag and quilt for myself! Thank you, Kim

  168. Okay, I liked Michelle from north central Indiana’s idea so much about the mini Hawaiian applique quilt that I would copy her, especially with the beautiful deep pink in your second photo and work in the birdies along the outer border. It’s so pretty in my head that I want to start on it right now :-).

  169. I can’t believe you are going to part with Amy Butler fabrics! Gosh… I would cry as I handed the postman my outgoing mail…

    Anywho, I would make a pincushion, use some in a quilt (I make my own patterns), and hoard the rest until I found another project and deemed it “worthy”. πŸ˜‰

  170. susan said

    i would use the fabrics for a quilt using the pattern snapshots from the book happy would showcase the fabrics nicely, and look fabulous on my couch!
    thanks for letting go of these yummy fabrics

  171. Erica said

    oh gee… this is beautiful. i would put this in a girlie quilt for my little girlie. the pattern… well, i don’t konw yet. but i would definitely use it!

  172. Baba said

    OMG Amy Butler fabrics! Please add my name in the hat! I would die for these.

  173. Ooooh my! you are so generous!!! I would most definitely make a quilt – I usually draft my own block thou so no pattern to be named. Thank you for sharing πŸ™‚

  174. Lynda Taylor said

    Wow! Such pretty fabric to giveaway.
    Thanks for being so generous.
    I would love the fabric as it is perfect for a bag for my daughter who’s birthday is coming up soon.
    I love to sew bags and these are perfect fabrics.
    Lynda – Australia

  175. Marlene said

    Wonderful fabric…I would first add it to my stash, to get aquainted with the “neighborhood” friends, then I would create a new group, a clique sort of, and this new group would do everything together as they will be joined as one in a new project. As for a specific pattern, I can not say at this time, it all depends on their mood or mine.

  176. isabel f. said

    Hi!!those are really lovely fabrics πŸ˜€
    count me in, please!!
    Will surely make some beautiful pillows!
    why d’ont you go see my pillows? : DD
    hugs from Portugal

  177. Ginny Worden said

    I love Amy Butler, and vintage Amy Butler is my favorite. I made my youngest son’s sweetie a quilt for Christmas of Kaffe Fasset fabrics, it was very hard to give away, so maybe I could make myself an Amy Butler quilt? Hmmm, the wheels are spinning………

  178. jill burgoyne said

    I would love to win and would make a quilt with the Kaffe F pattern I found last night in his Colourful Journey book – what else does one do each night but read patterns and dream of all the beautiful quilts I am yet to make – one day when I have finished all my UFOs and I have “time” – that precious, precious thing to make them all. I would make it for my gorgeous 16 year old who is sooo beautiful!

    The fabric is Soooo gorgeous – I recognise one of the fabrics – I have it in my stash – somewhere!!!!

    Thanks for offering this!

  179. I am thinking Beautiful Pillows !!! Please enter me….m.

  180. Melissa said

    What pretty fabrics! You are so generous.

  181. Janet said

    I would love to make pillows out of several different combinations of those gorgeous prints. I would then hand quilt around those beautiful designs to create a very special look. They would be so pretty on the wicker chairs in my sun room!

  182. Jacqui said

    Ohhh who can resist Amy Butler! I’d use it in a quilt – my very first! I’ve been talking about doing a quilt for ages now, like _years_ and I’ve finally got to the point where I’m about the take the plunge. Not for a couple more months though, it’s too hot down here to contemplate having anything warm anywhere near me!

  183. Stefanie said

    These fabrics are inspiring! I have just bought some vintage transfers from Aunt Martha to embroider for quilt squares – they would be perfectly matched with large squares of these fabrics for a quilt for a very girly niece I love! Thank you so much for offering this!

  184. xoeskie said

    I’m having so much fun blog-hopping and making friends this year.

    I’d make totes, an apron, journal covers, and whatever is left little wristlets or coin bags.

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway! I hope I’m chosen as the lucky winner!!!

  185. Oh ~ I’d so like to win these fabulous beauties!
    I think I’d combine them with some Amy Butler solids and do some graphic flower appliques on a full sized quilt ~
    thank you for offering them!

  186. Belinda WEIR said

    Hi I too love Amy Butler and would love to have achance at winning!! You are very generous!

  187. Rachal said

    Wow how generous you are being with the gorgeous amy butler!!
    i just got a olfa circle cutter and would love to make my first quilt with some overlapping circles from this fab fabric. thanks rachal
    ps pick me!

  188. Sue Cahill said

    I think those fabrics would be lovely used in a Robbing Peter to Pay Paul quilt for my Mom.

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

  189. Jackie said

    I’d love to make a quilt for one of my neices with your fabric. Jelly Donuts would be a good one as would Bento Box. Love to be entered!

  190. Simply joyous….strips of about 4″ width and varying lengths, finished with Perle 8 quilting lines – hand quilted -to show off the fabric…for our bed. Left overs to make cute little babushka dolls for Christmas gifts. Ahhh.. to dream

  191. Honestly, I’m not sure what I would make. I have only had one piece of Amy Butler fabric before so I would probably just have to use it for eye candy for awhile. I don’t know how your parting with it!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  192. Alana said

    All of those beautiful patterns are making me want to make a patchwork pillow or two out of them. I love all the pinks especially, so maybe a pink patchwork pillow? Oh the possibilities!

