Two things

Clover makes some wonderful needlecraft tools, no? Where would we be without a lovely pair of serrated applique scissors or a nice hera marker or any of the other wonderful Clover products (speaking of which, where is my Chaco-liner????)? And the innovation and improvement to the processes of our lovely needlecrafts? Fantastic! Take, for example, the yo-yo makers we have come to love. And they even have some new-ish smocking tools to make smocking less intimidating. Innovation! I’ll bet Clover could even build a better mousetrap.

On the other hand, is there a need to improve ALL of our needlecraft traditions? I’ve been seeing ads for a new Clover product in the quilting mags. I saw it today in the new catalog. Run right out and get yourself a set of these:


Oh, must we revisit biscuit quilting?

Those bits and pieces look, well, unnatural. I’m going to skip the return of the biscuit quilt. Maybe it’s like the saying in the fashion world–if you’re old enough to remember bell-bottoms and hip-huggers the first time around, you should avoid it the second time around. I guess that’s not true for quilting, but I’m going to take a pass.

But, on the same page as the Clover biscuit quilting innovation? This dandy product:


The Wacker Seams Perfect ™! I would own one of these and every time I need it, I would say, “where is my Wacker Seams Perfect?” I would love saying that! This seems like a great idea! Probably not for households with small children (oh, the uses with siblings and small animals…), but I may have to get one of these!

Hmm, and I was going to make some cookies, but I really need to find that Chaco-liner now…



  1. Rachael said

    How can I get a catalog? I looked on the website but didn’t see a link…

  2. MichelleB said

    I have to say, I saw those biscuit makers and was a little appalled myself. No, I don’t think we should revisit those. That wacker is rather amusing. Do you think it really works better than just ironing? I’m not sure what it would really do, besides release a little frustration.

  3. Mary Flynn said

    I about died the first time I heard that somebody was honestly trying to sell a minature wacker for pressing seams. It is just another gimmick…..there are many quilts and antique quilts with numerous seams and all made without the help of this ridiculous whacker. I would find it rather annoying to be in a room of quilters to hear somebody whacking down there star centers or whatever. LOL

  4. fabricpile said

    Oh, biscuit quilt, you never really had your day in the sun. And I like to think it’s because you really didn’t deserve it!

    And I think I can find plenty of tools lying around here to beat the snot out of a misbehaving seam! Go Hammer! Go Hammer! Go Hammer!

    My favorite tool right now is my Slam Scraper Impact Tool. Great for removing linoleum, shingles, and large globs of bubble gum off of the sidewalk. The blade is so sharp, I think I could use it to rip very large seams, too. I’m thinking maybe like the ones that hold a circus tent together.

  5. I am DEFINITELY NOT revisiting biscuit quilting!!! And I am retiring if the colors are ever mauve and country blue again!

  6. Anita said

    NO, please! No biscuit quilts! I beg everyone!

  7. Nanette said

    Yes yes yes I love Clover stuff. I have the bias makers and yo yo makers in ALL sizes, plus that hand seam presser. I want more more more.

  8. Hi ladies, I am so excited an honored that you are all a buzz about “The Wacker seams perfect” tm Tool. I am the proud owner and creator of that funny named tool and yes it does get a lot of giggles…. but I guarantee you that she does a great job! And I am also very proud to let you know that I carry it on my web site and it is also promoted and sold through Nancy’s Notions, Keepsake Quilting, Clotilde and Pam Bono Designs, not to mention several quilt shops across the US. It is a tool that with the heat and steam of your iron will do a job no other method can do without compromising your tiny 1/4″ seam allowance…. no more removing stitches, twisting or clipping seams to get multi layer seams to properly lay flat….. simple physics and my little tool will do the job and get the family off the couch to see what you are up to! I encourage your continued conversations and welcome questions and/or comments.. Thanks!

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