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Gosh, you know you’ve been away for a while when WordPress logs you out. Howdy to you too! I went straight from time constraint to winter break without taking a breath. Excuse me, mid-winter break is the correct term. Because they already had winter break. We’ve been filling the MID-winter break with braces adjusting, hair cutting, new loopy potholder making (replacing the ones I made, ahem, a few, ahem, years ago…which were nothing short of a health code violation), friends and a touch of Orla Kiely-ing. I couldn’t show up here without having been properly Orla Kiely-ed.



I believe I showed great restraint…partially brought on by most of the stuff having been wiped out before I got there. No cute tiered serving thingy for me.

OH, and some mailbox excitement from Annie B and the Fat Quarter Swap:


Aren’t the fabrics wonderful?! Look at the pretty pin box!  ::sigh:: Prettiest pin box on the block, bar none! Speaking of bars, there was also a bar of chocolate…


I have nothing to say. Other than it was the most delicious bar of chocolate…

Wanna hear something extra nice? Annie shared her only piece of Liberty fabric. First of all, how nice is that? Second, she needs to hang around with Katy a little more. 🙂 I love the fabrics! Thank you, Annie!

A little more mailbox joy:


Yea, Good Folk fat quarters!

I also got my paws on Heather Ross’s Weekend Sewing book. It is quite lovely!


I’m not sure how many of the projects I will sew, but it is lovely to look at. The white featherweight made me think of Anita and her little beauty.

While at Borders picking up Weekend Sewing (cleverly hidden from the sewers in the knitting section…), I saw, in the flesh, copies of Material Obsession! Can’t wait for book two!

I quilted and quilted and quilted early last week. Took a break by standing up for three days straight. And I’ve been doing some 12 1/2″ block sewing for various things, including the Bushfire Quilt Project. Here are some stars:


I’m also planning to get some bindings ready to send along. I also did a little Project Improv work, but I’m not sure how I feel about it, so I’ll ponder it a little longer.

Hope you’re all well and that your tiniest puppy doesn’t have an ear infection. Awwwww…



  1. MichelleB said

    Okay, I don’t know about Orla Kiely – perhaps it’s best I’m left in the dark.

    Those are some nice little fabric bundles that you got. Very pretty. I have not had the chance to look through Weekend Sewing, but I DID order the new Material Obsession book. I can hardly wait until it comes. And then I can hardly wait until the second one comes out!

    Your stars are lovely. I still have not done anything on Project Improv. Very sad.

  2. Stephanie said

    Where on earth did you find Orla Kiely? Good for you. Definitely the prettiest pin box ever! Looks like you’ve done some serious shopping.

  3. Peggy said

    I love those little fabric bundles….there’s something to be said about our mail folks and more importantly our men in brown…where would we be without them??? LOL
    What I do LOVE are your little pink star blocks….where o where did you get the polka dot wow fabric? I am a dot fabric nut…I NEED some!!!

    Love visiting your blog via Nancy’s…

    Peggy in NJ

  4. Anita said

    Wow! That was an event-filled post! And I can’t believe that your Borders had the new Material Obsession book. I am SO all over that! I’m moving that errand to the top of my list. And… love your Bush Fire blocks. I’ve enjoyed seeing those all over the internet. So beautiful!

  5. jmbmommy said

    what fun pictures! I love your stars….and I want to see your improv!!!

  6. annieb said

    oooh, love the orla kiely…lucky you

    glad you received my little parcel safely and that you like

    feeling very remiss as I haven’t blogged yours yet – am WAAAY behind, but just wanted to let you know it also arrived safely and I LOVe it – especially the owl fabric – makes my heart sing!

    thanks Amy

    Annie X

  7. Jackie said

    Yes, we are on “mid-winter” break too! However, no appointments for us, we have escaped to sunny, warmer weather in AZ. Loving it! You have been quite busy and I am just loving all your fabric received via the postman. Lucky you!

  8. lily boot said

    so much goodness! I love the Orla Kiely things – I haven’t seen her in Australia. Your stars are beautiful and I’m so in awe of the support and compassion that is pouring into Victoria from around the world. Now as for biscuit quilts – I’ve never seen them before, so I have to confess (voice drops to a whisper) I think they look kind of neat! But, being a novice in this domain, I’ll take your word for it and abstain. 🙂 All your bundles of fabric are so lovely – ah Amy, you take me to a world of prettiness!

  9. Sarah said

    Amy! I’m just as excited as you that you saw our book in Borders in the USA! How very thrilling. I hope you moved all the copies to the front and talked very loudly about how much you love it to all the other customers…….. lol! x

  10. Nanette said

    I love the colors in this post. They make me smile.

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