  193. Joyce said

    I would make a quilt for my dear friend who is always doing things for me. Those fabrics are beautiful!

  194. I’ve not had any Amy butler fabric, but I have seen such lovely things done with it. I have a pattern from a book “Quilting with my sister” that is a quilt with dresses appliqued called pretty dresses.I think it would be perfect. thanks for sharing

  195. Sue said

    These fabrics are just gorgeous and I cant believe I have never seen them before!! I have only recently entered the world of quilting fabrics though.
    My project for this collection would be handbags (from a variety of patterns), so I could look at them everyday as well as have a chance to show them off to everyone I see πŸ™‚

  196. Ellen said

    What a generous give away! I would be making a quilt for my little girl, any extra would likely go for clothes for her as well. I love Camille Roskelly’s quilt designs and portobello pixie’s clothing for girls. Here’s hoping!

  197. Lisa said

    I would love to be entered to win. Thank you! πŸ™‚ I would make myself a quilt with it. I love her fabrics. I have made everyone else a quilt but me. LOL! As for what pattern I don’t know yet I would have to look at the fabrics and get inspired. I would most likely make up my own design. I am also having a giveaway that is part of the OWOH giveaway and would love for you to stop by and enter. πŸ™‚

  198. Something very girly, for my niece. A quilt with dresses made out of the florals. I don’t have anything like this in my stash so it would really round me out…oops, I’m already round. But i really would love to win.

  199. Lesley said

    If I win I would make a runner and edge or embellish pillowcases too. My cat sleeps on the end of the bed and he needs a lovely runner to sleep on.

  200. Anita said

    I have a few of those fabrics in my stash. I can’t believe you are willing to part with them! I think one of Kaffe’s books has a Lemoyne Star type of quilt with that plaid floral as the background. All I remember is that it was stunning. Lucky, lucky recipient! (Please don’t enter me in the drawing as I have enough fabric already. I’m just drooling over my computer screen for a minute is all. πŸ˜€ )

  201. Dianna said

    Oh my goodness – how can you bear to part with these gorgeous fabrics???
    I have been lusting after the Amy Butler “Little Stitches for Little Ones” book and I were to be lucky enough to win your stash, I would just have to treat myself to it in order to do the fabric justice! I would sit and look over the book while stoking the fabric before deciding what to make!

  202. meee meeemmmeeee i want some

  203. michelle said

    Oh, how I would love these!

  204. annieb said

    oooh, not sure if I am too late…if I was lucky enough to win these I would make quilts for my two daughters, not sure what pattern, but I would have fun looking for one to show it off best

  205. This contest is like a gold mine to someone like me, who has been interested in sewing/quilting for about forever, but is just now beginning to buy fabric and tools and think about what to do. My niece just turned one, and part of the drive to learn to sew is so I can make adorable dresses and pants and shirts and at the very least, a quilt that she can have forever and ever, made by an aunt who adores her. So I’d love to use some fabrics in anything for her! And I will definitely be back to read, as I’m adding a ton of blogs to my feeds as I go through the list of participants!

  206. Love your bundle of AB fabric. I live in the Netherlands and there are only a few AB fabrics for sale here.
    I would make hourglass pillows from the AB pattern, a fabric necklace (AB pattern) and I have a AB pattern for a siloutte butterfly and would love to make it.

  207. jbnelly said

    I think these fabrics would be perfect for a large sunny beach bag. Thankyou for your generosity.

  208. summernightsmiles said

    Wow, that’s a great giveaway. As I haven’t yet done a quilt, I would possibly choose my favourites of those fabrics and put them aside for when I have the confidence to use them in a quilt. (I love, for example, Amy Butler’s free Mid Mod Quilt Pattern)
    Some of the fabrics I would use for smaller projects.
    Those, that come to my mind when I look at your fabrics:
    – Nine-Patch Door Stop by oh fransson
    – Hobo Bag my jcaroline
    – Passport Protector by A Spoonful of Sugar

    You see, I’ve already got my head full of ideas… πŸ˜‰

  209. Kathie said

    I am on an apron kick at the moment, so if I win, that’s what the lovely fabric would be transformed into. One for me, one for my mother, one for each of my 5 step daughters, one for my sister. Oh my, it looks like I’ll need more than just the fat quarters I hope to win!!!
    Kathie from Allentown

  210. Paula Munter said

    I enjoy your photographs of your many quilts. I enjoy lots of color and you seem to as well. It is very inviting! I’m not much of a quilter, myself. I do sew, but mainly clothes and home furnishings (curtains, dust ruffles, etc.). Two of my friends have 1 year olds that I have been enjoying dressing. I think that fabric would make a lovely pair of dresses for spring (possibly their Easter dresses if their Mother’s approve). I have fun mixing different fabrics in the same color palette for the botice, sash and ruffles. Or even making a strip pieced bit for the skirt! I enjoy the creative process. You almost have me convinced I should attempt a quilt…almost.

