So, while I await the plumber…

…let’s announce the winner of the Amy Butler fat quarters (certainly more interesting than actually waiting for the plumber, I’ll let the dogs do that):


Comment number 220…let’s see who that is, shall we?

If I’ve counted correctly, comment 220 was left by Peta in Australia!

Yea!! Do a happy dance for us, won’t you?!

Peta, I’ll be in contact to confirm your address.

I enjoyed reading about your plans and visions for the fabric–you even made me have some visions myself!

Thank you all for visiting! It was certainly a good time going out and about to visit new-to-me blogs. Don’t be a stranger…I hope you’ll be back to visit! Looks like Katy may organize us again, so keep a look-out. You know, as if you had a pool of water forming in your basement and were awaiting the plumber…only more fun and without having to write a lumpy check in the end…



  1. Stephanie said

    Congratulations to Peta!

    I hope you don’t keep your fabric in the basement!

  2. Bloom said

    Congratulations Peta – go the Aussie girls! And thank you so much Amy for a wonderful & very generous giveaway.

  3. Bloom said

    Congratulations Peta – go the Aussie girls! And thank you so much Amy for such a wonderful & generous giveaway.

  4. Jan said

    😦 Hate situations like that. We’ve had our share…thankfully, not in the new place. (Though I don’t want to jinx it…*knock wood*.)
    Hope it doesn’t do too much damage to your checkbook.

  5. Peta said

    Oh Amy!! Thank-you so much! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw my name on your blog! I’m doing a dance around the lounge-room and the kids think I’ve gone mad!!

    Thanks for hosting such a lovely giveaway. Truly generous!

  6. Sarah said

    Hey Peta, cogratulations! If you do make our Avalon quilt, we would LOVE to see, make sure and send us a pic!! Sarah at MO

  7. Congrats to Peta!

  8. Helen said

    Congrats Peta!! I was soooooo hoping to win this one! Next year hey?

  9. belinda said

    Yeah for Peta…..ooouu, I no ‘likey’ when the plumber has to come!

  10. Jackie said

    Are you sure you counted right…LOL! Hope the check didn’t weigh too much! Congrats to Peta.

  11. I am a previous winner of one of your very generous giveaways and just this past weekend worked with the beautiful fabrics you sent. Here’s the story:

    Again, Amy, my thanks for helping me to branch out into the kind of quilting I admire so much but have always lacked the courage to attempt!

    Nancy, Near Philadelphia

  12. Jean said

    So, are you still waiting for that plumber??? I hope that you’ve got a good bailing bucket… cause that is one heck of a wait! LoL…. hopefully your not swimming and that everything is alright! We miss you when we don’t hear from you regular!

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