    Have a wonderful weekend and thank you for the opportunity to dream of creations with this lovely grouping of fabrics.

  211. anna said

    Lovely fabrics.

    Please enter me in the drawing.

    I would make the Belle Epoque quilt to show off the large prints.
    These would look great in the en point diamonds.

    Thank you.

  212. My first thought would be to make a quilt. On second thought though, I think they would make very pretty stuffed birdies πŸ™‚

  213. samantha said

    Goodness, today was a good day to catch up on 4 months of blog reading! (unless I am too late already?) What would I do with these fabrics? Hmmm, after stroking and petting the excessively, I would make them into some sort of stunning quilt top that shows of the birdy…

  214. Barbara said

    Oh goodness! These fabics are gorgeous. A tiered, patchwork skirt for my girl I think. I’ve promised her I’ll make her a couple of summer skirts this year as she’s not a standard size according to what’s in the shops. This would make a great start.

  215. amy said

    Hi Amy, I found your link though the Amy Blogs. πŸ™‚ Thank you for being willing to share your fabric! I am actually looking for beautiful fabrics like these to make aprons. I am working on raising money to go down to Guatemala in August to do a week of service in the Polochic Region through an organization called Choice. Living here in LA and just trying to making it, I will have to fund raise to afford this opportunity. One of the ideas I had was to make beautiful aprons with fabrics like these and sell them with the money going as donations for this amazing humanitarian project. If I was able to secure beautiful donated fabrics like these, it would really be a great blessing with the vision I have. I have been sewing most my life and at least 15 aprons in the last year. I have great connections to make this project a success. Thank you for your consideration.

  216. Jessy Roos said

    These fabrics are gorgeous! I only started sewing back in the summer, so this fabric is before my introduction to this addicting world. If I were lucky enough to win, I would definately put them into a quilt. I’ve been eyeing a spider web design I’ve seen on a few blogs, and I’ve even made up the templates and paper pieces I need, I just haven’t found the right fabric yet. This would be perfect! Thanks for beign so generous and parting with such beautiful fabric.

  217. Jean said

    I know that I’m too late to enter… which is fine… sigh!!! But I did just want to tell you that the pieces your giving away are just beautiful! How ever can you let them go!?! So nice of you to share like that!
    Have fun!

  218. Becky said

    I simply love them all. I have a dresden plate pattern bag that it just perfect for these. Thanks so mcuh for doing this.

  219. Shelley C said

    Some of these larger prints work so well in a turning 20 quilt. I think that’s how I’d use them to make a baby quilt for future grandbabies that will be coming. Or fence rails. My daughter was stealing all my FQs making tissue holders, but they didn’t sell well at the last craft fair and she lost interest…too bad since that was the first of my 3 girls to show an interest in fabric and sewing…. bummer.

  220. Peta said

    Wow, what a lovely giveaway! Thanks for parting with such beautiful fabrics!!
    If I was lucky enough to win I would make a quilt, using the “Avalon’ pattern from the Material Obsession book. It’s a simple quilt but I would have trouble cutting up those beautiful large prints into anything smaller!

    Hope you are lucky enough to win something from the other giveaways!

  221. Becky Grayson said

    Oh as soon as I saw the fabrics I knew what I would want to make. I have a pattern (from Amy) for laptop covers and MP3 player cases and this fabric is perfect! I have several girlfriends who are auditors and they carry their laptops every where and having a cover made from this fabric would be so wonderful.

    Please enter me into your wonderful giveaway. Thanks so much!

    dbkagrayson2002 [at] gmail [dot] com

  222. Mary Jo said

    I would love to have more Amy Butler older fabrics to go with the ones I have been able to find on ebay. I’m using them with Kaffe fabrics to make a quilt of large squares with sashing. Large squares of the Amy and Kaffe fabrics are so beautiful together.

  223. Sarah N. said

    Great fabric!

    If I won I think I would finally attempt to make some sort of bag. The fabrics look so nice and springy – help me forget how cold it is outside.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  224. Sandy said

    What beautiful fabrics!
    I would do a bag for sure, to show off those gorgeous motifs! Then I would use them on a lap quilt with log cabin blocks in plain colors and this motifs as center, they would be lovely ! I would also use them for making pillowcases, again combining them with plain fabric. And as I love them so much I would also make an apron to have them also in my kitchen, did I said I love them?
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!


  225. jan richards said

    I would love to win this fabric to use to make outfits for my two youngest
    grandgirls. Love the colors, designs….everything about them. Will use
    the Portabello Pixie patterns I bought from Sandi Henderson’s new designs.
    The girls will be 3 and 4 in June….perfect timing!! Thanks.

  226. artisania said

    Oh wow, GORGEOUS!! I have no idea what time 9:41pm PST is on the east coast, but I have to try! Can you say *drool* ?!?

  227. Tiffany said

    I’m drooling over that stripe….trying to search for some still available for sale – HA!, right. Oh well, I’ll just include the one yo-yo I have made from it in my DQS7.

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